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Private Catamaran and snorkeling excursion → Discover the focal marks of the coral barrier reef on a catamaran expedition. Snorkel at the second longest barrier reef of the world.

Hol Chan has the biggest assortment of species to be seen in the area and is often set side by side to an aquarium, while at Shark Ray Alley you gain close contact with nurse-sharks and stingrays.

Observe from the boat or go swimming with them! We then make a stopover at the small island of Caye Caulker for about two hours of free time to explore the island, later we will have a laid-back sunset cruise back to San Pedro.

On a full day, we offer our brilliant Belizean buffet lunch on-board. Typical Belizean dishes like stewed chicken and rice and beans with the secret BBQ fish recipe of the Captain.

You will be able to choose to return earlier to the boat for one more snorkel break on our way back. Throughout the sunset cruise a fresh ceviche is offered. Open bar having local rum drinks like rum punch and “panty rippers” is included all day long.

Half day excursions can be mixed with sunset. On the itinerary choices with the Belizean buffet served, this is because there is not enough time to lunch at a restaurant. On the deserted beach, there is nowhere to purchase anything at all, but the staff are able to serve up the buffet for you on the beach.

Turtle of Belize

Coral barrier reef, Belize




Hol Chan reserve

Shark Ray Alley reserve

Island of Caye Caulker

Koko King

Desert beach

Mexico Rocks

Highlights description

Hol Chan

It is Mayan language for “little channel” and is a natural crack in the coral reef, which has consistently been a very fertile fishing area with ample aquatic life. It is open to the sea ahead of the reef, so it allows aquatic creatures to go from the outside of the coral reef to the inside and vice versa.

It developed into the first marine reservoir in the entire country of Belize, and it has led to the species to regenerate and the corals of expanding intact. This snorkeling space has the highest variety of aquatic life and coral reef, in comparison to being an “submerged zoo”.

You will have the opportunity to see all sorts of corals, fishes and even ocean turtles! More than 160 species of fish and forty types of coral reef have been documented in this marvelous space. 

Shark Ray Alley.

It is a natural habit for aquatic life such as nurse sharks and stingrays that correlate the sound of an engine to food.

The water is shallow and translucent and you will see the nurse-sharks and stingrays on the exterior, meaning that even if you do not go into the water you are able to appreciate it from the boat as well! The stop here regularly does not exceed twenty minutes, since the nurse-sharks and stingrays ultimately swim away. 

Caye Caulker

This is just how you picture a legitimate Caribbean island to be and a good contrast to the more developed Ambergris Caye. Tourism has gradually grown on the island, but it has still kept its truly laid-back atmosphere, with the adage ‘go slow’.

The street all over Caye Caulker is entirely made of sand and is lined with swaying palm trees, souvenir shops and resident jewellery shops. A focal point to visit is the well-known ‘Split’ and the pub Lazy Lizard, the most famous place both for residents and travelers to hang out for a drink and a swim. 

Koko King

The recent inclusion to this area, situated on the North side of Caye Caulker. It is only reachable by boat as the island is split with a channel. One of the finest beaches in the whole country of Belize and splendid for all ages, with shallow water and inflated tubes, plus an excellent restaurant.

If you would like to have lunch there, they are very considerate to our travelers and we have their menu on the boat, giving the choice to order by phone and reduce waiting.

Desert beach

A very small island on the Western side of Ambergris Caye that can only be reached by boat and not all boats, we are able to virtually ride the Catamaran up on the beach and this is a great plus we have.

It is a fine peaceful fragment of heaven where the staff could serve the well-known Belizean buffet for guests on the beach, while you fancy the shallow water. Please, note that sea-fleas can occasionally be present in shallow waters.  

Mexico Rocks

This space has huge coral heads scattered all over this snorkeling area, making it look like a Mexican hat, as a few say the name comes from. Familiar creatures like angelfish, butterfly fish, groupers, snappers, filefish, grunts can be spotted swimming along these formations as well as an occasional loggerhead turtle.

Because Mexico Rocks became a part of the preserved Hol Chan Marine Reservoir in November of 2015, it is getting a reputation for its outstanding amount of aquatic life, and the big coral formations have been flourishing.

