Travel Safety

Travel safety should be a main concern while planning your trips, and we keep safety as a top priority as we work with you to plan and carry out your perfect vacation. We have compiled a list of recommendations to keep in mind while you travel.

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Most regions here are safe

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Most regions are safe

Unfortunately, Latin America has somewhat of a bad reputation. While crime rates are higher than in other parts of the world. The reality is that most parts of Central America are safe for travelers, and responsible travelers have very little to fear. There are some known trouble-areas. But the majority of the region is very safe. That being said, take precautions as you would anywhere in the world, especially being extra cautious in big cities. Simply talking about safety could already make you worry needlessly.

There is no doubt that shortly after you arrive in Central America, with our staff’s help and support, you will feel completely at ease. Soon, you will wonder why you were so worried in the first place. Keep in mind that generally, people with the strongest opinions on the topic are those who traveled to this part of the world. Simply watching a documentary about another country does not provide useful information about what it is like to travel there as a tourist. It is a completely different experience.

Be sure to avoid outdated information as well. The safety and security of the region have significantly improved in many places, and what an old, second-hand travel guide tells you may no longer be accurate.

Central American residents are very friendly and welcoming everywhere. It is important to keep in mind that although Central America is incredibly hospitable, it is not quite a crime-free utopia. Because serious crimes do occur, keep your wits about you and travel sensibly.

This is the most balanced outlook on the reality of Travel Safe in Central America. Though it may not be quite as safe or simple as European travel, the experience as soon as you touch the ground will exceed the best you could imagine. Keep yourself adequately informed, and don’t let Central America scare you! It’s truly an amazing part of the world to travel.

Follow the advice of our staff

You will surely be a lot safer by traveling with one of our organized packages than you would be on your own. Many of our clients use travel packages that include private transportation and on-site local bilingual guides for the tours, all included in their itineraries.

Our guides often lead city tours, full of recommendations about where to eat, what to do, what you must know, and more. You can balance your day with tours as well as free time to try out some of your guide’s recommendations.

The top tips of our best guides include:

1. Ask our team about the area before exploring unfamiliar territory, and you will be all the wiser for it. This will not only help you avoid trouble areas, but often this will reassure you about areas with better reputations. We have certified guides in English, German, French, Italian, and Dutch, among other languages. They are willing to point you in the right direction.

2. Use common sense. Don’t walk the streets late at night, and don’t stray too far from familiar areas. Leave your passport and valuables in your hotel safe or with reception, and keep expensive items somewhat concealed in public to avoid drawing unnecessary attention. Keep a photocopy of your passport with you.

3. If your travel package includes a visit to a Mayan market, keep a close eye on your belongings. These markets tend to be tightly packed with lots of people. With a lot of commotion in a crowded space, there is greater potential for pick-pocketing and theft.

4. We have also prepared a Tourism Contingency Plan
While traveling, Knowledge is power!

Invest in travel insurance

Mayan Gateway strongly recommends you invest in good Travel and Cancellation Insurance. We plan on a seamless trip from start to finish, but travel insurance will provide you with essential support in case of an accident, unplanned inconvenience, or cancellation. You may visit Travelex Insurance Services or World Nomads to get a quote. Please, take into account that Travel and Cancellation Insurance is not included in our prices, you must purchase the insurance separately. 

Even with all the safety advantages of organized travel through an agency, Travelers may face all kinds of challenges abroad. Realistically, many of these could be outside of your control as well as ours. Being backed by travel insurance is the one thing that’s completely within your control. Not to mention it gives you complete peace of mind—from the planning stages to the day you return home after your trip.

Advantages of Purchasing a Travel and Cancellation Insurance:

1. Travel insurance won’t inherently keep you completely safe or healthy, but it minimizes the considerable financial risks of traveling. This is especially true in the case of accidents or other unforeseen situations. It will also give you access to a worldwide 24-hour helpline that you can rely on in case of an emergency.

2. Travel insurance packages can cover you for a wide range of things, from personal belonging theft to flight cancellations. Ultimately, travel insurance comes down to two main components: medical and personal liability coverage.

3. Medical coverage typically includes any medical expenses you may face abroad. Medical issues can range from a minor check-up to serious treatment or even evacuation to your home country, which is why medical coverage is often offered at levels of around a million (dollars, pounds, euros) or more.

Standard medical insurance or national health services from home typically do not cover medical costs and services abroad. That’s why it is so important to get travel insurance that keeps you covered away from home.

4. Personal Liability coverage will keep you covered if you accidentally cause an injury or damage property that is not your own. Personal liability is typically covered up to a significant amount (often a million or above), including any legal fees you could face. Damaging rented vehicles, rented equipment, or injuries caused by a traffic accident are all covered by personal liability coverage.

Both medical and personal liability cover two of the highest-risk scenarios. Most likely nothing bad will happen, but if it does, the financial consequences could be severe, and it is best to keep yourself protected, should anything happen. Aside from the high-risk concerns, travel insurance has many other benefits, such as cancellation reimbursement and much more.

Travel with the experts

At Mayan Gateway, we are experts in all things travel through Mexico and Central America. If you don’t find the trip or itinerary you are looking for, stop the search and contact us. We are happy to work with you to create a completely customizable trip that meets all of your wants and needs. Always keep in mind that you Travel Safe in Central America.