Sightseeing in Costa Rica

7 days

Experience the beauty of Costa Rica with a sightseeing tour that takes you on a journey through magnificent volcanoes, endless rainforests, and the tropical coast. Relax and enjoy the ride while spotting wildlife along the way.

Explore the most remarkable ecological sites in Costa Rica with this itinerary, which includes visits to Volcano Arenal, Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve, and Manuel Antonio. Take time to unwind and refresh at the Tabacon natural hot springs. Finish your trip by taking in the stunning flora and fauna while lounging on the pristine white beaches of Manuel Antonio, and perhaps extend your stay to enjoy it more leisurely.

Volcano Arenal
Costa Rica’s famous volcano

Hot springs
Ultimate eco-friendly relaxation

Cloud Forests Reserve

Manuel Antonio
White-sand beaches and forests


Explore the breathtaking waterfalls while hiking in Volcano Arenal, one of the top destinations for indulging in hot spring soaking. Experience the diverse wildlife of Monteverde’s cloud forest, which houses thousands of species. Experience complete relaxation and rejuvenation amidst the untouched beauty of Manuel Antonio National Park’s serene beaches.


Upon arrival at Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose, a representative will meet you and accompany you to your hotel.

The remaining part of your day is allotted leisure time to explore the country’s lively capital city. Some recommended activities to consider are:

Visit the National Theater of Costa Rica. This prestigious landmark boasts a stunning neoclassical facade with columns and Beethoven and Calderon de la Barca statues. Inside, you’ll be impressed by the luxurious marble lobby and auditorium, adorned with paintings that showcase various aspects of 19th-century life. 

Explore the charming Amon neighborhood, which boasts a collection of 19th-century mansions built by coffee growers. Nowadays, many of these historic buildings have been transformed into cafes, bars, and hotels, making the district a popular destination for those interested in architecture. Visitors can admire a variety of structures, including Art Deco concrete mansions and vibrantly painted tropical Victorian buildings.

Take a leisurely walk through the bustling Central Market, the biggest in the city, with more than 200 shops, food stalls, and authentic restaurants. Treat yourself to a delicious casado lunch, a famous beans, rice, and meat dish with tortillas. 
One night in San Jose.

This morning, you will head towards Arenal and make a stop at a plantation to gain knowledge about Costa Rica’s coffee.. You will witness the coffee plants and observe workers picking the ripe cherries during harvesting. Additionally, you will taste some of the world’s best coffee, freshly brewed and served with traditional snacks.

Next on our tour is the renowned La Paz Waterfall. Following that, we’ll head to the charming town of La Fortuna, where you can savor a delectable Costa Rican lunch at a restaurant at the foot of the awe-inspiring Arenal Volcano.

After lunch, you explore the Arenal Volcano National Park, where you can witness the mesmerizing beauty of old lava fields, bubbling hot springs, and a serene lake encompassing this inactive volcano. You will be near the volcano and have an exceptional view of its peak.

Afterward, you’ll discover a world of healing and rejuvenation at the Baldi Hot Springs, nestled at the base of the majestic Arenal Volcano. The pure, therapeutic waters will make you feel like floating in a serene oasis of comfort and relaxation. Surrounded by lush local vegetation and the sweet melodies of singing birds, 25 different thermal water pools await you. Here, you can unwind, recharge, and find your inner peace. Let Baldi Hot Springs be your ultimate destination for wellness and quality of life.
One night in Arenal. 

To reach Monteverde, we’ll avoid the lengthy drive around Lake Arenal by taking a boat across its peaceful waters. During the 1.5-hour journey, you’ll be able to observe local birds.

Monteverde is a beautiful and ecologically diverse area situated in the high mountains. Thousands of plant and animal species call the lush forests their home. You’ll have a night tour to increase the likelihood of spotting wildlife.

For an immersive experience of Monteverde’s wildlife, you’ll have a night tour when Costa Rica’s diverse ecosystems come to life. Accompanied by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide, you’ll explore different parts of the forest where the chances of spotting various animals are higher. Experience the beauty of nature firsthand by observing sloths, owls, toucans, and snakes up close.
Two nights in Monteverde.

You’ll experience the wonder of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve with a guided tour that will take you through acres of untouched forests. Experience the splendor of a unique tropical ecosystem that houses some of the world’s most varied plant and animal life. See rare creatures like quetzal birds, sloths, monkeys, amphibians, and more, and be amazed by the incredible biodiversity of this unique destination. 

In the afternoon, you’ll have free time. Here are some optional activities:
Experience a Chocolate, Coffee, and Sugar Cane tour to witness the growth of coffee, cocoa, and sugar cane plants. A knowledgeable guide will provide insights into the production processes of these three products, and you’ll have the opportunity to taste each one. 

The Butterfly Garden is an excellent destination if you like butterflies. It boasts four unique gardens representing different habitats and is home to over 40 butterfly species. You can witness the emergence of the butterflies from the chrysalis (if you’re lucky to be there at the right time) through observation cases. Furthermore, the garden features exhibits that display a tarantula hawk specimen (a wasp that preys on tarantulas), various scorpions, and a dedicated leafcutter. A knowledgeable naturalist guide will enhance your experience.

Spend your morning in Monteverde and even opt for a birdwatching hike before driving to Manuel Antonio. As you draw near to the small stretch of land extending into the Pacific Ocean, the air thickens with humidity, and the scent of lush vegetation fills your nostrils. The vibrant sounds of monkeys and birds fill the atmosphere. The National Park Manuel Antonio is the highlight of this area, and it boasts some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful tropical coastline. With its verdant hills blanketed in tranquil seashores and rainforests, this area is a breathtaking destination that truly lives up to its reputation as a beloved tourist spot.
Two nights in Manuel Antonio. 

You’ll explore the Damas Island Estuary Reserve peacefully, where we can marvel at the stunning primary mangrove forests and incredible wildlife. This sanctuary is a vital ecosystem in Costa Rica, boasting vast acres of majestic trees, a variety of fauna, and numerous mammals, birds, insects, and reptiles.

This boat excursion is a peaceful and relaxing alternative to hiking in Manuel Antonio Park, as nobody is here other than a few boats. You’ll have about two hours to explore this extraordinary ecosystem, guided by experienced guides who will take you on an exceptional journey through the channels of the mangrove forest, far from the hustle and bustle of civilization. At the end of the tour, we will stop at a restaurant where you can indulge in a delicious traditional lunch.

During the afternoon, you will have a tour of Manuel Antonio Park, where you can enjoy the area’s natural beauty. Additionally, take advantage of the beach’s turquoise waters, which are perfect for swimming.

If you have some extra time, you can extend your stay at Manuel Antonio National Park, and we can make arrangements accordingly. There are numerous activities to enjoy, including hiking, whale watching, fishing, sailing, and many more. If not, a driver will take you to the international airport for your flight back home.

map, expenses & price

Sightseeing in Costa Rica

Expenses included:
-Door-to-door transportation.
-Six nights of hotel accommodations.
-Professional certified guides.
-Tours and excursions as listed.
-All Park entrance fees.
-Daily breakfast.

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