Guatemala and Honduras

14 days

Embark on an awe-inspiring 14-day journey through Guatemala and Honduras, where you’ll discover the remarkable cultural heritage left by the Mayan civilization in the mountains and jungles. Experience the grandeur of ancient temples and pyramids and meet the proud descendants of the once-mighty Mayans. This tour will take you to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Antigua Guatemala, Tikal, Quirigua, and Copan.

Lake Atitlan

Latin America’s most beautiful lake


The Paris of the Mayas

Finca Paraiso

Hot springs


Mayan City


4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Antigua Guatemala, Copan, Quirigua, and Tikal. Also: Lake Atitlan, Rio Dulce, Finca Paraiso, Mayan ruins of Yaxha, and more.


Upon arrival at the Guatemala international airport, a driver will wait for you to take you to your hotel in Lake Atitlan.

Today, you will have a boat expedition to Lake Atitlan, the most beautiful lake in Central America. And according to the writer Aldous Huxley, it is the most beautiful in the world. It is an ancient crater lake formed from a collapsed volcano, leaving a scenic body of water surrounded by spectacular volcanoes, rolling mountains, and attractive Mayan towns that deserve to be part of all Central American travel itineraries. 

The landscape with the delicate lake and incredible volcanoes, living Mayan culture, and charming villages all make it a very authentic place to explore. It is a must see when traveling through Guatemala. We will visit two Mayan villages:

Santa Catarina Palopo: this lakeside community is a monumental piece of artwork. An original community project emerged in the last few years: painting geometric figures on houses and buildings throughout the village. It looks fantastic and very colorful. The goal is to conserve their weaving designs, promote sustainable tourism to increase job opportunities, and use the art for social renewal.

San Juan la Laguna: You will meet local painters, artists, and weavers in this town. The traditional textiles are made by hand, with natural dyes using a pedal and belt system of hand weaving. We will visit the women weaving cooperative, and later we’ll have a cup of the best coffee in the world. 

Today we will drive to Antigua Guatemala, for an excursion to get intimate with this antique UNESCO World Heritage Site. The picturesque city of Antigua Guatemala is the best-preserved colonial city in Central America. We will walk to a lookout and look at the centuries-old buildings down and discover churches, ruins, art galleries, and outside markets along its cobblestone streets.

The Volcano Pacaya hike is one of the least challenging hikes in Guatemala. It’s a fun tour, and the views of the volcanic landscape make it so worthwhile and a great adventure.

Few places worldwide can offer this unparalleled opportunity to hike to an active volcano and roast marshmallows in recently cooled lava flows. 

Later, we will drive to the woods outside of Antigua Guatemala, to take a natural sauna. Natural saunas purify the body of toxins and clean the mind, which is why the Mayans recognized them as essential. Distasteful feelings disappear, and you are at peace with your inner world. It is what Mayans mean by the care of the soul earned while taking a sauna.

Today we’ll drive to Coban after breakfast. Coban is rich in flora, fauna, lagoons, mountains, and waterfalls. A great area to do eco-tourism, and It has a large concentration of natural reservoirs, rainforests, and cave systems.

In Semuc Champey, the natural pools stretch for hundreds of meters and are, what most tourists don’t know, a naturally created limestone bridge over a raging river that goes underground. It sounds impossible, but on-site, you can see how the river makes its way under the limestone bridge with a roar.

Above the bridge, visitors bathe in the turquoise, crystal-clear water, and the river goes away below them—an unbelievable concert by nature. Fascinating green mountains and lush rainforest partially hid Semuc Champey’s dreamlike landscape. In the late afternoon, you’ll return to Semuc Champey.

We’ll go to Flores Island, and on the way, you’ll have a boat excursion to the Mayan site of Aguateca. Often compared to Pompeii, the quick fall of Aguateca allowed archaeologists to find a wealth of information, here they have discovered from artifacts such as high-quality vessels, bone ornaments, and greenstone beads to a great variety of tools like shells, bones, hides, and stone tools used to process seeds and grains. It is an interesting Mayan site surrounded by lush vegetation and beautiful natural landscapes.

