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7-day trip in Belize

Navigate and float your kayak in the South Water Caye Reserve for seven days. Look for stingrays, eagle rays, grouper, and nurse sharks. Practice paddling among the mangroves and sail your kayak in open water. Snorkel or dive into the inner and outer walls of the Coral Barrier Reef.

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Tobbaco Caye, Southwater Caye, and the second largest Barrier Reef in the World.


Arrive at the Belize International Airport where you will be met by a representative and driven to the Tropical Education Center, next to the Belize Zoo. Here, you can research the neighboring forest through their chain of interpretative pathways and wildlife viewing platforms. There is also an interpretative visitor center, which describes the variety of ecology of the country, and is a fine starting point for the adventure ahead.

Waking up to the sounds of the tropic jungle is an authentic delight with the chatter of parrots and parakeets skyward. We travel the panoramic Hummingbird Highway through the forest to the ocean and then by water taxi to the southern magnificent barrier reef of Belize. To start, local guides supply professional instruction – coaching sea kayaking, snorkeling, and safety in tropical open waters before heading out on the water.   

You will stay two nights on Tobacco Caye within an enormous acre Marine Reserve of preserved coral reefs, mangroves, and small coral islands. It is our tropical paradise to go snorkeling, sea kayaking, and paddleboarding. During your stay on Tobacco Caye, we are spoiled with delightful Caribbean cuisine and the affable, easygoing Island Culture of Belize.

Tobacco Caye is an excellent escape. It has comfortable, white sandy beaches shaded by coconut palms, warm water, first world-class snorkeling, and diving right off the beach. At the very most, you will be sharing the little island with another one hundred travelers.

Looking north over the coral barrier reef, the Paradise Lodge has small private “over the open water” thatched roof beach cabanas on dazzling Tobacco Caye. Each of the six cabanas has a deck over the water, offering peaceful places to relax and private views of the delicate Caribbean. Rainwater showers and basic yet clean accommodations offer enjoyment to thrill-seeking travelers. The little, locally owned lodge is an excellent staging point to explore the many little islands, mangrove ranges, and astonishing snorkeling in “Tobacco Cut” just south of the island.

It is important to note that there are no electricity or water utilities on the island. There is some electrical supply via generator, but be prepared for limited hours, and escape from the rest of the world!

About this little island:
Tobacco Caye is a five-acre sandbar approximately half an hour from the mainland, in the middle of the second largest Coral Barrier Reef in the world, at the northern edge of the South Water Cayes Marine Preserve. Tobacco Caye is a destination off-the-beaten-track to layout on the beach or a hammock, rest, reformulate the definition of relaxing, or read a book. Children enjoy the relative freedom the island offers. While on Tobacco Caye, your only tasks are to go to meals when they are ready and settle your check at the end. There are no public telephones, televisions, or internet service. This is a place to separate from your active life back home and connect with yourself, friends, your family, or other travelers and the island and its approximately 25 native citizens.

Savor enough time to kayak, snorkel, fish, and enjoy the backdrop and marine life of Belize. Explore contrasting regions of the barrier reef including the inner and outer walls, mangrove ranges, patch, and fringing reefs, and protected lagoons. For divers, you can organize dives as requested and for those who would like to try out diving, you can reserve Discover Scuba courses with us with prior notice. As you navigate by kayak, the routes repeatedly cross those of the fishermen who make their living from the Caribbean sea, and with this interaction, we gain good company and observation into a way of life that is contrasting from our own.

Staying on exquisite South Water Caye we have ample time to go snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, and enjoy the astonishing setting and marine life of the hardly traveled southern barrier reef.

Based on South Water Caye, a twelve-acre private island perched on the coral barrier reef. Camouflaged in white coral sand, coconut palms, and tropical flowers, it is a gorgeous station to explore the surrounding islands coral reefs, mangrove ranges, and South Water Caye Cut just south of the island. South Water Caye Lodge consists of the main lodge, marine biology lab, and dining section with two open-air verandahs, a bar, gift shop, and internet access. As part of the main house, a dorm room accommodates student groups. Additionally, nestled in the mangroves on the eastern coastline of the island are private cottages, ideal for couples, families, and single travelers looking for a getaway from it all.

After an early delicious breakfast, your water taxi carries you back to the mainland and the town of Dangriga where this adventurous trip finishes. Here you may take your connecting flight to Belize City or contact us if you would like to customize your itinerary. 

map, expenses & price

Islands and Corals Kayaking

Expenses included:
-All private transportation.
-Six nights of lodges accommodations.
-Professional certified guides.
-All park entrance fees.
-Tours and excursions as listed.
-Breakfasts, three lunches, and four dinners.


Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve Tour
If you are in Belize or any of its paradisiacal islands or cayes, this is a tour that you certainly should not miss. If you choose this tour, you will be adding 1 day and 1 night of adventure to your Belize Trip, and experiences that you will never forget. First, a water taxi will take you down to the pier at Hopkins where a land transfer will take you to your lodge in the Wildlife Reserve. 

Early next morning, you will go on a hike through the rainforest to enjoy the mountain views, pristine rivers, and gorgeous jungle waterfalls where you can dip in the refreshing waters. Your tour guide will identify for you the numerous species of flora and fauna that inhabited the place. With over 290 species of birds, the park is undoubtedly a paradise for birders.  

World-famous for being home to the only jaguar conservation project on the planet, the park is also home to deer, howler monkeys, pumas, margays, ocelots, and tapirs. Even though there are more than 200 jaguars roaming the vastness of this wildlife sanctuary, it is unlikely for human visitors to see them as they are nocturnal animals, but you could spot fresh tracks along the way.

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