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When it comes to tour operating, there are dozens of tour agencies that offer all kinds of services, packages, and vacations. It can be overwhelming to find a place to start. At Mayan Gateway you can trust that we use our years of experience and expertise to create an unforgettable journey for every client.

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Highly customizable trips

We believe that every individual experiences the same culture in vastly different ways. For that reason, our team handpicks our local guides, destinations, services, and accommodations to best match your preferences and budget. We organize highly customizable tours throughout all of Mexico and Central America.

Our travel advisors will work with you to build the perfect getaway, whether that includes history-rich tours of Mayan Ruins or UNESCO World Heritage sites in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. Island paradises in Belize and Honduras, animal-watching in the nature reserves of Costa Rica and Panama, or freezing time in the colonial cities of El Salvador and Nicaragua. You may want to combine them all and get a taste of everything Central America has to offer.

Deciding where to go can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Luckily, Mayan Gateway is here to provide information about various destinations and make you a personalized itinerary. Contact us with your wishes and we will be happy to help you create your dream vacation. Mayan Gateway provides flexibility and support in designing your trips.

We understand that our clients have different needs and interests. There are many reasons you might prefer to create a personalized itinerary, including:

1. You are interested in a private tour with a specific number of people.
2. You would like to have a unique holiday.
3. You have a specific list of places you are interested in visiting.
4. You would like to visit a certain type of site – archaeological, cultural, etc. or participate in certain types of activities – hiking, diving, bird watching, etc.
5. You would like to spend more time at certain sites than a group tour would.

We offer a variety of trips and tours in Central America and Mexico. Visiting one country is great, but design a multi-country trip in Central America and embark on the perfect tour! You can combine two or more of our trips or put together components of several trips.

Interested in learning Spanish? You can extend any of your trips with our Spanish extension programs. Add on as many weeks of Spanish learning as you wish. Spanish programs include accommodations with a local family or hotel and individualized Spanish classes. You have the option to obtain your DELE Spanish Certification as well.

Safe and reliable travel

It is possible to easily search the internet for top activities in a specific city or country, and thousands of results will appear: Top ten tourist attractions, travel advice, publicity, or complete history of the capital city. Unfortunately, simply having the information is not the same as organizing a complete trip. We make sure to think of the details that many other travel agents may overlook.

1. Are there comfortable places to eat nearby?
2. Is the hotel in a safe area?
3. Are currency exchanges a factor? 

These are questions we have already asked, answered, and resolved, just one of many reasons our tours flow so seamlessly. The safety of our customers is one of our top priorities. Our tour operator works directly with some of the most reputable local guides, hotels, and organizations.

On every tour, we offer exclusively private ground transportation to and from every destination on the itinerary. We also stay in contact with clients consistently throughout their entire trip. Mayan Gateway is based out of Guatemala, providing hands-on, immediate assistance as the trip goes along.

Knowledgeable & dedicated staff

Mayan Gateway

We work with certified tour guides who have a deep-rooted passion for what they do. The Mayan Gateway team includes experts in Mayan history, architecture, and culture, tropical flora and fauna, Central American expeditions and history, and travel. Constantly, we work around the clock to share as much of Central America’s beauty through immersive tours and experiences.

Mayan Gateway Travel Agency has been serving clients from around the world for over fifteen years, and we have been enriching our field experience for a lifetime. With endless attention to detail and dedication to our client’s satisfaction, we uphold our rating as a 5-star tour operator with exclusively 5-star customer verified reviews that reflect the quality of our services.

Specialized trips

The colorful textiles reflect the history and identity of the Mayan culture. The delicate embroideries and their meaning make each piece an artistic treasure. These textiles have evolved throughout the centuries, influenced by the particular culture of each group of people and the Mayan worldview. The creativity of artisans is unlimited. Especially in Guatemala and in some areas of Mexico, they use numerous techniques to work pottery, beautiful objects made of leather, silver, bronze, and natural fibers such as bamboo, and palm, as well as hand-blown glass pieces, fine jewelry, and wax candles. 

Latin America is known to be the region where many species that now feed the world originated. Food such as beans, avocados, corn, and chili peppers was first produced here. The cuisine of Guatemala and Central America blends Garifuna, Mayan, and Spanish recipes, and the combination gives way to delicious and varied fare. Travelers can savor dishes prepared with local ingredients in each region of the country, all of which are considered to be the Heritage of the country. 

Guatemala and the countries in Central America are the perfect destinations for birdwatchers. It is home to more than hundreds of species (migratory and resident), out of which many are endemic to the countries to some degree. Because of the geographical location and the shape of its territory, the area is located on the route that thousands of migratory birds follow when traveling from the North of Central to South America every year, and it is one of their mandatory resting places along the way.

Guatemala is a great place to learn Spanish. Some of the most picturesque locations in the country have the best Spanish Schools. The specialized ‘one-on-one’ method gives learners the opportunity to experience total immersion in the language and the Guatemalan culture. Guatemalan Spanish is spoken with a mostly neutral accent, and sentences are less blended, so learning is easier here.

Schools offer various programs, from basic conversation courses to accelerated learning for those who have little time and need to increase their vocabulary to engage in high-level negotiations. If you are interested in getting your DELE Certificate from the Institute of Cervantes, you may be able to do so while traveling in Guatemala. 

Spectacular landscapes, year-round spring weather, beautiful colonial cities, volcanic sights, tropical forests, and ceremonies held in churches dating back hundreds of years are some of the perks of choosing Central America as the place for a dream wedding or honeymoon. Its impressive Mayan culture, its historical heritage, and its natural beauty will ensure a unique and romantic experience.

Central America allows tourists to do more than just travel. Volunteers can use their experience and energy to positively impact the country and help the communities. They can engage in activities that range from helping build schools, bridges, and other types of basic infrastructure to participating in medical and veterinary consultations and supporting environmental-conservation projects. In addition, travelers can improve their Spanish. 

Guatemala is a country with incredible cultural wealth, and many organized rural communities manage tourist activities to show visitors their cultural and natural heritage. Travelers can experience outdoor activities, such as hikes through forests, jungles, birdwatching, tours to plantations, visits to archeological sites, and artisan activities. Community members provide visitors with unforgettable experiences, sharing their work, their lifestyles, and culture with them, first hand. 

Central America offers the best business tourism due to its privileged geographical location and the best hotel offering in Latin America. The infrastructure of the countries and experience to house congresses, conventions, and incentive travel is excellent. There are five-star hotels run by international and local chains, convention centers, and modern facilities to accommodate important events.

The Pacific Coast is considered the sailfish capital of the world and the best place to practice sport fishing, ensuring fishermen a unique and unforgettable experience. The Pacific waters of Guatemala hold world records for conventional and fly fishing, as well as the highest number of sailfish released in a single day. The best breeding grounds for sailfish in the whole world are located in this area.

Where to start?

From the moment you land in Central America or Mexico, our tour packages cover all ground transportation, hotels, multilingual tour guides, domestic or international flights included in the itinerary, and entrance fees. We prepare guests for travel before the trip and follow up to resolve any lingering questions and receive feedback upon their return home. To plan a trip for yourself or a small group, request your free itinerary to get started.