Jungle Mayan Ruins


Jungle Mayan Ruins

The Mayan civilization left many cultural treasures behind in the mountains and jungles of Guatemala. Travel and discover, every park has a story to tell. Even more, each location offers an unique window into the history of the Mayan world.  Several known sites are under continuous excavation.   At the same time archaeologists are uncovering new sites as recently as this year.

Guatemala Jungle Mayan Ruins

A visit to Tikal can take anywhere from a few hours to all day, depending on what you like. Even better, you can take a sunrise tour to hear the monkeys and wildlife more active than ever.

Then, take it upon yourself. You can trek deep in the jungle to find El Zotz, one of the less visited locations of Peten. In the maps is an excellent diagram of all the Mayan sites surrounding Lake Peten Itza and Flores Island.

By and large, there is no better way to know Guatemala than to travel the Mayan Ruins. Why not see for yourself what discoveries are yet to be made?.  Encounter some of the largest temples and pyramids in the world beginning with a Tour to Tikal and have a fantastic sight of the Mayan World and its history in Guatemala.

Jungle Mayan Ruins Ceibal

The northeast of the country is defined by the river ‘La Pasión’, and it is the richest zone for inscribed monuments. Due to the importance of this river as a main route of communication between the lowlands and the highlands, we find numerous sites located in the region.

It is the grandest of all the cities on the river. During the cycle in the Mayan calendar, the king changed many aspects of life from the ways of the previous leaders. He introduced many artistic influences which came from the lowlands in the north and other parts of Mesoamerica, which is why the temples in these ruins are so very different to other sites.

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