Belize Vacation

7 days

With many top destinations offering the most exciting views of the country, Belize is undoubtedly the ideal place for those looking for the perfect vacation package, from its paradisiacal islands and coastal villages where you will enjoy the sun, beaches, and thrilling sea activities, to its mainland towns, perfect for jungle adventures and ecotourism.

As a tiny country, Belize allows visiting both jungle and beach destinations quickly to have the most exciting experiences throughout its unique natural landscapes.


Mayan ruins

Barton Creek Cave

Canoeing tour


Archaeological and natural reserve


Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System


Chill out with the locals, and enjoy the fresh and delicious native cuisine; visit the Mayan world, underground caves, snorkel in the tropical reefs and relax on beautiful little islands and turquoise waters of the Caribbean.


Upon arrival to Belize, a driver will take you two hours inland from the Belize International Airport BZE. Here, you will reach the San Ignacio area, the Cayo District’s heart, and soul, serving as a hub for ecotourism. All roads and activities lead back to this city due to its easy access to top attractions in western Belize, making it a vibrant and popular travel destination.

You will stay in a lodge in western Belize’s heavy jungle. You can add an optional early birdwatching walk to your itinerary, where you might have to follow a toucan. Experience the Belizean wilderness in a sincerely intimate way. Nothing about the jungle is ordinary; staying here is a complete joy. 

On the first tour of your Belize vacation, you will visit the Mayan City of Xunantunich, an enormous stone city built in the middle of the jungle; its excavated core is 2.6 square kilometers formed by six large plazas with 26 palaces and temples, is the oldest and continuously excavated Maya site in the country. 

Boasting impressive pyramids and stone engravings, it is a must-see for those who enjoy archeology. The walk through the site is peaceful, and you can observe the fauna and flora while enjoying the impressive Mayan structures.

The next stop, Cahal Pech has approximately 10 square miles and 34 significant buildings; the biggest around a central acropolis, likely a sweat-house, is 24 meters tall. It is now an archaeological reserve with a small museum with antiques from various excavations.

The once-populated site is peaceful just outside San Ignacio town at the top of a limestone hilltop; the mysterious atmosphere captivates travelers. The ruins rest high above Macal’s river, strategically overlooking the Macal and Mopan rivers’ confluence. 

After lunch, you will discover the underworld of Belize in Barton Creek Cave. This cave tour differs slightly from the others since a river flows through the cave; canoes are the only way to see the Mayan underworld. Recently named one of the nine most beautiful and unusual cave destinations in the world, this canoeing tour through the stunning ceremonial cave will dazzle your senses. 

The scenic location and the geological formations amid tropical beauty make Barton Creek Cave one of the country’s most fascinating natural and cultural wonders. The canoes make this tour the most accessible and least complicated cave tours. You’ll enjoy the waterfalls and take a refreshing swim.

In the Mountain Pine Ridge, you’ll come upon virgin forests, caves, and breathtaking waterfalls. You’ll see Rio Frio, Big Rock Falls, a 46-meter waterfall, and the Mayan mountains in the distance. And you’ll swim in various natural pools. 

Later you’ll discover the primary and dominant city in the Mayan past, Caracol. It is a far-reaching metropolis covering roughly ten square kilometers and competing with the millennial metropolis of Tikal in extent, influence, and riches. Indeed, it is the most extensive Mayan city in Belize. It is an unbelievable site to visit, set in the center of a jungle reservoir -a lush forest south of San Ignacio near the border with Guatemala.

On this day trip, you will visit the county’s most loved and well-known Mayan ruins, Altun-ha. This Mayan site is one of the most excavated and restored locations and the nearest to Belize City. Towering temples surround its plazas, which you can easily climb. You will walk over smooth, manicured grass and paths through this spectacular site, where you can feel the ever-present Maya spirit. 

