Ecotour Guatemala


The area around Cobán, which is the capital of the Alta Verapaz region, is popular for its stunning natural beauty and ecotours in Guatemala. Nature lovers can explore many amazing caves and nature reserves in this area.

On this ecotour, you will explore highlights of this region like the Candelaria Caves, the caves near Lanquin, Semuc Champey, underwater caves, and tubing a jungle river. Additionally, you will visit The Biotope of the ‘Quetzal’ which is the home of the National bird of Guatemala the ‘Quetzal’ and Coban where you can enjoy rainforests and waterfalls.

Natural pools

Semuc Champey

River Cahabon

El Sumidero


Semuc Champey, Candelaria Caves, Lanquin Caves, Biotope of El Quetzal, and Coban.


Day 1. Arrival

Upon your arrival at the international airport of Guatemala, a driver will welcome you to drive you to Coban. You will stay near the breathtaking cloud forest of Coban. 

Day 2. Candelaria Caves

Today, you will visit the famous Candelaria Caves. A two-hour drive from Coban leads you through great nature until you reach the Candelaria Caves National Park. At a distance of 22 kilometers, the cave system includes seven separate caves which are connected by the river with the same name.

The biggest cave is about 60m high, 200m long and 30m wide. Inside you will find impressive stalagmites and evidence of Maya traces. The caves ‘Security Window’ and ‘Bat Dome’ can be accessed easily. Along the roof of the gallery, many natural windows allow the sunlight to access the caves.

You can float through the caves by using tubes on the Candelaria River to explore them. After exploring these amazing caves, you will continue to ‘Lanquin’, where you will stay overnight.

Day 3. Semuc Champey

Today, we will drive to the Natural Monument of Semuc Champey. This monument contains a natural limestone bridge that is 300 meters long. Delicate natural pools of different sizes have formed above the stone bridge. 

After arriving at Semuc Champey, we will hike for one hour up the stairs and steep path through the jungle to the lookout. Along the way, you may see butterflies, iguanas, and even spider monkeys. You will walk out to the lookout platform and be blown away by what you will see. The cascading natural pools had carved their way in between colossal mountains on either side of the canyon. Water goes from one pool to the next before finally crashing down a giant waterfall, which is out of sight from the lookout.

After that, we will hike down to ‘El Sumidero’, where the River Cahabón disappears beneath the rock. From this point, you will see the beginning of the underground river before it flowed directly beneath. Underneath the pools, there is a 300-meter long turbulent river.

Additionally, you will discover the turquoise pools where you can relax, swim, and enjoy the tropical forest with a variety of flora and fauna. The color of the water changes from green emerald to blue sapphire. We will swim to the huge waterfall where the river re-emerges on the far side of Semuc Champey. On the River Cahabon, which immerses the area of Semuc Champey, you can do river-tubing. 

Semuc Champey will be one of the most unbelievable natural wonders you will see in your lifetime. 

Before sunset, we will drive to the Lanquin Caves known for thousands of bats that start their journey in the night. The river Lanquin, with its turquoise color, flows through the cave system.

Day 4. Botanical Reserve ‘Orquigonia’

Today, you will visit the Botanical Reserve of Orquigonia and learn all about the Orchid and other distinct plants with an expert guide. Dive into the world of the beautiful Orquideas by being led on an educational hike in a botanical reserve full of these naturally important flowers on multiple trail hikes.

Orchid lovers and even the orchid-curious should not miss the extraordinarily informative guided tour of this orchid sanctuary. The one and a half to two-hour tour transports you through the history of orchid collecting, commencing with the Maya, as you wend your way along a track in the rainforest. 

Later we will visit a coffee plantation where we will learn everything about the coffee-making process. Additionally, you will taste some of the best organic coffee in the world. At the end of the day, your driver will take you to the Biotope of El Quetzal. 

Day 5. Biotope of El Quetzal

Early in the morning, you will explore this natural reserve containing more than three thousand hectares of tropical wet vegetation that provides the habitat for the national bird of Guatemala, the Quetzal. During this tour, you will see beautiful tropical plant species, such as orchids and bromeliads, and a variety of wildlife including monkeys, lizards, wild cats, and many birds.

There are only a few areas where you can find the Quetzal and this tour gives you the chance to see the majestic National Symbol in its natural habitat. After this tour, a driver will take you to Guatemala City. 

Day 6. Departure

Unfortunately, this Ecotour in Guatemala ends today. A driver will take you to the airport for your flight back home. However, if you would like to extend your trip, contact us for more information.

map, expenses & price

Ecotour Guatemala

Expenses included:
-All private transportation.
-Five nights of hotel accommodations.
-Professional local guides.
-Tours and activities as listed.
-All park entrance fees.
-Daily breakfast.

Per person starting at $950

Lachua Lagoon

This national park is acclaimed for the entire travel community, pristine turquoise lagoon. You may not believe that this lagoon is one of the most impressive sights of natural delicacy in Guatemala. Yet with views of grandiose mountains and through a few kilometers of heavy rainforest housing snakes, tapirs, toucans, and a lively kaleidoscope of butterflies, it is an unspoiled off-the-beaten-track spot. Duration from: 1 day. Price per guest from $180

Kan-ba Caves

The underwater caves of ‘Kan-Ba’ have grand rock formations, small waterfalls, deep pools of water, and a river snaking through the entire cave system. This unique tour will have you both hiking and swimming. At the end of the tour inside the caves, we will take you tubing through the Cahabón River. This tour takes you through one of the most impressive cave systems in the whole country. This tour requires that the participants are good swimmers. Duration: 2 hours. Price per person: $50

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