Honeymoon in Belize

11 days

Discover the breathtaking Belize Barrier Reef during a honeymoon in Belize. The Caribbean’s beauty and the islands’ relaxed life will make your honeymoon an unforgettable experience. You will stay in the jungle, in the Caribbean, and camp on a small island with white sandy beaches and beautiful snorkeling and diving spots.

The Great Blue Hole

Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System

Barton Creek Cave

Archaeological and natural reserve


Mayan City


Miles of sandy beaches


If you want to celebrate your marriage in a tropical paradise, Belize is the perfect destination. If you would like to have an adventurous honeymoon, Belize offers a variety of impressive Mayan ruins and caving opportunities which can be attributed to traveling back in time and journeying into the Maya World.


Upon your arrival at the international airport of Belize, a driver will be waiting for you to take you to your beautiful jungle lodge.

Today you will have a canoeing excursion to the Barton Creek Cave. For those couples who fancy floating through the tall, quiet cavern, this cave is perfect for a romantic and adventurous experience. The cave is a large river cave about 4.5 miles long. This cave is extraordinary and will involve paddling in canoes along an ancient Mayan waterway inside the mountains. You will pass between stalactites and discover skulls and artifacts.

The cave is delightful; its high ceiling, beautiful rock flows, and cathedral chambers create a picturesque background. You will see stalactites and stalagmites all around you. In addition to this, Mayan pottery shards and bones can also be observed. The caves also offer a wide range of activities from moderate to difficult excursions to suit nearly any age and fitness level. 

Today, you will go on a horseback riding excursion to the ruins with the most archeological relevance in the country, Xunantunich. Established in the lush forest, the site accommodates one of the tallest Mayan temples in Belize. The Castle was constructed on an imposing hilltop overlooking a river. Additionally, the constructions found here are the most complex and intricate of those found elsewhere in the country. 

Today you will have an adventure excursion to the fascinating ATM Cave. The experience involves swimming and climbing and thus a good level of physical fitness is needed. This is one of the most stunning Mayan Burial sites in Western Belize and boasts of its large and diverse collection of preserved Maya artifacts. The cave contains skeletons, ceramics, and stoneware.

The most known skeleton of this cave is “The Crystal Maiden”; the skeleton of a teenage girl, possibly a sacrifice victim, whose bones have been calcified to a sparkling, crystallized appearance. This excursion will start with a 45 minutes hike in the lush cool rainforest in which you will see astonishing landscapes of the jungle while trekking across rivers and isolated jungle trails. The ATM cave is wet; you will swim, climb and discover the cave thoroughly. This is an exceptional experience in Belize and a unique opportunity to see ancient Maya ceremonial sites and altars as they were and essentially untouched for centuries.

A driver will pick you up to take you to the beach of Placencia in the Caribbean Ocean. Placencia is a peninsula located on the Caribbean Coast and is well known for its fantastic beaches. It is a paradise for those who love the ocean, beaches, and snorkeling. Placencia has a tranquil lagoon, where you will find many flowers, birds, plants, butterflies, and many other species. Today, our advice is to slip into a hammock, relax, and enjoy the view.

Today, you will go on a snorkeling expedition to the most beloved Inner Reef dive stop, the Laughing Bird Caye. The small island is studded with delightful palm trees, a powdery white beach, it is an invincible snorkeling destination. As it is conserved it is teeming with underwater life and exceptionally robust coral. You will be able to spot creatures such as drums, huge lobsters, cleaner shrimp, arrow crabs, snapper, barracuda, and more assortments of reef fish than you can calculate. There are lots of areas with healthy corals and ample marine life to check out.

Today, you will go kayaking in the Caribbean. You will camp along the way on a perfect island that dots the horizon from there to the Barrier Reef. Kayaking is the best relaxing activity for discovering the surroundings of the small islands, and the corals. You will visit one of the many islands, the Saddle Caye South. This is a remote island surrounded by mangrove trees. Here you can relax and take a refreshing dive in the water.

A thrilling kayak excursion that includes camping on an uncrowded or even private tropical small island. These Cays, as the locals call them, give a fabulous base camp for kayaking, snorkeling, star-watching, and relaxing. It does not get any better than this! An incredible kayaking expedition before camping on a private little island combined with unbelievable snorkeling. After a kayaking day trip, imagine yourself camping on a 1.2-acre little island amid the barrier reef just in time for a sunset snorkeling. Yes, this is heaven.

A driver will take you to the airport for your domestic flight to the amazing island of San Pedro. Friendly and easy-going, you will love the laid-back atmosphere of the white sand beaches on San Pedro. Due to its proximity to the Barrier Reef, snorkel and dive trips are the most popular activities.

The Great Blue Hole is an exceptional underwater sinkhole that is placed off the coast and lies near the midpoint of the Lighthouse Reef. It is the largest sinkhole in the world, measuring an unbelievable 300 meters (984 feet) across and roughly 125 meters (410 feet) deep. Easily detectable from space is one of the most supreme dive spots in the world. The Blue Hole is part of the Belize Barrier Reef System, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for Humanity.

Unfortunately, your honeymoon in Belize ends today. A driver will take you to the domestic airport of the island for your domestic flight to the International airport of Belize. 

map, expenses & price

Honeymoon in Belize

Expenses included:
-All private transportation.
-Nine nights of hotel accommodations.
-One night of camping on a small island
-Professional certified guides.
-All park entrance fees.
-Tours and excursions as listed.
-Daily breakfast and a romantic dinner.

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