Outdoor Escape in Honduras

10 days

Embark on an outdoor escape through Honduras and discover its breathtaking rivers, majestic mountains, ancient Mayan ruins, and the awe-inspiring Barrier Reef. During this 10-day trip to Honduras, you’ll find a diverse landscape that boasts white beaches lined with the world’s second-largest barrier reef, lush jungle-covered mountains, and white-water rivers.

Honduras is also home to stunning Mayan ruins, charming colonial cobblestone villages, and hundreds of bird species. And let’s remember the delicious fresh seafood that’s grilled right on the beaches. Honduras truly has something for everyone to enjoy.

Copan Ruins

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Pico Bonito

Cangrejal river



Roatan Island

The Barrier Reef


Explore the wonders of the Mayan civilization by visiting the distinctive ruins of Copan. Come and experience the authentic rural lifestyle of Honduras at El Cisne Farm. Visit Jeannette Kawas National Park to explore the beautiful coastal marine and lush tropical forest ecosystems. Experience the rewarding hike in Pico Bonito to El Bejuco waterfall, which drops 80 meters into a natural pool. Discover the tranquility of Cayos Cochinos’ Biology Reserve while snorkeling in its coral reefs. Explore Roatan Island – a tropical paradise with world-class beaches, friendly locals, and a stunning barrier reef.


After you arrive at the Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport (SAP), a driver will take you to the delightful town of Copan, which is approximately four hours away from the airport. You will have the remainder of the day to unwind, recharge, and wander the charming streets of Copan.
Three nights Copan

In the morning, you will depart for the Mayan ruins of Copan, which are only ten minutes from the town. With a professional guide, you’ll explore the Archaeological Park of Copan Ruins, the site of a once-great Mayan city known for its well-preserved ruins and scarlet macaws in the wild.

Copan’s longest-known Mayan text inscription, the Hieroglyphic Stairway, depicts the stories of five Mayan kings. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Although the ruins of Copan are well-preserved, the red hues that once decorated its temples have since faded. To experience the site’s former glory, consider adding the Sculpture Museum of Copan to your itinerary. Here, you’ll find the impressive Rosalila Temple, reconstructed centuries ago to resemble its original appearance.

Following a traditional lunch, you will embark on a guided tour of the town of Copan. The town is charming, with cobblestone streets, white adobe buildings, red-tiled roofs, friendly locals, widely spoken English, and excellent hotels and restaurants. 

We will conclude our walking tour at the Tea and Chocolate Place on a beautiful hillside in Copan. This place is perfect for discovering Honduras’s tea and chocolate drinking culture and enjoying a delicious beverage while enjoying the breathtaking view.

As we embark on our journey to El Cisne farm, we’ll traverse through winding roads, lush green forests, and breathtaking landscapes. Upon arrival, you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in a serene horseback ride amidst the peaceful farmlands, taking in the sights and sounds of the tranquil Copan Valley. After this rejuvenating experience, the family who owns the farm will welcome you and prepare a mouth-watering farmhouse lunch featuring fresh and organic produce from their farm.

As you wind down from your meal, take a moment to savor the rich aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee made from the very beans grown on the farm. Afterward, stroll through the lush plantations of coffee and cardamom, where you can immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of nature. Along the way, learn about the intricacies of cattle ranching and its essential role in the farm’s ecosystem.

During your return trip to Copan, you can unwind by dipping in the soothing Luna Jaguar hot springs. The hot springs offer a natural spa experience, with geothermal water filling pools of varying temperatures to alleviate stress. Visitors can enjoy a circular pedicure pond with polished stones in hot and cold water.

A drive of 5.5 hours from Copan takes you to Tela, a gateway city of Atlantida on the Caribbean north coast. Tela is famous for its seafood and is a popular seaside resort town. You have two excursion options available for the afternoon:

Lancetilla Botanical Garden: Lancetilla is the world’s second-largest tropical botanical garden, boasting diverse habitats that make it a paradise. A quick drive from Tela will bring you to one of Latin America’s most stunning botanical gardens. Lancetilla was once a private research center for tropical fruit but now has open gardens for public walking trails. Hundreds of plant species exist in the gardens, including medicinal and potentially deadly ones beyond the impressive bamboo tunnel.

Garifuna Villages: The Bay of Tela boasts several stunning Garifuna Villages that serve as havens for preserving the rich cultural heritage of the Garifunas. These villages are also home to many unique ecological wonders that captivate visitors.
Two nights in Tela

Today, you’ll experience the best tropical forests and coastal marine ecosystems with a boat trip, snorkeling, hiking, wildlife spotting, and a traditional Garifuna lunch.

