Hot Springs


Hot Springs Guatemala

A place to enjoy the bounties of nature! Take a Guatemala adventure and enjoy the feeling of walking through the clouds and relax with a bath at the hot springs.  Guatemala, a beautiful country with approximately 288 volcanoes or structures of volcanic origin.  And where there are volcanos, there are hot springs and you will visit here one with the most outstanding natural landscapes. As a result, these beautiful volcanic hot springs are nestled into the beautiful mountains of Zunil. 

Even so it is very easy to get to this natural paradise. It is only 45 minutes from Xela, the second most important city in Guatemala.  Surrounded by exuberant vegetation. The area has been somewhat turned into pools, but it still feels natural.  Its several hot water pools are naturally fed by sulfur springs that descend from the Volcano.  
Very popular among the locals as a center for recreation and rest. Hot springs Guatemala are definitely a perfect place to head after conquering an epic hike to any of the amazing volcanoes this country has to offer.

The weather
The Western Highland of Guatemala can be a bit chilly therefore making these warm waters even more indulgent. The climate here is a bit cold because of the location, more than 2,500 meters above sea level. Even though the setting looks intensely tropical, one will experience the mountain air currents that keep it cool at all times. Besides a constant mist during the day and sometimes also at night. It is a characteristic of this beautiful hot spring SPA. 

Lose yourself into the stunning environment that provides the contrast formed by the cold climate around with the high natural temperature of the sulphurous waters. As a result, these particular climatic conditions are ideal to the growth of species such as giant ferns and conifers. To conclude, make sure to bring warm clothes to fully enjoy your visit.

Hot springs Guatemala. Healthy sulfured waters
To add a little mysticism to this beautiful relaxation center, it is worth to mention that many people have attributed its waters healing properties for years. What is true in these statements? Well, actually a lot, and you will certainly experience it by yourself when you come.  Firstly the waters of its pools come from a volcano, therefore they are sulfured. 

Widely known are the benefits of the sulfured waters for the health of people.  Due to their high mineral content and high temperatures they certainly can do much to our health. In addition to this, the waters come from the depth of the earth, therefore they have been quite filtered and free of bacteria and other contaminants.

On your next trip of Guatemala you should clearly not miss the many benefits of the hot springs.  From the improvement in blood circulation, to the elimination of body germs and toxins. The increase in temperature also helps the absorption of minerals by the skin, making a bath in hot springs ideal for treating skin problems.  Furthermore the properties of hot springs also stimulate oxygenation and metabolism, likewise the digestive system.   Last but not least, and perhaps the reason why most seek these baths, is because they improve relaxation and endorphin production. Relax & Enjoy.

Additionally, it is interesting to mention that the thermal waters are now also used in cosmetic laboratories.  One of the cutaneous benefits of the hot springs is to improve the balance of the skin. As a consequence, they use it in the elaboration of their products to obtain this benefit.

Hydrotherapy in the Hot Springs Guatemala
Becoming increasingly popular, this alternative therapy works by immersing the body for short periods of time, usually from 1 to 10 minutes. In thermal water with different temperatures.  Temperature changes are necessary during this kind of therapy and help improve circulation, therefore facilitate and improve breathing.   

There are many benefits that hydrotherapy in hot springs can contribute to our health, such as reducing insomnia and stress, while improving circulation and relaxing your muscles.   

Overnight at the hot springs Guatemala
The perks of this, having the hot springs all to yourself under the night sky.  If you have the opportunity to do so, it is definitely something you should try. Advantages are many, apart from enjoying the natural environment, with such a lush forest, the amount of nightlife is amazing.  In fact the idea of being able to enjoy the hot pools at night with less people and while enjoying the starry sky, is attractive to anyone.

Take the following into account if you want to rent one of the cabins:  You will certainly have a private bathroom with a hot shower, and even a bathtub for two. But here the water comes from the springs and it will take some time to get hot (from 5 to 10 minutes), then you must be patient.   There is electric light in the bungalows, but only until 9:00 pm and there is no TV or cellular network or WiFi. It will be truly an experience in an unforgettable natural environment

Amenities of these Hot Springs Guatemala
A natural SPA with all the comforts to make your visit unforgettable. There is an on-site restaurant, for towel rental, in sume, everything you may need. Once on site, all you have to do is get comfortable, disconnect from the world and relax in the hot springs. Enjoy the wonderful natural environment.

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