After these fascinating Mayan ruins, you’ll visit the Community Baboon Sanctuary in the small town of Bermudian Landing. This community runs projects of sustainable ecotourism that conserve the environment of the threatened Black Howler Monkey, among other species. You will find yourself in nature, witness monkeys in the wild, and wonder at the majesty of the rainforest.

Later, we’ll take you to the airport for your domestic flight to the island of your preference; Caye Caulker or San Pedro Island/Ambergris Caye. The island of Caye Caulker flaunts a magnificent culture that makes for a relaxing getaway. This four-mile-long island is in the west of the Belize Barrier Reef. Friendly and easygoing, you will love the laid-back atmosphere of the white sand streets on the little island. 

San Pedro is the largest island and one of the most beloved destinations in Belize. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Belize Barrier Reef, the most extensive reef system in the northern hemisphere, it offers a wide variety of the best facilities in the country for snorkeling, fishing, and diving. 

Ambergris Caye sits beside the clear turquoise sea with coconut palms, resorts, and condos ranging from modest to magnificent. Despite being a tourist destination preferred by many, San Pedro Island has retained its relaxed Caribbean atmosphere; therefore is a must-see during your next Belize trip.

Belize is home to one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world; the Barrier Reef Reserve System is the most significant barrier reef in the northern hemisphere and second in the world. 

This unforgettable Belize vacation includes today a boat and snorkeling tour to destinations such as the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, the Shark Ray Alley, where you can see lots of nurse sharks and southern stingrays, or the Coral Gardens, where you will see waving corals, brightly colored tropical fish, and aquatic plants and enjoy some of the best underwater experiences in the world. 

You will enjoy the most beautiful underwater scenes in the better-lit and shallower waters. A worthy contender for the best snorkeling destination in the world, the Belize Barrier Reef also has spectacular offshore atolls, hundreds of sand cays, forests, and more.

You will have free time to do more snorkeling or relax, enjoy the beautiful turquoise waters, and experience the island’s “go slow” Caribbean vibe, wandering its colorful sandy streets. You can take one of our optional tours, such as the excursion to fly over the Great Blue Hole

Today you will take a domestic flight to the international airport, where your flight departs from Belize City, ending your Belize vacation. If you still need more of Belize, contact us, and we will help you plan an extension of your adventure through this Caribbean paradise.

map, expenses & price

Belize Vacation

Expenses included:
-All private transportation.
-Six nights of hotel accommodations.
-Professional guides.
-Domestic flights.
-All park entrance fees.
-Tours and excursions as listed.


belize vacation

ATM Cave

The Actun Tunichil Muknal cave is a sacred place occupying a fantastic location deep in the jungles of Belize. It is a place of a high connotation for the Maya. The cave has a collection of skeletons, counting the outstanding Crystal Maiden. It is an Indiana Jones-type experience; you go through the cave’s tunnels with stalagmites and stalactites. It’s an expedition for adventurous travelers willing to swim, hike and climb.

A crystal clear water lagoon is inside the ATM cave in Belize.
Horseback riding tour in Chaa Creek, Belize.

belize vacation

Horseback riding

The guided rides pass through the jungle trails in a subtropical broadleaf forest. With careful attention paid to the identity of the horses from birth, the ranch staff ensures the most pleasing aspects are animated to provide you with an impeccable riding buddy, each with their particular charisma. They train the horses from birth, teach them with a friendly approach, and motivate them to love humans and explore the trails.

Aerial view of the Great Blue Hole

belize vacation

Fly over the Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole is an exceptional underwater sinkhole off the coast and lies near the midpoint of the Lighthouse Reef. It is the largest sinkhole in the world, measuring an unbelievable 300 meters (984 feet) across and roughly 125 meters (410 feet) deep. Easily detectable from space is one of the top spots in the world in a barrier reef.

A sailing boat goes close to a small island in Belize's Caribbean.

belize vacation


Exploring the most isolated parts of the Belize barrier reef is an unprecedented adventure to experiment with some of her best snorkeling areas! This fantastic holiday is an island-hopping adventure for all those who want to experience this unoccupied Caribbean heaven.

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