Tikal, one of the largest ancient Mayan cities, is one such place. The tree-covered temples and palaces at Tikal are ancient and have been there for more than a millennia. You will walk with your guide to one of the most important temples in the colossal compound for an unimaginable scene in the background.

After that, you will spend more time in Tikal with our guide, learning about this fascinating civilization and its architecture. Climb some of the temples and discover flora and fauna. As you hike in the jungle in the middle of Mayan temples, your local guide will tell you narratives from the fascinating Mayans.

Today we’ll drive to Rio Dulce and visit the Finca Paraiso and El Boqueron Canyon. Paradise Farm is a large farm located in Lake Izabal. Here you will find a river and a massive waterfall of hot springs. The mix of cold and warm water and tropical forest make it a magical place off the beaten track.

El Boqueron is a dramatic limestone canyon. While exploring this canyon, you will appreciate views of its vast 820 feet (250 meters) rock faces. You will go over the river Sauce in a small canoe and get a good look at this fantastic canyon. This gorgeous, lushly vegetated canyon abutting the tiny Maya village of the same name is worth seeing.

Later, we’ll visit the Castle of San Felipe de Lara. In ancient times this fortress led battles against pirates of the Caribbean, and as a result, it was restored many times after a confrontation. As in the movies, the pirates attacked with their canons, and the fort defended with its own. What was then a defense fortress is now a national monument.

Today you will take a fascinating boat tour from Rio Dulce to Livingston; Rio Dulce emerges into the Caribbean Sea, where we will find the only Caribbean town of Guatemala.

Today, we’ll visit the Mayan ruins of Quirigua. This fascinating Mayan site is on the shores of the longest river of Guatemala; it bloomed due to its key location in the route that connects the Atlantic Sea with the Mayan lowlands. The central plaza in Quirigua has one of the most extensive lengths in the lowlands. This site is famous for the sculpture that we find there. They built eight towering stelae to celebrate an era’s end and register other crucial events.

Later, we’ll drive to Copan, Honduras.

In the morning, we’ll have an excursion to Copan, one of the most meaningful cities of the Mayan civilization. The town of Copan has developed lately for its outstanding Maya Ruins, and they designated the ruins as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for humanity.

Copan, with its plazas, temples, and terraces, comprises an architectural complex among the most characteristic of the Mayan civilization. The archeologists recognize Copan to be the cultural center, the Paris, of the Mayan world. The ruins of Copan give an understanding of how this captivating civilization once lived. Its significant structures and ably carved stonework are excellent reminders of the unique and leading Mayan culture.

Later we’ll go to the Macaw Mountain Reserve, an innovative tropical bird reserve in western Honduras that cares for rescued and endangered birds of the American tropics. Listen to a parrot talk while it is sitting on your shoulder. Walk into a large flight aviary and feel the rush of wind on your face as many scarlet macaws take flight. Relax viewing decks while flocks of wild parakeets chatter in nearby trees.

Today, we’ll drive to Guatemala City.

You’ll have a transfer to the airport for your flight back home.

map, expenses & price

Guatemala and Honduras

Expenses included:
-All private transportation
-Thirteen nights of hotel accommodations
-Professional guides
-Tours and excursions as listed
-All park entrance fees
-Boat transfers
-Daily breakfast



Roatan & Utila

Spend time at one of the Bay Islands, white-sand beaches, rated one of the best in the Western Caribbean. The islands have everything you need for joy and relaxation. Visit one of their cayes (a tiny island), snorkel, swim, lie in the sun, rent kayaks, banana boats, and play volleyball. Taste the flavorful local dishes and drinks and join the locals in their fun-filled yet relaxed parties. Beautiful white sandy beaches, the coral barrier reef, and crystal clear waters await you.

Remote tropical surrounded by turquoise water and vibrant reef in Utila Cays Honduras
Coffee plantations in the highlands of Honduras


El Cisne Farm

During this excursion, you’ll have an exclusive opportunity to experience authentic rural Honduras life at this century-old plantation. Set in the beautiful western highlands, this family-owned farm offers an insight into the daily life of a working ranch. Go on cacao, cardamom, and coffee plantation excursion, learn about cattle ranching, enjoy delicious home-cooked farm meals, and round off your experience with a stop in the natural hot springs.

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