Best Volcano Hikes in Nicaragua

15 days

Experience the ultimate hiking adventure in Nicaragua by climbing its finest volcanoes, including the magnificent Volcano Momotombo located at Lake Managua and Volcano San Cristóbal in the North West of León.

This exciting journey lasts 15 days and offers various hikes that showcase different terrains, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature. You can even camp at the base of the volcanoes. Witness breathtaking views from the summits of each volcano and create unforgettable memories.

Volcano Asososca

Great views of Asososca Lagoon

Volcano Cerro Negro

The cone formed by ash and sand

Volcano Maderas

A world-class hike

Volcano Masaya

Active crater with a small lava lake


The volcanoes near León allow great views of the valleys and the surrounding area. Leon and Granada; home to several historic Spanish colonial homes, churches, and art galleries. These cities are considered the intellectual center of the country. Ometepe island is the largest island in the world found within a freshwater lake.


Upon your arrival in Nicaragua, a driver will be waiting for you to take you to your hotel in Leon. The rest of the day is free to rest and relax.

The day starts with a pick-up at your hotel in León at 6:00 am. You will be transferred to the starting point of the hike to the volcano, which you will climb within 5 hours. The trekking begins around 9:30 am. 

Along the hike and on top of the volcano you will experience amazing panoramic views of Lake Managua and unique natural attractions, including volcanic lagoons. Descending the volcano takes about 3 hours and you will sleep at a camping site in the western part of the volcano at 500 meters.

Early in the morning, we will have a 4 -hour hike to the Lagoon. There you can take a swim for your refreshment before climbing this Volcano which will take about 3 hours. After descending, the camp will be at Crater’s Lake to spend the night on the base of the volcano.

After breakfast, we continue towards the active volcano ‘El Hoyo’, which has a height of 1,088 meters. The hike lasts 5 hours so you can enjoy the amazing landscape. From the top of the volcano, you will have a beautiful view of Lake Managua and other volcanoes. Afterward, we’ll go to the ‘Las Pilas’ Volcano which is a 3-hour hike. The third night of camping follows.

Around 8:00 am you leave for a rural community. A 1 ½ hour hike to the unique Volcano ‘Cerro Negro’ follows. It is 728 meters above sea level and ascending it will only take between 25 and 30 minutes. You will visit one of the active craters before running or jumping down one of the hills. There you will be picked up and transferred to León, where you can enjoy some free time in the city. 

Today you have a day off and can relax from the previous hikes. Breakfast is included. Explore the colonial city of Leon and enjoy time in one of the cafés or restaurants. This day can be filled with your own preferences. An option is a visit to a Pacific beach. 

We leave the city around 1:00 pm to start the next hike. It lasts for about 2 ½ hours and includes a steep and rocky path with very dry vegetation. Thus this volcano is called “The Snake Hill” by some locals. Different species of snakes can be spotted along the hike. From the top of Volcano Santa Clara, we’ll have a gorgeous view of the colonial city of Leon and its surroundings. After descending the volcano, we will set up a camp at the base of the volcano.

Around 8:00 a.m. we leave for the Telica Volcano (1071 meters) and climb up for 3 or 3 ½ hours on the northern side. At the base, you will find some vegetation and birds before the path becomes rocky and dry. The volcano has a huge crater on the top with sulfur gasses. An amazing view awaits you at the top. We will be camping near the top of the Volcano.

Today is a long day of hiking as it takes 10 hours to climb the Casita Volcano (1,405 meters). Again, stunning scenery is a reward for climbing up. After descending, we will sleep at Farm ‘La Concepcion’.

The hike from Volcano El Casitas to Volcano San Cristóbal takes 4 hours through forests and later on sandy paths. The volcano is also known as ‘The old one’ and is the tallest in Nicaragua with 1,745 meters. It is one of the active volcanoes in Nicaragua with a crater of 500 meters by 600 meters in width. 

Lunch will be held on the top while you can enjoy the beautiful view. Then we descend the volcano and relax before going to Farm San Cristobal, where we will sleep for the night.

You will have a free day to rest and relax. Granada will surround you with unique colonial architecture and horse-drawn carriages.

Today, we will go to Ometepe Island, the largest island in a freshwater lake that is admired by both local and international travelers for its beautiful landscapes, volcanoes, rich archaeological background, and relaxing beaches.

Today we’ll have the hike to the Volcano and Lagoon Maderas. The truncated cone of the volcano is covered in a thick cloud forest. On its summit, a crater lagoon was formed where you can swim in a serene setting.

Because of its ecological and archaeological importance, most of this volcano side of the island has been designated a nature reserve. The cloud forest shelters a diverse floral and faunal life, including howler and capuchin monkeys, many birds, butterflies, amazing orchids, and ferns.

Today you will visit the first National Park of Nicaragua, the shallow shield Masaya Volcano. This is the only volcano in the western hemisphere where you are able to drive to the rim. In the park you will find an underground tunnel that was formed by lava flows; you may be able to find bats and look inside and observe the glowing lava in the dark crater mouth of the volcano. You will spend the night in the beautiful colonial city of Granada. 

Unfortunately, today ends your adventure tour through the best volcano hikes in Nicaragua. After breakfast, a driver will take you to the international airport of Managua. 

map, expenses & price

Best Volcano Hikes in Nicaragua

Expenses included:
-All private transportation.
-Fourteen nights of hotel and camping.
-Professional certified guides.
-Sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and tents for camping at high-altitude
-All park entrance fees.
-Freshly prepared picnic lunch, dinner, and breakfast with juice, coffee, tea, and snacks during the hikes.


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