Lobster Festival


Lobster-fest in Belize

This is a charming emerald peninsula in southern Belize that possesses 16 miles of sandy, palm-lined beaches.  A gorgeous fishing village can be easily navigated on a beach cruiser bike, and it is located about a two hour drive from Belize City or a 25 minute flight.  

Some of the best Belize beaches are located here with clean and clear waters. The trade winds are gentle and cool.  Its people are warm and caring. Let yourself get into an unforgettable experience in this unsurpassed tropical haven.

This one is judged by many as the best Lobster Festival, perhaps because of the endless beaches and tourist amenities Palcencia offers.  Similar to Caye Caulker and usually on the same weekend. There will be reggae and Belizean music concerts, beach barbecues and fun food contests.   

In addition to the gastronomic lobster adventure, the atmosphere around the beaches with local dance performances, live music and street fests make this experience worth living and telling.  When you travel to Belize, you must certainly plan around the Lobster Fest and visit the beautiful beaches of Placencia.

Lobster Festival Belize in San Pedro Island. 

Known as Ambergris Caye, this is the largest island and one of the most popular destinations in the country.  Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Belize Barrier Reef, the largest reef system in the northern hemisphere, it offers a wide variety of the best facilities in the country for snorkeling, fishing and diving. 

The town of San Pedro is the major settlement on the island.

Sitting beside the clear turquoise sea with coconut palms and resorts & condos, ranging from modest to magnificent.  Despite being a tourist destination preferred by many, San Pedro Island has not lost its relaxed Caribbean atmosphere; therefore is a must-see during your next Belize trip.

The biggest Lobster Festival of Belize…

This one is the biggest and most ostentatious festival of the season. It is also the longest with a duration of approximately 10 days of activities and fun. Here is where you will find the most specialized dishes. Therefore, every year restaurant owners get more creative in presenting the most delicious dishes. Many establishments offer live entertainment and refreshing drinks to keep the party going till late at night. 

The festival culminates with the annual block party in Central Park where they are serving up all manners of culinary delights. Focused on the specialty of the evening: the Spiny Lobster.  In other words, this is a worthy place to visit if you want to enjoy the delights of this festival.

Why Travel to Belize During the Lobster Festival?  

Lobster Festival Belize is outside of the busy season and during summer you can find more local events and cultural festivals.

Tip for traveling during the Lobster Fest…

In order to avoid crowds, you should avoid traveling in the high season that runs from November through March. The weather during this time is dry and cool.  That is to say this country normally has a pleasant climate and favorable conditions for travelers. June is the beginning of the summer season. 

Therefore, you can plan your next Belize vacation around the dates of the lobster season. And you will not only enjoy unforgettable adventures through this beautiful Caribbean country, but you will also have the opportunity to enjoy all the lobster you can eat. In addition to the wide variety of creative dishes and ways to prepare this delicious crustacean, the fun and variety of activities are one of the most fun ways to spend a weekend.  Travel to Belize and enjoy a getaway with friends or family to enjoy this delicious and entertaining festival. 

Children can find a wide variety of entertainment aimed at them like games, fun competitions and volleyball.  In conclusion, you can spend a wonderful weekend with your family enjoying their favorite lobster dishes.

More Than Just Devouring Tasty Morsels

With so much lobster available during the summer, there is surely plenty of tasty seafood prepared fresh in every which way throughout the year. However, if you are looking for more, culture, fun, good food and beautiful landscapes, the Lobster Festival Belize is also for you.

With traditional dances and music, a few of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the Caribbean and plenty of outdoor food booths with everyone’s favorite seafood, this is the perfect time to visit. During this festival you will enjoy the Caribbean culture of the Belizean community as they celebrate together the annual return of the lobster season.   

On June 15th of every year, the lobster season begins, and the festivals are planned according to these dates.  With so much abundance of this precious crustaceus during the summer, prices are at their lowest. As a result, you can have lobster every way imaginable. 

Travel to Belize and have the gastronomic adventure of your life tasting lobster on the grill, thermidor or ceviche. Try lobster kebabs and even lobster chowder.