Diving in Roatan

7 days

Diving in Roatan, Honduras, offers one of the most exceptional experiences in Central America. Roatan Island is situated within the southern region of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, which is the second-largest barrier reef worldwide, following Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This stunning coral reef system is also present in Belize and Mexico.

The Roatan Marine Park has played a vital role in the thriving reef system. This non-profit organization, which covers the entirety of the island, is dedicated to preserving the marine environment, and its tireless efforts have achieved impressive results. Roatan diving offers many experiences, from exploring shipwrecks to admiring coral gardens and even sharks.

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When embarking on a diving expedition in Roatan, one can expect to encounter an extensive array of marine life, including but not limited to hawksbill and green turtles, southern stingrays, giant crabs, parrotfish, majestic eagle rays, angelfish, seahorses, lionfish, damselfish, and reef sharks. A night dive during the new moon in Roatan allows divers to witness the natural bioluminescent phenomenon called the String of Pearls. Roatan’s diving conditions, characterized by mild currents and warm water throughout the year, are optimal for novice and advanced open-water divers.


Upon arriving at the International Airport of Roatan (RTB), a driver will take you to your hotel. The rest of the day is free to rest and relax. 

Roatan Island is the largest and most extensively developed destination among the Bay Islands. The island boasts a remarkable expanse of 50 kilometers in length and 4 kilometers in width. Roatan’s outstanding diving opportunities come from the diverse coral reef that envelops the entire coastline. Roatan has solidified its status as a top-tier destination for enthusiasts exploring the natural marine environment.

The coral reef is home to an extensive range of marine life. Visitors can also explore the island’s beautiful white-sand beaches, such as West Bay, its mountainous pine-forested interior, and the remote northwest, once a pirate haven.

Expenses included: airport transfer and hotel accommodation. 

We prioritize individual attention, comfort, and safety to provide excellent service at our boutique scuba diving offer in Roatan. Our operation boasts private docks that facilitate easy boarding and custom-designed dive boats that ensure personalized services.

Your diving package comprises five days of diving, during which you can choose between ten single-tank dives at 9:00 AM, 11:30 AM, or 2:30 PM. Additionally, you can choose night dives twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. After each dive, we provide hot water showers and complimentary tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and iced tea at our center during your surface interval. Please do not hesitate to inform us if you want to include additional dives in your itinerary. 

Our team boasts highly experienced professionals overseeing all our diving activities. Our proficient guides carefully select the most optimal dive sites for the day, considering the prevailing weather and water conditions and our esteemed divers’ PADI certification and experience levels. Each of our accomplished instructor guides is responsible for a maximum of six divers, and we segregate the groups based on their experience and certification. 

With many dive sites situated along the island’s northwest coast, all within a 15 – 30 minute boat ride, we guarantee a diverse range of topographies and experiences to satisfy any preference. 

Our dive packages have all essential gear except for dive computers. Our services also include providing certified guides to ensure a safe and satisfactory diving experience. For certified divers, we offer the option of a 32% Nitrox upgrade. We highly recommend all divers contribute towards the preservation of the Roatan Marine Park by paying a fee of $10, as this area is a marine protected zone.

Expenses included: breakfasts, five dive packages, and hotel accommodation.

These are some of the best dive sites in Roatan: 

Mary’s Place
Mary’s Place is an exceptional dive site for divers with intermediate to advanced experience. It is located off the south coast and features a massive fissure in the seafloor that descends to a depth of 100ft/30m. You can explore this location’s exquisite natural beauty by entering the fissure. Mary’s Place is renowned for its stunning coral formations and is considered one of the world’s premier dive sites. Many dive shops in Roatan only visit Mary’s Place a few times weekly, making it a rare gem. You can swim amidst the enchanting coral canyons full of diverse aquatic life. Only a few divers visit this location, making it more unique.  

Hole in the Wall
Hole In the Wall is an exquisite dive site with a collection of swim-throughs and a small cave system. Given its depth, this site is most suitable for experienced divers, although beginner and intermediate divers may also visit. Such divers, however, may find themselves limited in their ability to explore the site. To fully explore the chute, divers must descend to 130ft/40m depth before exiting the reef wall into the blue water. Nonetheless, most divers explore the shallower system of chutes.

This dive begins with an entry into a sand chute tunnel and a reef wall, followed by an expedition through a maze of swim-throughs that culminate in observing the renowned ‘Swiss cheese’ rock formations. The dive site is home to multiple sea creatures.

Texas dive site is known to be among the most renowned destinations for divers worldwide. The strong current in the area brings abundant nutrients, attracting a diverse array of marine life and making it an appealing location for divers. However, it is worth noting that this site is more suitable for experienced divers due to the strong currents.

The Texas dive site boasts a relatively flat and expansive underwater landscape, offering an immersive experience to divers of all skill levels. Divers with Nitrox certification take advantage of this dive site to maximize their experience. The site is notable for providing rare sightings of aquatic creatures, including hammerheads on days with strong currents and the elusive Sargassum Triggerfish.

The quality of your diving experience is heavily influenced by your level of expertise and the areas you choose to explore. You will encounter impressive barrel sponges, angelfish, and barracuda in the shallower flats. As you venture closer to the wall, you can observe hammerheads and other notable rays swimming above. 

West End Wall
The West End Wall is a highly acclaimed scuba diving location in Roatan. This particular diving location offers an exceptional and unparalleled opportunity to observe the magnificent eagle rays in their natural habitat. The site’s name indicates its main characteristic, the extensive marine life wall, often accompanied by a drift current. As such, this site is famous for its rich marine life, making it a favored diving site. During August, it is possible to witness schools of silversides here, an experience that will surely be cherished by all who witness it.

Night dive in Roatan
Observe the magnificent bioluminescent display of the ‘String of Pearls‘ phenomenon during a nocturnal dive in Roatan. This awe-inspiring natural occurrence can be witnessed during a new moon, one hour after sunset, while simultaneously encountering the graceful octopuses and squid that inhabit these waters.

Today marks the final day of your stay on Roatan Island. A driver will be at your disposal to escort you to the Roatan International Airport (RTB) for your return flight home.

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Diving in Roatan

Expenses included:
-Airport transfers.
-Six nights of hotel accommodation.
-All park entrance fees.
-10 dive packages.
-Daily breakfasts.

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