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Customizing Itineraries

Deciding where to go can be overwhelming and time consuming. Luckily, Mayan Gateway is here to provide information about various destinations and make you a personalized itinerary. Contact us with your wishes and we will be happy to help you create your dream vacation. Mayan Gateway provides flexibility and support in designing your trips.

Build your own itinerary

We understand that our clients have different needs and interests. There are many reasons you might prefer to create a personalized itinerary, including:

    • You are interested in a private tour with a specific number of people.
    • You woud like to have a unique holiday.
    • You have a specific list of places you are interested in visiting.
    • You would like to visit a certain type of site - archaeological, cultural, etc. or participate in certain types of activities - hiking, diving, bird watching etc.
    • You would like to spend more time at certain sites than a group tour would.

Combining Trips and Tours

We offer a variety of trips and tours in Central America and Mexico. Visiting one country is great, but design a multi-country trip in Central America and embark on the perfect tour! You can combine two or more of our trips or put together components of several trips.

Spanish Extensions

Interested in learning Spanish? You can extend any of your trips with our Spanish extension programs. Add on as many weeks of Spanish learning as you wish. Spanish programs include accommodations with a local family or hotel and individualized Spanish classes.