Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

5-day trip

Here is a five-day trip for those who want to enjoy what Central America offers but may only sometimes have enough time for it. This trip is a treat as you can explore one of the most untouched regions by humans.

It will be a true adventure, whether on the isolated Caño Island with some underwater adventuring or exploring virgin jungles in Corcovado. But don’t worry; there’ll still be plenty of time to enjoy the local scene and relax in the sun and gorgeous beaches.

Osa Peninsula

It boasts unspoiled scenery, secluded beaches, and wildlife

Corcovado National Park

Wildlife, pristine beaches, scenic trails, and waterfalls

Caño Island

The marine reserve is perfect for snorkeling or diving

Corcovado beach

Vast beaches with brown sand and nearby tropical mangroves


-Be a true adventurer and become an explorer through a hike at Corcovado National Park, which is a mix of jungle, beach, and waterways.
-Engulf yourself in the underwater homes of dozens of marine life species by snorkeling on Caño Island, which itself is an untouched paradise.
-Become an amateur bird watcher, where you’ll be able to see and name various amounts of birds and wildlife. 
-Explore local markets, indulge in the cuisines, and take in the culture and rich history of San Jose. 


On this day you’ll arrive at the international airport of San Jose. You’ll get a warm welcome from one of our team, who will also help transfer you to your hotel. For those that get in early enough and are up for it, we want to get your holiday started, so you’re able to take a walking city tour of San Jose. This will be a fun mix of sightseeing, culture, and as always, food and drink. 

The tour itself starts with discovering the Borbon and San Jose Central Market. The over 100-year-old building houses numerous things. Here you’ll be able to witness all the local fresh produce, ancient herbal remedies, and local craftspeople offering their wares for sale. 

After all that exploration of the markets, you’ll be able to sample the season’s best as well as some of the world-renowned organic coffees. You’ll also learn to make your drinks based on the nearly three dozen local produce. It’s a great way to start the adventure by walking in the same shoes as the locals do. 

Here we take you on a domestic flight to Palma Sur Airport, which is located in the province of Puntarenas. Upon arrival, we will transfer you to your hotel, that’s located in the Osa Peninsula. So you’ll get a short break, and then we’ll resume the activities in the early afternoon. 

We take you on a unique birding experience, where you’ll have an expert guide who will help identify all the birds that you’re able to spot and see. The reason why the tour starts in the afternoon is that it is the peak time to see all the birding action, as these birds are getting ready for the coming night. This will be done in a beautiful garden setting which is beautifully located inside a rainforest to get you closer to nature than you may not have been before. 

In addition, this location has the right type of flora to attract a large variety of bird species, so you’ll be able to spot numerous birds through the tour. You may even catch some of the beautiful butterflies that find themselves attracted to the specific flora that’s been planted as well. 

The types of birds and sizes will vary as well, with the most common being hummingbirds, but you definitely will see some toucans, parrots, and macaws, to name a few. You’ll find yourself in this relaxing sanctuary of nature and see some other types of local wildlife. By the end of the tour, you’ll be an amateur bird watcher from this experience and understand the joy that comes with getting to spot these beautiful creatures.

Corcovado National Park is home to numerous types of adventures at varying levels. You can immerse yourself in hiking through the jungles, cross waterways and streams, and decide to jump into the water to cool off. You’ll be able to see numerous types of animals throughout your journey and truly enjoy all that nature has to offer. 

Keep in mind that even though the tour we’ll be taking you on will be one of the more mild options, it will still be a hike. So to prepare, you need the right type of hiking clothing and insect repellant. Also, be aware of your guide and listen to instructions as some animals may not always be so friendly.

The tour itself is a full-day tour and will begin with a boat transit from Uvita Beach to Corcovado National Park. Although there’s no hike involved here, it’s an excellent chance to spot some amazing marine life, such as dolphins and whales. Then, you’ll enjoy clear sun-kissed waters as you head on deep into the rainforest. 

Upon arrival, you’ll get a chance to grab yourself some energy at a food and beverage location. This is a place to pick up some extra snacks and fresh juice before venturing into the humidity for the remainder of the day. Then it’s off to the ranger station to prepare for the hike. You’ll spend the morning, around 3 hours, hiking through the rainforest as well as some coastal hiking. Your guides will point out all the beautiful vegetation and highlight any animals you may come across. 

Around noon you’ll head back to the ranger station and get back on a boat to enjoy your lunch with a priceless view of the ocean that can only be captured perfectly in person. You’ll spend the afternoon either on a shorter hike or take the time for some sun and sand. There’ll be some time to get yourself into the water if you want to cool off as well.

Your penultimate day is packed with two major activities. The first takes you to the Caño Island Biological Reserve. Although this location isn’t as full of animals on land, where the exploration comes from is the snorkeling in the water. There are nearly 20 different types of coral in the water around the island, and the snorkeling tour will take you and guide you around them. 

Then there are hundreds of different types of fish and other sea creatures here, so you may not be seeing the same thing twice. Some of the marine life itself can be a bit bigger than your common aquarium fish. You may be spotting stingrays and sharks! The animals only get bigger, and you might even catch a glimpse of the massive humpback whale and other large sea creatures. 

The tour itself is in two separate parts, based on the expert decisions of the captain and the crew themselves. It lasts around 2.5 hours and can be extended at times.

After the underwater portion is over, the tour will continue with an educational component followed by some tasty, refreshing snacks and fruits. Of course, this is all done while enjoying the preserved beaches of Caño Island. Then it’s back on the boat, where lunch will be served on the way back. 

When you get back from that paradise of a beach, you’ll have some time to relax until nighttime. Here you’ll be taken back for your second part of the tour, and this is where you’ll have a nighttime wildlife tour. This is where you’ll be able to view those nocturnal creatures that lurk in the dark. You’ll be lurking with them, as your guide will point out and explain the animals you see that are awake during the small hours.

For some, the adventure will end here, and you’ll get a transfer back to the airport in Palma Sur. This domestic flight will take you back to San Jose International Airport. From here, you’ll take your international flight back home. 

As you may already know, with many of our tours, we always try to cater to our group of clients to make the experience the best possible for them. That’s why if you ever want to try to extend your travels or tours, we’re here to help build out a customized plan for you before your arrival. We have two below that we always recommend and can easily accommodate to fit the extra days with your schedule.

map, expenses & price

Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

Expenses included:
-Door-to-door transportation.
-Seven nights of hotel accommodations.
-Professional certified guides.
-Tours and excursions as listed.
-All Park entrance fees.
-Domestic flights.
-Daily breakfast.


Whale watching

Here we take you onto the waters a lot longer around the Caño Island Biological Reserve and near the Corcovado National Park. While on the boat, you’ll be searching and finding dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. We’ll even provide you with specialized microphones to hear the sounds of whales and their songs underwater. Expect to possibly see everything from humpback whales to spotted dolphins on this water adventure.


King Louis waterfall

Expect to be spending most of the day here, as it can range from three to five hours. Keep in mind that there’s a lot to see and explore, so it’s well worth it. The waterfall is located off the beaten path on Matapalo Beach Road, which we will take you to. The hike begins with the poor signage that helps guide you to the waterfall. The way to the waterfall can be different every time, as you’ll quickly notice yourself trekking through the mostly untouched forest.

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