Holy Week

Antigua Guatemala

Holy Week Antigua Guatemala

Holy Week Antigua Guatemala is a colorful display of traditional culture and folklore. The festive streets are filled with movement. It is an incredible insight into the spiritual life of Guatemala. Easter Week in Antigua, Guatemala is the biggest festival in Central America.

This week is greatly anticipated by the locals, as well as travelers. During these days, huge processions wind their way through the streets of the city. Visiting Antigua during Holy Week gives you an extraordinary and unforgettable cultural experience.

Antigua Guatemala was declared a National Monument by the Guatemalan government in 1944. Also a Monument of the Americas by the General Assembly of the Pan-American Institute of Geography and History in 1695. Finally, UNESCO declared the city as a  World Heritage Site in 1979.

Holy Week Antigua Guatemala, The beautiful carpets.
One of the most interesting parts of the festival is when the locals make The carpets. Entire families in the neighborhoods work together making carpets. Most people work the whole night to be able to have the carpets ready for the next day. It will be very interesting for you to witness how people work with so much dedication and commitment.

The night before a lot of people did not sleep to finish the carpets on time. So, the next morning will be a great opportunity to observe a big amount of carpets and the processions through the carpeted streets of Antigua.  Get to know the cathedral, the most beautiful churches and ruins and visit the look out of The Cross. From this place you will have a beautiful view of the three volcanoes and the city of Antigua.

Holy Friday
This is the most important day of Holy Week. See the best carpets and the most impressive processions. At 6:00 PM people will go to central park to wait for the biggest procession of the week, there will be a special ceremony in front of the cathedral. This is the biggest celebration of the festival and something that you should not miss.