During the 30-minute boat tour, it’s common to spot dolphins on the way to one of the most protected areas of Jeanette Kawas National Park. You’ll hike through mangrove and tropical forests, spotting toucans, howler monkeys, boa constrictors, and even jaguars. We will snorkel in the offshore coral reefs, have a Garifuna lunch, and relax on the white sand beach of Cocalito.

After breakfast, we will drive to the Pico Bonito National Park for two hours and then hike to the El Bejuco waterfall. This beloved national park in Honduras is home to toucans, lizards, and frogs. Elusive monkeys, jaguars, and armadillos also inhabit it.

After arriving at Pico Bonito, we take a short jeep ride to the Cangrejal River. Then, we cross the river by wading through it to start our adventure.

We enter Pico Bonito National Park and follow El Bejuco Creek. After a 20-minute walk, we arrive at the first waterfall, where you can jump into a crystal-clear pool and enjoy a therapeutic massage shower.

After a refreshing break, we’ll head to El Bejuco Falls (80 meters), where we’ll enjoy our picnic surrounded by beautiful views. We’ll then take a different path to cross the river again, this time on a suspension bridge. After completing this incredible hiking experience, we will go to the hotel in the rainforest of Pico Bonito. 
Two nights in Pico Bonito

Embark on a thrilling 30-minute motorboat ride to the captivating Cayos Cochinos, situated off the coast of La Ceiba. The Hog Islands archipelago is a stunning collection of two main islands and 13 smaller coral keys, each boasting unique charm and character. While some of these keys are privately owned, one of them, Cayo Chachahuate, is inhabited by friendly Caribbean locals who will welcome you with open arms. Indulge in some succulent fresh fish for lunch and immerse yourself in the authentic Honduran lifestyle adorned with a rich culture and tradition.

As soon as you set foot on the island, a world of possibilities opens up. You’ll take a fascinating tour of the scientific station to learn about the latest research and discoveries. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can hike through the lush vegetation in search of the rare pink boa. For those who want to cool off and explore crystal-clear waters, snorkeling is a fantastic experience. And when it comes time to refuel, you can sample the delicious local cuisine, which includes mouth-watering fried fish served with delectable slices of fried green banana.

The islands are in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, one of the world’s largest coral reef systems. Its abundant wildlife, such as nurse sharks and spotted eagle rays, attracts snorkelers and scuba divers.

After breakfast, a driver will take you to La Ceiba, where you will board a ferry to Roatan Island. The ferry ride will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Roatan Island is perfect for those seeking a different beach vacation, with plenty of opportunities for water activities and exploring various parts of the island. You can take a boat or kayak to visit the beautiful mangroves, marvel at the numerous corals on the reef, and relax under the shade of palm trees lining the beaches.
Two nights on Roatan Island

You can visit Daniel Johnson’s Monkey and Sloth Hangout, a small, family-run animal sanctuary providing numerous animals with a safe and loving environment. During your visit, you will interact with and learn all about sloths, capuchin monkeys, parrots, and scarlet macaws with the help of your guide.

Later, we’ll head to The Arch’s Iguana and Marine Park. Get up close and personal with one of Roatan’s most exotic lizards, the Green Iguana. This park is an incredible animal sanctuary that cares for island fauna, iguanas, monkeys, turtles, and even fish. Living on over 12 acres of beautiful tropical forest are over 4,000 iguanas that roam freely in a haven. Some of them grow up to four feet long. Visitors have the opportunity to pet and feed these friendly reptiles. 

You may also wander through the docks, see the other habitats of Arch’s Reserve, and see the other animals that have been rescued or donated to the Reserve, such as monkeys, exotic birds, and tarpon fish.

After visiting the parks, you’ll enjoy fantastic snorkeling on a beautiful sandbar teeming with marine life. When the snorkel adventure has finished, we will bring you back to the beach so that you can enjoy the rest of your day relaxing and basking in the sun.

Take the time to relax and enjoy the beauty of Roatan Island. Savor the moment and engage in optional activities at your own pace. If you want to add more days to your vacation, please contact us so we can arrange it accordingly.

After breakfast, a driver will take you to Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport (RTB) for your flight home.

map, expenses & price

Outdoor Escape in Honduras

Expenses included:
-All private transportation
-Nine nights of hotel accommodation
-Professional local guides
-All park entrance fees
-Tours and excursions as listed
-Daily breakfast

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