Adventure Honeymoon

Guatemala & Belize

Enjoy a romantic and spectacular Honeymoon for Adventure Lovers. Guatemala is full of Latin culture, impressive Mayan treasures, and some of the World’s most impressive natural wonders. Explore this special world and enjoy your unique honeymoon in a natural paradise at one of the country’s most spectacular hotels.

During this 12-day honeymoon spanning from Guatemala to Belize, you will explore ancient Mayan cities shrouded by jungle, go spelunking in subterranean caves, relax on white sandy beaches, snorkel amongst tropical reefs, chill out with local belizeans and learn to cook a delicious Guatemalan feast. Make yourself ready to be astonished by this world less traveled on this Honeymoon to Guatemala and Belize.


Lake Peten

Island in Belize

Hanging bridges


Mayan City of Tikal

Flores Island

Nature Reserve Las Lagunas

San Ignacio




Day 1. Flores Island.

After arriving at the International Airport of Guatemala City you connect with a domestic flight to Flores Island at Lake Peten Itza.  From there private transportation will bring you to your Hotel. 

The hotel is located in the midst of a nature reserve in the heart of the Mayan World. Here you will be able to relax from the journey, enjoy the unique facilities of the hotel or explore its marvelous surroundings. 

Day 2. Nature reserve.

Option 1: Tour in the Nature Reserve Encounter. Our specialist host will take you on an ATV ride around the property through tropical jungles.  You will be able to see ocelots, margay tigers, “wrist” the female danta, and many other exotic animals. 

Option 2: Tour of Monkey Island. The biggest lagoon in the reservoir, is an island crowded with different species of monkeys.  During this unique tour you will take a boat ride through the lagoons out to the island , where you can watch the monkeys come down from the treetops. 

Day 3. Tikal ruins.

Together with your guide you will go to the ruins of Tikal.  The colossal buildings of Tikal are a fully preserved area of 222 square miles that are the Tikal National Park.  Over 100,000 tools, ceremonial objects, personal ornaments and other items have been unearthed during the excavation of the Park. 

Explore this massive archeological site with a private guided tour. After the morning excursion, unwind at the hotel with a luxurious massage.  This service is offered in the privacy of  the deck of the hotel with the sound of the birds and the armonious surrounding of nature. A marvelous delight for your senses.

Day 4. Lake Peten.

In the morning, you have the option to take a boat tour of Lake Petén and the surrounding archeological sites.

Day 5. ATM Caves.

Today you will head to San Ignacio in Belize.  In San Ignacio we offer you the option to tour the ATM cave.  After a short walk to the access of the cave you will swim to the other side before continuing the walk.

Once across you will see several Mayan treasures and bones of people who were once sacrificed by the Mayans. After this astonishing excursion, you can relax at the jungle lodge and explore the nightlife in the rainforest.

Day 6. National Park.

Activities: Visit St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park, Magnetic Hill and the Garifuna village Hopkins. Your driver will take you to Hopkins, a Garifuna village on the coast of Belize with delightful white sand beaches.  Before reaching Hopkins, however, you will first stop at St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park and Magnetic Hill.

St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park has more than 200 species of birds and several beautiful hiking trails. You can walk in the St. Herman’s cave where beautiful Mayan art can be seen. Following discovering the cave, you will have a refreshing dip in the Blue Hole National Park which is formed by the collapse of a subterranean river channel. 

Magnetic Hill is known for a big iron magnet in the road strong enough to roll cars uphill.  Once in Hopkins you will have a walking tour of the village by a local Garifuna guide together with a drum demonstration.

Day 7. Snorkeling.

Snorkeling excursion of the island South Water Caye. This dazzling island is part of the massive barrier reef in the Caribbean, which is the biggest reef in the northern hemisphere.  There are hundreds of species of fish in the clear blue waters.

Day 8. Placencia.

Today, a driver will take you to Placencia beach. 

Day 9 – 11. Captivating beach.

Placencia, an authentic beach-honeymoon strip poking out from the dry land, is quietly popular with couples. Alight at the southern tip of a long, tight, sandy peninsula, the small town has long appreciated a reputation as ‘the caye you can drive to’. 

The beach can be a lot of fun, but how couples will feel about it really depends on what they are looking for. If it has a laid-back atmosphere, romantic ambience, varied hotels, boat excursions to private small islands and some of the favorite restaurants in Southern Belize, this delicate beach may be for you.

All along the full moons of May and June notably, divers and snorkelers are drawn here as the fascinating whale sharks come to feed in the neighboring waters.

Day 12. Departure.

Today marks the final day of your honeymoon, but it does not have to end just yet!   Perhaps you would like to extend your itinerary or to continue north to the Riviera Maya in Mexico.  Contact one of our knowledgeable agents to begin designing your honeymoon today.

Expenses included

12 days & 11 nights

$1,900 per guest

Private transportation, door to door service

 11 nights hotel accommodation: hoteles selected according to your wishes and priorities

9 nights hotel accommodation: hoteles carefully selected

Local certified onsite guides

Entrance fees for the tours listed in the itinerary

 Daily breakfast and lunch during the excursions

Romantic beach dinner

Romantic sunset boat tour

A Couple massage

Cooking class


Not included: international flights, personal, travel and cancellation insurance and other expenses than indicated.


Island hopping in the barrier reef

A sailing and camping adventure, it is a matchless expedition to explore the most isolated parts of the barrier reef in Belize to experience some of her best snorkeling and diving spots. This fascinating itinerary is created as an island hopping excursion for all those who want to experience this unoccupied Caribbean heaven, and for those who love snorkeling. Duration: 3 days & 2 nights. Price per guest from: $450

National Park Lagoon of the Tiger.

This reservoir is a sample of nature heaven, virgin and very isolated in the northwestern boundary of Guatemala: National Park Lagoon of the Tiger. A scientific research center within the park, Scarlet Macaw Biological Station gives wildlife-watching and archaeology excursions and the chance to tag along with searchers as they audit macaws and butterflies. Duration from: 2 days. Price per guest from: $380

The Mayan City of El Mirador

Jungle trek. Today, there is no excavated ruin more confined, more secluded, more truly lost than El Mirador. El Mirador was abandoned until 1926. Yet it was not until 2003 that researchers really started to work at the site, which is just four miles south of the Mexican border. Even today, only a minuscule portion of the structures and temples have been excavated. Duration: 5 days & 4 nights. Price per guest: $380

Horseback riding to the ruins of Xunantunich

 The Mayan city with the most archeological relevance in Belize. Located in the jungle, the site accommodates one of the tallest Mayan temples in the Country. The Castle was built on an imposing hilltop overlooking a jungle river. Additionally, the developments found here are the most mosaic and intricate of those found elsewhere in the country. Duration: 1 day. Price per guest from: $120

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