The Mayan World


Without a doubt, Guatemala is the heart of the Mayan world. Witness this historic and intricate civilization that began more than 2,000 years ago and continues to this day. During this 5 days & 4 nights of the Mayan world exploration, you will visit the department of Petén. In this region alone, there are over fifty Mayan archaeological sites. It includes the impressive Mayan City of Tikal and Yaxha, a curious city with many structures that have been left underground. You will also have the opportunity to visit The Great Mayan City of El Mirador (The Lookout), the largest Mayan city in existence!


El Mirador


The Mayan Biosphere


Flores Island

Mayan ruins of Yaxha

Mayan City of Tikal

The great mayan site of El Mirador


Day 1. Arrival to Flores Island.
You will start your Guatemala Mayan ruins tour with a domestic flight from Guatemala City La Aurora Airport GUA to Flores Island FRS. A local guide will wait for you at the airport. He will take you directly to your hotel in Flores for the night.

Day 2. Hidden Mayan Ruins.
Today we will bring you on a full day tour of the Mayan city of Yaxha, about an hour and a half drive from Flores Island. The Mayan ruins of Yaxha are completely off the beaten path. It is not a well-known park among travelers. To reach it, you first have to go through 12 kilometers of an unpaved road. If you have ever visited a Mayan site before, you will find Yaxha even more mysterious, leaving you with new knowledge to absorb and a new world to discover.

When you arrive at the great pyramid of the eastern acropolis, you will be left speechless by the immensity of the jungle, spreading as far as your eye can see. You will also have a great view of Lake Yaxha which, simply put, will take your breath away.

Day 3. The Mayan City of Tikal.
Today, we will drive 1.5 hours from Flores Island to Tikal for a full day tour. Tikal is the largest excavated site in the Americas and contains some of the most fascinating archaeological remains of this ancient civilization.

It is difficult to fully grasp how big this park truly is with its many trails weaving through the jungle canopy that lead to half-uncovered structures. Spider monkeys follow you from the tree limbs above until you finally reach the plazas and pyramids. Our guide will take you on a memorable journey through this magnificent Mayan ruins and jungle.

On a regular walking tour inside Tikal, you may come across spider monkeys, howler monkeys, coatimundis (a raccoon-like animal ranging into Central America into Mexico and the US), parrots, toucans and ocellated turkeys. Tapirs, peccaries, and jaguars still roam the jungle, not afraid to be seen by the keen eye of an avid observer.

We also offer sunrise/sunset tours, which include a unique experience in which you can hear the call of the howler monkeys, and the wake up of the temples and jungle canopy… truly a magical experience. Tikal is a UNESCO World Heritage for Humanity.

Day 4. Optional tour to El Mirador.
Today you have a free day to explore what Flores Island has to offer, like an optional helicopter tour of El Mirador. You will have the choice to spend your day enjoying the breathtaking helicopter tour, or you can embark upon another tour of the countless Mayan sites in the area.

Day 5. Departure.
Your driver will pick you up from your hotel in Flores to take you to the Flores Island airport. From here, you will depart for the Guatemala City airport. In Guatemala City, you may be ready to head back home, or you might find yourself choosing to add an extension to your tour to the Mayan world.

Expenses included

5 days & 4 nights

$570 per guest

Private transportation, door to door service

Domestic flights: Guatemala City – Flores Island, round trip

4 nights hotel accommodation: hoteles selected according to your wishes and priorities

Local certified onsite guides

 Entrance fees for the tours listed in the itinerary


Not included: international flights, personal, travel and cancellation insurance and other expenses than indicated


National Park Lagoon “El Tigre”

The National Park Lagoon of the Tiger is the biggest national park in Guatemala and enclosed by the Mayan Biosphere Nature Reservoir. It is likewise one of the biggest guarded swamp areas in Latin America. The park is one of the best locations to spot scarlet macaw, crocodiles, and jaguars amongst a lot of birds. Even deep-seated in this isolated location there is a Mayan site that is barely seen by tourists, and it is mostly still not excavated. The best plan to spot fauna is by trekking through the jungle. There are not that many pathways in the park, but the ones that are here are truly worth exploring. We further suggest joining a night hike to boost your possibilities of seeing a jaguar. Duration from: 2 days. Price per guest from: $380

Zip line in a nature reserve

 Six hours zipline and skyway eco-friendly excursion. Go over a skyway on suspension bridges. Ascend through the treetops on a zipline. Search for astonishing birds and flora in the lush forest. Go on a tractor or horseback ride through the forest. Go to the towering skyway, where guests will follow the local guide along suspension bridges that go over the rainforest. Have a short break in a comfy hammock at a hill, where guests will have 360 degree views of the dazzling jungle canopy. When travelers are completely rested and ready for more adventure, we go on the one and a half hour zip-line circuit through the treetops. Duration: half day. Price per guest from: $40

The Mayan City of Palenque, Mexico

This antique site stands at the explicit point where the first hills rise out of the Gulf coast plain, and the heavy jungle covering these hills forms an expressive backdrop to the delicate Maya architecture of Palenque. Hundreds of ruined constructions are spread over 15 square kilometers. The lush forest around these temples is home to howler monkeys, toucans and others. Duration: 2 days. Price per guest from: $280

The archeological site “Quirigua”

The ruins of Quirigua encompasses some exceptional 8th-century masterpieces and a remarkable series of carved stelae and sculpted calendars that establish a crucial source for the study of the Mayan civilization. It is primarily characterized by its fabolous stelae, the largest and best preserved of the Mayan World. Duration: 1 day. Price per guest from: $150.

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