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With more than 700 bird species, Central America and Mexico provide the perfect setting for spotting rare species of birds. Examples include the Quetzal, the Harpy Eagle, the Ivory-billed woodpecker, the Blue-headed parrot, brightly-colored emerald toucan and many more. Our guides will take you through untouched rainforest and tell you everything about the flora and fauna.

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Adventure Travel Central America

Go hiking, biking, horseback riding and explore the Mayan world in adventurous tours. Tours of kayaking, rafting and camping await you. While being in the jungles and rainforests, amazing wildlife can be spotted and you can experience Mayan villages along the way.

Incredible treks will allow you to experience natural wonders as well as the remains of the Mayan Empire. As Archaeologists still work to uncover lost Mayan cities, you can be one of the few to wander the remnants of these massive pyramids.

Central America offers a variety of impressive caving opportunities of which can be attributed to travelling back in time and journeying into the Maya World. 

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Customizing itineraries

Mayan Gateway provides flexibility and support in designing your trips. In addition to the packages we offer, you can make a customized itinerary. Deciding where to go can be overwhelming and time consuming. However, Mayan Gateway provides information about various destinations and helps you create a personalized itinerary.

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From rocky to typical bounty beaches with palm trees and white sand, Central America and Mexico are known for having the most world class and idyllic beaches. With tropical temperatures with an average of 30°C, breathtaking beaches and turquoise water, Central America is the perfect destination for a beach holiday.

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Central America Honeymoons combining trips to the impressive Mayan ruins of Tikal and the breath-taking Belize Barrier Reef. By combining natural beauty of Central America and the fascinating architecture of the Mayan civilization, our trips will make your honeymoon unique and unforgettable. You will stay at small islands and beautiful beaches, and while you enjoy this wildlife paradise you can explore one of the countless Mayan sites that Central America offers. The rainforest and natural reserves in Central America make it one of the most beautiful destinations for your honeymoon!

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Family Holidays

Our family holidays in Central America offer a great combination of adrenaline in the rainforests, jungle, volcanoes and relaxing at the amazing white beaches and lakes. During our family vacations the entire family can enjoy, as they have excursions for all ages. Discover the great biological variety such as rainforests, swamps, lagoons and beaches. Central America is known as one of the most outstanding wildlife sanctuaries in the tropics. You will visit natural wonders, an aquarium which is considered as the largest one in the world, experience the thrill of flying above the jungle, snorkel with turtles, go on some sightseeing, discover the Mayan culture and see many monumental buildings at archaeological sites.

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Learn Spanish & Travel

Mayan Gateway believes that being able to communicate with the local people will significantly enhance your time in Central America. To aid you in this, we have a range of options to enable you to take part in Spanish immersion classes in combination with any of the tours that we offer. We believe that the best way to make significant advancements in your Spanish language abilities is to study one-on-one, just you and your teacher. However, if you are traveling with a friend or partner and you are of a similar level of ability, we also offer you the option to study together, one teacher to two students.

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Central America Diving

Central America and Mexico offer a great variety of reef types and amazing diving and snorkeling experiences. The Barrier Reef here is the longest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere and the second longest worldwide.  A wide variety of flora, fauna and fish can be discovered when exploring the impressive underwater world of Mexico, Belize and the bay island in Honduras. Hard Corals, gorgonians, sea fans, tunicates and shellfish of amazing variety populate the coastal waters.  Mexico, Belize, Utila Island and Roatan Island are the perfect places to get certified due to its calm waters and sheltered bays; the ocean is your classroom! Here you can practice your diving skills while diving over Central America beautiful reefs.

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Push the boundaries of sustainable travel. Volunteering creates unforgettable experiences that go beyond simple tourism. Mayan Gateway understands the need to increase social awareness and responsibility and works to shed light on the social situation in Central America and Mexico. Some of the benefits for volunteers are: opportunity to improve your Spanish, learning about the Latin culture, experience in various fields like education, health care, marketing, management, etc.