Ecotour Guatemala

6 days

Embark on an Ecotour to discover Guatemala’s unique topography and hydrographic regions. Witness a diverse range of habitats and ecosystems home to various plant and animal life. Guatemala is renowned for its natural beauty and offers incredible ecotourism opportunities. Explore the numerous caves and nature reserves to satisfy your love for nature and curiosity.

Semuc Champey

A limestone bridge with pools

Semuc Champey

A lagoon with a shade of blue

Lachua Lagoon

A lagoon with a shade of blue

Hun Nal Ye

Nature, waterfalls, and a Cenote


Discover a hidden paradise of natural turquoise pools, waterfalls, and caves at Semuc Champey. Take a moment to relax in the peaceful embrace of the stunning blue waters of Lachua Lagoon. You can anticipate an exciting journey filled with ecotourism, adventure, and breathtaking turquoise pools.


When you arrive at the Guatemala international airport, a driver will greet you and take you to Coban, and you will stay near the breathtaking cloud forest of Coban.

Let’s visit the Lachua Lagoon Park today, renowned among travelers for its crystal-clear turquoise lagoon. You might be surprised to know that this lagoon is one of Guatemala’s most stunning natural wonders. Along with breathtaking mountain views, the park also boasts a dense rainforest home to snakes, tapirs, toucans, and a wide variety of colorful butterflies. This place is a hidden gem, only sometimes visited by tourists, and retains its untouched natural beauty.

As part of your journey, you will explore the famous Candelaria Caves. After a scenic two-hour drive from Coban, you will arrive at the Candelaria Caves National Park, where you can explore the cave system. The Candelaria River connects the seven caves and spans 22 kilometers.

One of the most significant caves measures approximately 60 meters in height, 200 meters in length, and 30 meters in width. The cave boasts stunning stalagmites and remnants of Maya activity. Access to the cave is convenient as numerous natural windows on the gallery’s roof permit sunlight to penetrate the space.

Explore the caves of the Candelaria River by floating through them using tubes. Once you’ve finished admiring these fantastic caves, we’ll take you to Hun Nal Ye Park for much-needed relaxation.

At Hun Nal Ye ecological park, you can immerse yourself in nature by walking and swimming in the beautiful turquoise lagoons. You can also enjoy watching birds, horseback riding, and admiring the breathtaking waterfall. Take the chance to see the stunning Cenote, a natural water basin formed in limestone rock. This park is perfect for adventure seekers and those interested in ecotourism and experiencing the unique beauty of the park’s turquoise pools.

We plan to return to Coban and explore the Botanical Reserve of Orquigonia with the help of a knowledgeable guide. We’ll gain insight into the unique features of orchids and other plants during our visit. It’ll be an educational experience as we embark on multiple trail hikes and dive into the beauty of Orquideas, a flower of natural significance.

The orchid sanctuary offers a highly informative guided tour perfect for orchid enthusiasts and curious ones. During the one-and-a-half to two-hour tour, you will learn about the history of orchid collecting as you walk through a rainforest trail.

We’ll visit a coffee plantation to learn about the coffee-making process. In addition, you can try the best organic coffee available worldwide.

We’re heading to the Natural Monument of Semuc Champey today. It features a beautiful 300-meter-long limestone bridge, with delicate natural pools of various sizes formed on top of it.

Once we arrive at Semuc Champey, we will embark on a one-hour hike up a steep path through the jungle, which involves climbing stairs. During the trek, you might spot various creatures, such as butterflies, iguanas, and spider monkeys. After reaching the lookout, you will enter the platform and witness an awe-inspiring sight.

The natural pools created by the cascading water have cut through the towering mountains on both sides of the canyon. The water moves from one small lagoon to the next before it eventually plunges into a massive waterfall out of the lookout point.

Next, we’ll hike El Sumidero, where the River Cahabon vanishes beneath a rock. You’ll be able to witness the start of the underground river before it runs directly underneath. Beneath the pools lies a 300-meter-long rough river.

You can find turquoise pools where you can relax, swim, and enjoy the tropical forest with its diverse flora and fauna—the color of the water changes from green emerald to blue sapphire. Afterward, we will float to the large waterfall where the river re-emerges on the far side of Semuc Champey.

If you’re interested, you can go river tubing on the River Cahabon in the Semuc Champey area.

We will drive to the Lanquin Caves before sunset, where thousands of bats start their journey at night. The cave system is known for the river Lanquin, which has a beautiful turquoise color flowing through it.

In the morning, you’ll visit Biotopo El Quetzal, a natural reserve that spans over three thousand hectares of tropical wet vegetation. This reserve is home to El Quetzal, Guatemala’s national bird. You’ll see a variety of stunning tropical plants, including orchids and bromeliads. Additionally, you may encounter various wildlife species like monkeys, lizards, wild cats, and an abundance of birds.

This tour offers an opportunity to witness the Quetzal, the majestic National Symbol, in its natural habitat, and Quetzals are only present in specific regions.

Once the tour ends, a driver will transport you to Guatemala City.

Unfortunately, the Ecotour in Guatemala is coming to an end today. A driver will take you to the airport. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to prolong your stay.

map, expenses & price

Ecotour Guatemala

Expenses included:
-All private transportation
-Five nights of hotel accommodations
-Professional local guides
-Tours and activities as listed
-All park entrance fees
-Daily breakfast


ecotour guatemala

Lake Atitlan

According to Aldous Huxley, a well-known author, Lake Atitlan is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The lake is enhanced by three beautiful volcanoes, forming a breathtaking backdrop. The lake contains hidden treasures, including indigenous villages, hidden waterfalls, half-built dragon-shaped castles, nature preserves with zip lines, old bookstores on the outskirts of flooded areas, and many other attractions.

ecotour guatemala

The Mayan Biosphere

The Maya Biosphere Reserve is a large tropical forest region in North America that UNESCO recognizes, and it also boasts the northernmost tropical forest in the Western Hemisphere. This area is also the birthplace of Mayan civilization, with some of the oldest Mayan sites located here. Tikal is one of the most significant Mayan cities, which holds great importance. The ruins, made up of enormous temples and limestone pyramids, are awe-inspiring. Tikal is also an excellent destination for bird watchers and nature lovers.

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