Tres Cocos

To the south of Mexico Rocks closer to the island is Tres Cocos, a small consolidation of aquatic life along the coral reef where a big amount of fish can be spotted.

You can meet a big community of fish and sometimes Green Turtles. This sector is a door for large reef fish that commonly lurk around these areas searching for food.

Natural pool

It is a shallow area just by the reef and excepting from astonishing views it is also an exclusive setting and a stimulating break. The water is just up to five feet deep.


Our goal is to let guests design their own excursions, there are plenty of programs to choose from! First guests need to decide if they would like to go South or North, as the stops all need to be in the same direction.

In the south.

It is Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley as well as two other recommended snorkel stops, Coral Gardens and the North Channel. There are also more snorkel stations.

We can stopover on the island of Caye Caulker or at a wilderness beach. On Caye Caulker there are two available stops, the little town to explore the island and a beach space called Koko King. You will be able savor the famous Belizean buffet onboard, or eat at a local restaurant on the island. 

Another choice with the same available snorkel stops, is to stop at a wilderness beach on the West side of Ambergris Caye, instead of going to Caye Caulker. There are no restaurants, but we can prepare the well-known Belizean buffet on the beach. 

In the north.

We have displayed Mexico Rocks, Tres Cocos and the natural pool, amongst other snorkeling choices. Savor the famous Belizean buffet onboard, the staff can serve it on the beach or you choose to eat at a restaurant on the coastline. 

The sunset takes place West of Ambergris Caye, on the other side to our route. On the South itineraries, we plan our return to contemplate the sunset on the way back, over the water with nothingness in its way. On the North itineraries, there is no chance to see the sunset.

For groups with maximum six travelers, one of the snorkel stops can also be traded for reef fishing, essentially catch and release, for fun!

Suggested itineraries
  1. Nine hours itinerary: Hol Chan, Shark Ray Alley, Coral Gardens, local buffet, North Channel, Caye Caulker and sunset.
  2. Eight hours itinerary: Hol Chan, Shark Ray Alley, Coral Gardens, local buffet, North Channel, Caye Caulker and sunset.
  3. Seven hours itinerary: Mexico Rocks, Tres Cocos, natural pool, short break on shore.
  4. If you don’t see an itinerary that works for you, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. 
Expenses included

1 day

$150 per guest

 Basics → Catamaran boat, crew, guides, and snorkeling equipment.

 Open bar → with local alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. Travelers are able to bring additional drinks. We are able to also buy drinks for you, ask us for our wine list for example

 Ceviche → the ceviche is prepared fresh on the boat just before serving it. It comes with shrimp or crawfish (seasonal), tomatoes, peppers, onions, and coriander bath in lime and a blend of spices. It is offered with tortilla chips

 If you know not everyone in your group would like to eat Ceviche (vegetarians, vegans, allergies, for kids, etc), please let us know.

 Extras → Belizean buffer: BBQ fish (comes with veggies and a special sauce), stewed chicken, rice, beans. Tortillas, potato salad, ‘pico de gallo’ (tomato, onion, cilantro and chili in lime), browned sweet plantain. Price per guest from: $15

Let us know if you need a vegetarian substitute for the fish and chicken. Nothing has dairy, kindly let us know if you are susceptible to gluten. You have the option to stop on shore for lunch at a restaurant for charters with a minimum of seven hours

 Extra guide → Would you like extra attention during the excursion? certain backing on the charter for health reasons, or children or elderly? The reason actually does not matter, but we offer this personal service of bringing an extra guide on-board. Conforming to Belizean law, two guides are regularly enforced with more than nine guests on the boat, but we are able to bring one even for two guides, or bring a third one, if you have a larger group. This service costs $45 to $80 build upon the length of your excursion


Not included: international flights, personal, travel and cancellation insurance and other expenses than indicated.

Extra value
  • Make your own excursion with our qualified staff
  • We customize an itinerary for you and your group
  • Exclusive snorkeling experiences with all consideration on you
  • Open bar and fresh Ceviche constantly prepared
  • No flat prices, quotes depend on group amount and itinerary length
  • Prices start from $110 per hour housing up to 4 guests, after that it is from $55 – $75 per extra traveler bet on the amount of hour
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