Belize Adventure Tour

15 days

For those that are looking for a trip that they will remember for a lifetime, they should consider our extensive holistic Belize Adventure Tour. When you can commit this amount of time to the trip, you won’t feel rushed and will still be able to include the right mix of exploration and relaxation in paradise.

Also, when you’re looking at one of our trips, that means we handle the whole route for you. All you have to do is sit back and savor the adventure! 


Jungles and adventures


Natural reservoirs


Mayan ruins

Sea turtle

Snorkeling tours


Lamanai Mayan ruins, jungle adventures, waterfalls, river canoeing, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve, caves, the barrier reef, Glover’s Reef Atoll, Lighthouse Reef Atoll, and more.


Upon your arrival, we’ll take you via transfer immediately into the immersive Lamanai Outpost Lodge. Here you’ll be able to find the perfect balance of amenities to be able to decompress and relax from your long flight while at the same time being right in the middle of a jungle and some ruins to check out on day one. 

This award-winning accommodation is situated perfectly next to a jungle lake and a great place to enjoy the local fare or take a seat and enjoy the stellar views.

After getting that well-deserved rest, we immediately begin the adventure portion of your trip to Belize. For the next two days, you can select from a varied list of options that will work for your exact level of engagement. We’ve secured up to six different adventures, so keep in mind what you may want to do and what you’re considering. Please feel free to ask us any questions about any of them for further details. 

Whether you’re looking to enjoy sunset cocktail hours on the river or enjoy a brisk birdwatching adventure to check out the local fauna, we have something planned for everyone. 

Maybe you’re more inclined to take a historical tour and check out the ancient Lamanai Maya City, that’s over 3000 years old. Or take one of the nighttime tours, where nocturnal creatures come out, or do the nighttime birding tour.

Before you head out, you’ll be able to have one of your six jungle adventures possible. Then it’s time for a nice relaxing drive to your jungle Lodge in San Ignacio. Here’s another opportunity to enjoy the rest of the day at the idyllic lodge, or feel free to venture into town to get immersed in quality local foods and items you’ll treasure on your trip.

On this day, we take you on the Jungle Pontoon Waterfall tour, which is you on the river, on the lovely Pontoon exploring the nearby waterfalls that are located throughout the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. This is an all-day event, so we’ll help remind you to pack your sunscreen and bring those extra water bottles.

We start the morning with a guided birdwatching tour to check out some of the most colorful and beautiful birds in existence. Then, your guide will take you to the ruins of Xunantunich after a beautiful scenic route along the water when driving down the highway. You’ll have an all-inclusive tour that will help explain the history and artwork that’s scattered all across the site.

Then your personal driver will take you further to Southern Belize to the Hamanasi Adventure Center that’s located in Hopkins.

Considered one of the top ten hotels in the world, you’ll be able to live in these luxurious accommodations deep in the heart of Mayan ruins and the jungle itself. Here you can give yourself a well-deserved pampering before heading into the following days that are jam packed with all sorts of adventure. This is the perfect resting point, and we recommend taking full advantage of all the available amenities.

For the next three days, you can indulge in four of our optional excursions. First, if you’re looking at checking out the local wildlife, consider signing up for the jaguar preserve night tour. 

You won’t just have a chance to see jaguars but everything ranging from ocelots to foxes. For those enchanted by more of the crawling nature, you’ll be able to see spiders and scorpions in the area. Finally, those are also available if you’re looking for more birdwatching options during the day. 

If you’re looking for inland adventures into the jungle, there are several excursions inland. For those that fancy their continued exploration of the ancient Mayan civilization, we recommend the inclusive Mayan ruin tour. 

Or you may possibly be looking for your exploration to be a stronger connection with nature and go on the Mayflower jungle waterfall hiking tour, getting a great workout, with the end being a few refreshing streams of water from the expansive waterfall there. Your hiking could take you underground to explore the vast caves filled with stalagmites and other items of exploration in the dark recesses of cavern exploration.

If you’re looking to get yourself into the water, there are two options to jump into the reef itself. First, for those that are qualified and comfortable, you can go handle barrier reef deep diving and explore the beauty of the reef itself. 

There’s also an option that won’t require so much equipment but still be just as enjoyable, where you’re taken on a guided snorkeling trip that will still be immensely enjoyable, with some days offering visibility of 60 feet!

On this, we transfer to a truly beautiful location known as Placencia. Once we arrive here, we head straight to the Monkey River and go on a truly enjoyable tour on the river. Here you’ll experience a plethora of the loudest monkeys you’ve ever heard in your life. 

This is a great part of the tour for all ages, especially those with children who enjoy these friendly monkeys from afar. There’s also numerous other wildlife both on land and water and if it’s possible to also take a jump in the river to cool yourself off.

Part of the tours will include going on manatee watch and trying to catch a glimpse of these majestic sea creatures. Don’t worry about the time of year that you visit, as you’ll be able to watch manatees all year long in Belize. 

This is possibly the most epic part of the entire trip. First, heading towards the island of Laughing Bird Caye. Then spend the day enjoying this remote beach that makes it feel as if you’re on your own exclusive island. Next, you’ll go snorkeling throughout the pristine turquoise-colored waters and be able to enjoy just how clean and natural everything is. 

Keep in mind that this is an island where you must take your trash with and one cannot take any natural souvenirs with them such as stones or shells. This is all to keep this as one of the most preserved natural parks in Belize and surrounding countries.

For your final days, we keep you at Placencia to enjoy everything that it has to offer. Although we know you’ve enjoyed the guided portion of the trip, these days are all about doing what you want to do most. Enjoy the serene miles of beach line and simply work on your tan or go for a dip in those beautiful crystal waters. 

Maybe you’re hunting for more adventure and want to enjoy the waters with some water sports such as kayaking around the beachline and out towards the waters. Or you’re seeking to explore more ancient Mayan ruins. 

That means you can take a day to explore the Nim Li Punit ruins, which are at most just a few hours away by car. We can help to provide you with the best types of transportation services to get there and back and explore it.

Or head into Placencia village, which is a traditional fisherman village. You’ll enjoy some of the best food you’ve ever tasted in your life, usually caught or made fresh that day, and sample the local wares for sale, such as handcrafted items. Then, enjoy the peacefulness of the evenings with picturesque sunsets, enjoying a cold beverage of your choice. 

In essence, these two days are built around you doing whatever else you want to do that you felt that you didn’t get enough out of somewhere along the trip and be able to wind down the adventure you just completed with us. 

Sadly this is the last day of your journey. Here we help provide you transport to the local airport in Dangriga, and then it’s a quick domestic flight back to the international airport of Belize. From here, the tour ends, and you’re able to take your international flight back home or to wherever your next destination is. 

We feel that this is the most end-to-end trip possible when it comes to enjoying all that Belize has to offer. From ancient Mayan ruins to living in the jungle itself to exploring caves and the local wildlife. And let’s not forget the beach and having fun in the sun and sand. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or if you’re ready to book this comprehensive trip. 

When you book it, please feel free to let us know if you have any specialized requests, as we always aim to make sure we’re able to fulfill those requests for you. 

map, expenses & price

Belize Adventure Tour

Expenses included:
-All private transportation.
-Fourteen nights of hotel accommodations.
-Professional certified guides.
-Domestic flights.
-All park entrance fees.
-Tours as listed.
-Daily breakfast.

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