Honduras Adventure

14 days

Honduras is a traveler’s paradise that fulfills holiday dreams; climbing ancient temples, jungle hikes, seeing jaguars in their natural habitat, and sailing and diving in the Caribbean Sea are just some of the few things Honduras has to offer.

Beyond the breathtaking beaches, Honduras has even more adventure to offer, including trips to the ruins of Copan; hikes provide unique views from above the rainforests and the misty green mountains of Pico Bonito nature reserves.

Copan Mayan Ruins

Archaeological site


Magnificent waterfalls and exceptional natural landscape

Mangrove forest

Boat tours

The Mesoamerican Reef

The largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere


This tour will fulfill your holiday dreams, whether that be climbing ancient temples, visiting national parks, colonial towns, and coffee farms, snorkeling, diving, or just lying on sunny beaches in the Caribbean Ocean. The beaches of the Bay Islands are some of the finest in all of Latin America and the Caribbean. On the coast, you have the chance to go scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, or simply soak up the beauty of the beaches.


After your arrival, a driver will take you to your hotel in Lake Yojoa. Take the remainder of the day to relax from your journey and get settled in your new natural surroundings.

Today, you will have a day full of adventure in the waterfall Pulhapanzak, and Lake Yojoa. As you discover the lush greenery of the woods, be amazed at the raw potential of Pulhapanzak Waterfall, watch the old rock formations inside the Caves of Taulabe, and contemplate the calm of Lake Yojoa Lake from a kayak. 

The waterfall of Pulhapanzak is an impressive 141 feet waterfall surrounded by a lush park with places to swim in the river. The water has a powerful force coming over the cliff, creating a mist throughout the canyon in which it falls. You can zipline to contemplate it from above, or you can take a swim in the immaculate waters of the river.

Go kayaking at Lake Yojoa at your speed, enjoy the scenery and nature of the surroundings. Or if you’d like to hike, we can go to Paradise Nature Private Reserve or Los Naranjos Ecopark. Afterward, we will visit the Taulabe Caves. Walk inside for 300 meters at 64 meters down. 

Today, you will have a tour of the Mayan City of Copan. With its temples, plazas, and terraces it comprises a type of architectural complex among the most characteristic of the Mayan civilization. The archeologists consider Copan to be the cultural center – the Paris – of the Mayan World.

While Guatemala is home to many large Mayan ruins, Honduras has just one, and it is extraordinary. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Copan was one of the ancient most effusive cultural centers of the Mayan civilization. It is less monumental than it is an intricately crafted work of art and it is exceptionally acclaimed for its detailed carved stelae (monuments of stone that characterize the history of Copan). Join this expedition with our guides specialized in archeology who can bring this mystical site to life.

At the Copan site, we find a wonderful, two-story Sculpture Museum. The centerpiece is a colorful, full-scale model of the Rosalina Temple, a beautiful temple that unfortunately was taken down, and another temple was built in its place. The museum also contains much of the original stonework from the site. Later, you will visit the Macaw Mountain Reserve, which is an innovative tropical bird reserve in western Honduras that cares for rescued and endangered birds of the American tropics. At the end of the tour, you will have a cup of some of the best organic coffee in the world. 

In the morning you will have a horseback ride tour in the mountains and a coffee tour through cardamom plantations. At the end of the tour, you can swim in rivers and natural hot springs. You will have a lunch prepared with products from the farm. 

A unique chance to experience authentic rural Honduras life at the century-old plantation El Cisne. Set in the astonishing western highlands, this family-owned farm provides an insight into the daily life of a working ranch. Go on a coffee, cacao, and cardamom plantation expedition, learn about cattle ranching, enjoy delicious home-cooked farm meals, and round off your experience with a stop in the natural hot springs.

In the morning you will go to the premier beach vacation destination in Honduras, Tela. In the afternoon, you will have a hike in Lancetilla, which is the second biggest tropical botanical garden in the world. The different habitats that are in the nature reserve are the secret to this paradisiacal place.

The garden has 4,151 acres with more than 1,200 species of flora exhibiting four continents. A colossal swathe of the gardens is settled by the Biological Reserve, a space split into the tropical and subtropical humid forest. This is the best space of the reserve to spot wildlife, including hundreds of species of birds, as well as deer, reptiles, fish, and howler monkeys.

Today, you will have an expedition to one of the most important parks of the country because of its size and biodiversity, Punta Sal National Park. You will take a boat through deep mangrove channels. Hike the subtropical forest where howler and spider monkeys are usually seen.

This lush forest, and protected marine reserve, only reachable by boat, provides an abundance of hiking, wildlife spotting, snorkeling, and sunning on dazzling beaches. Discover hiking through the mangrove, and lush forest, and spot the park’s inhabitant community of howler monkeys. You will have the chance to spot howler monkeys. You will also have time for snorkeling in the blue-green waters of a coral barrier reef. In the end, you will have some time to just relax on delicate Cocalito Beach. 

Today, your driver will take you to Pico Bonito National Park. La Ceiba is surrounded by lush jungles, breathtaking mountains, challenging rivers, and sandy beaches. After checking into your hotel, you will depart to Pico Bonito National Park. This park has many waterfalls and is home to various endangered species. Today you will hike through tropical jungle forest and swim in crystal clear water ponds under beautiful waterfalls.

Today, you will leave on a ferry to Roatan Island. The island is located in front of the Honduras Barrier Reef. It is the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere and the second-longest in the world. There are approximately 60 scuba diving sites, including caves and numerous wrecks.

Visit a wildlife reservoir to see sloths, monkeys, and more wildlife endemic to the Honduran jungle canopy but uncommon on the island of Roatan. Natural admirers can reach out with sloths and take photos with delightful fellows. The excursion goes on with an ATV circuit that incorporates adrenaline and landscape while learning about the area, traditions, and past. Reach out with wildlife at the Sloth and Monkey Hangout, pick up about the regional culture on an escorted ATV circuit through hills, villages, and the fine Caribbean ocean. You will make stops at breathtaking sites along the route. 

Today, you’ll have a boat and snorkeling tour to the Cochinos keys, which are two very small islands, and thirteen short coral keys, situated roughly thirty kilometers northeast of La Ceiba town. This promised land of castaway of small keys forms an aquatic biological reserve of fine white sand beaches, multicolored coral reefs, and an even further colorful local community of Garifuna inhabitants. Go snorkeling, and relax in this easygoing fantasy land. When you are hungry, you will be able to eat some fresh fish and plantains.

We begin with the visit of Cayos Cochinos Foundation and the experimental area where advice about the keys is offered, after that, we go on to the key where we made a pathway searching of the pink boa, regional of the area, later you will snorkel on the coral reef with a qualified guide, next we will go to the third key which is the highest inhabited key, here you will have lunch and free time to rest and relax. 

You will have three free days to self-discover Roatan Island. You can join snorkeling and diving tours. If you’d like to get your PADI diving certificate, the island is one of the best places to do so.

A driver will take you to the international airport of Roatan. Not ready to go home just yet? If you would like to extend your holiday, try combining your Honduras trip with one of our other travel packages. Contact one of our knowledgeable agents to begin customizing your tour package today.

map, expenses & price

Honduras Adventure

Expenses included:
-All private transportation.
-Thirteen nights of hotel accommodations.
-Professional certified guides.
-All park entrance fees.
-Tours and excursions as listed.
-Domestic flights.
-Daily breakfast.

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