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This tour includes the highlights of volcano hiking in Nicaragua. You will start with the Puma Trail on Mombacho volcano before continuing to beautiful Ometepe Island and its Volcanoes and Waterfalls.

On the island, one of the country’s highest and still active volcanoes awaits you and you can refresh in a waterfall on the south part of the island. On ‘Cerro Negro’ Volcano, the fun volcano boarding takes place.

The tour is rounded off with a hike in the evening to see the sunset from the top of Telica Volcano. In the dark, you can see lava running. If you are interested in a variety of hikes to several volcanoes in combination with visiting the beautiful cities of Granada and Leon plus famous ‘Ometepe’ Island, then this is the perfect tour for you.

Ometepe Island

Leon, Nicaragua

Mountain treks

Flora and fauna


1. Island of Ometepe.

The largest island in a freshwater lake is admired by both local and international travelers for its beautiful landscapes, volcanoes, rich archeological background and relaxing beaches.

2. Colonial City of Leon.

Home to a big number of historic Spanish colonial homes, churches and art galleries, León is considered the intellectual center of the country.

3. Colonial City of Granada.

the city will surround you with unique colonial architecture, horse-drawn carriages and friendly people sitting in rocking chairs enjoying a cool breeze.


Day 1. Puma Trail.

The tour starts at 9:30 am with a pick up at your hotel in Granada. For 4 hours you will hike the Puma Trail at Mombacho Volcano south of Granada. A delightful tropical rainforest awaits you with fascinating views of Granada and the Asese peninsula with about 365 small islands and ‘Cocibolca’ Lake.

Along the trail you will find beautiful rare orchids and flowers and numerous exotic wildlife like the howler monkeys. At Mombacho Volcano you can walk silently in the cloud forest. Around 3:00 pm you will return to Granada.

Day 2. Ometepe Island.

The day starts at 8:30 am with a transfer from Granada to San Jorge Port in order to get to the island of Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua. At 10:30 am we will take the ferry and at 11:30 am we will arrive on the island. After the check-in at the hotel, you have free time until 1:00 pm. 

Then the first hike on Ometepe Island starts at the outskirts of the town of ‘San Ramon’ and leads you to its amazing Waterfall, which is located on the southern slope of the Maderas Volcano, about 4 kilometers from the town.

The 1.5 to 2 hours hike to the waterfall leads you up the volcano through rich nature with the possibility to observe several animals, especially howler monkeys. A variety of birds, insects and bats inhabit the rainforest, and with luck you can also see various types of snakes.

The further up you hike, the more fantastic the view becomes of Lake Nicaragua. Temperature and humidity can be a bit high and near the end of the trail the terrain becomes steeper. Thus you can perfectly relax next to the 50 ft high waterfall after reaching it.

Depending on the season the width varies. It can be over 10 meters in the rainy season, but the Cascade of San Ramon is always worth a visit and allows refreshment under the water. Bring your bathing suit if you wish to take a bath under the stream. 

Day 3. Volcano Concepcion.

After breakfast we start the next hike at 7:00 am. For this hike a lot of energy and stamina are needed and you should be in good condition to climb the Concepción as it is one of the toughest climbs in Nicaragua.

The duration is 9-10 hours and will bring you to the top of Volcano Concepción. With a height of 1,610 meters, Volcano Concepción is one of the highest in the country and it is still active. You can witness smoke coming out of the crater.

The hike starts at the bottom and leads you through plantain and banana plantations before reaching a dense, humid forest halfway through the hike. The higher we hike, the less vegetation will be found. Following reaching the top, you will be rewarded with the unique experience of standing at the rim of the volcano’s crater. Further, it is an achievement to ascend a giant Volcano like Concepción.

At the top, hot smoke from the volcano mixes with the cold wind. After relaxing at the top and eating a pocket lunch while enjoying the stunning view over Lake Nicaragua, Ometepe Island and other parts of Nicaragua, we will start hiking down. You return to the hotel after the hike and can enjoy the evening with activities of your preference.

Day 4. City of Leon.

The day starts with breakfast before you check out at around 9:30 am. You will be transferred to the port, and take the ferry to San Jorge on the mainland at 11:00 am. The transfer to Leon starts at 12:00 pm and on the way you stop in the White Towns for lunch.

At around 3:30 pm you will experience a city tour with the highlights of the City of Leon before checking in at the hotel approximately around 4:30 pm. The evening is off for your free time and relaxation before the next activity. 

Day 5. Volcano Cerro Negro.

After having breakfast, we will start our day at 8:00 am with a transfer of 50 minutes driving through local communities to ‘Cerro Negro’ Volcano. We hike up the whole volcano with its black sand and visit two active craters with heat and the smell of sulfur gases. Further we visit several points which allow a beautiful view.

To get down the volcano, we will take a board. If you are not in favor of this fun volcano boarding, you can walk or jump down through the ashes. At 1:00 pm we return to Leon where you have free time until the next day. You can explore the city and relax. The duration of this hike is 3 hours.

Day 6. Twilight Trek.

The day starts off relaxing with breakfast and free time in the morning. You can explore Leon for another few hours or simply sit down in one of the cafés or restaurants. At 2:00 pm the hike to the active Telica Volcano, which is located 30 kilometers from Leon and has a height of 1,061 meters. On top of the volcano you find twogiant craters of 120 meters and 700 meters in diameter.

During the afternoon we hike up and enjoy beautiful views of other volcanoes as well. We arrive on time to enjoy the sunset. Once it is dark, we continue hiking to the top of the volcano to see the running lava at the craters. In the dark, we hike back down the volcano where the transfer back to Leon waits. At 10:30 pm we return to Leon. The hike itself has a duration of 5 hours.

Day 7. Return home.

Unfortunately, this is the last day of the journey with best Nicaragua treks. After breakfast you check out at the hotel and will be transferred to the International Airport in Managua. You can also choose to extend your holiday by combining this tour with one of our other tours. Contact us for more information.

Expenses included

7 days & 6 nights

$1,500 per guest

Private transportation, door to door service

 6 nights hotel accommodation. Hotels carefully selected

Local certified onsite guides

All park entrance fees


Daily breakfast


Not included: international flights, personal, travel and cancellation insurance and other expenses than indicated.


Half day sailing excursion, San Juan del Sur

The half day sailing excursion leaves at 1:00 pm from the San Juan harbor and goes north to the exquisite, hidden white beach. Once the boat arrives at white beach, travelers are welcome to swim, or simply hang in the boat and relax on board.

If the water is clear travelers are able to borrow the snorkeling gear and give it a try. All along the time on anchor, the staff will prepare a lot of fresh snacks consisting of Ceviche made with the catch of the morning which is administered by local fishermen and house made guacamole.

The open bar is displayed throughout the extent of the excursion, along with a cocktail and classic rum mixers. There will be enough soft drinks, bottled water, and Nicaraguan beers. The boat will return to San Juan following sunset which is regularly best appreciated on board.

If the weather conditions and winds are positive, we will be able to fish throughout the way to the beach. Often, it is possible to see wildlife including turtles, dolphins, flying fish and a collection of bird species. Duration: 6 hours. Price per guest from: $80

Full day sailing excursion in San Juan del Sur

The full day sailing heads south to a private, hidden beach. Once on board the crew will serve a light breakfast with fresh fruits, granola, and yogurt. After about a two hour sail we will arrive and anchor at the beach.

Travelers will be free to swim or relax on the boat. The staff will then prepare a meal with fresh, locally collected ingredients. We will leave and head back just in time to see a matchless sunset from the boat, just out of the San Juan Bay. Duration: 7 hours. Price per guest from: $120

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