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Meet our Team

Josue Ardon

One of the founders of Mayan Gateway. As the operations manager, he plans the routes and investigates new destinations.


Business administrator, marketer, tour manager, and teacher.

Julio Tot

Our specialist in the history and culture of the Maya. His father discovered the tomb of King Chocolate in the famous temple of the Great Jaguar in Tikal.


Expert in Maya history, archaeology, and culture. Certified tour guide.

Eli Ramirez

Eli is one of our favorite tour guides. He has extensive experience leading groups through Mexico and Central America.


Expert in flora and fauna biodiversity, archaeology, art history, and geography. Certified tour guide.

Jorge Soch

Jorge promotes the wonders that Central America and Mexico offer to the world. He is our webmaster and head of marketing.


Graphic designer, web developer, and SEO manager.

Our team consists of travel agents, trip development specialists, guides, drivers, and more. Because our guides and drivers are located throughout all of Central America and Mexico, these are just some of the talented professionals who we have the pleasure of working with. 

We're grateful for both the dedicated individuals who work at Mayan Gateway and our suppliers, who are central to consistently improving our tours. 

We like to get personal with guests who decide to travel with us. We’re top-notch listeners, so feel free to drop us a line. By hearing your story we can get a sense of who you are, and from there we develop an understanding of how best to approach your trip and adjust it to your interests, needs, and budget. We specialize in customizing trips for our guests. 

The only way to create great trips every day is through great people who truly enjoy their job, so we make sure to only hire the best. Talent goes beyond a keen eye for making dream trips into reality. As cheesy as it sounds, we live and breathe what we do, we're enthusiastic, and we take pride in doing the best work we can.

Besides attending our guests directly, we are also an inbound agent for companies which need a tour operator to manage trips for their clients in Central America. We are dedicated to ensuring that every company who works with us will be satisfied. 

If you think we might be able to help you realize your trip or a trip for your clients, then we'd love to hear from you!

Email us and we’ll get back to you right away. 


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