Signature Luxury Guatemala

8 days

Embark on a Signature Luxury voyage to Guatemala and indulge in various excursions and unparalleled experiences curated and tested by adept local guides. This meticulously crafted itinerary immerses you in the country’s distinctive culture and awe-inspiring landscapes. With the guidance of our local experts, you can rest assured that your adventure will be nothing short of remarkable.

Observe the awe-inspiring volcanic eruptions. Traverse the rural towns and villages teeming with lively street markets, where the residents wear colorful clothing bearing the patterns of their respective hometowns. Explore the treasured hidden Maya cities over 3,000 years old and reclaimed from the encroaching jungle. These ancient cities are now hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

Lake Atitlan

World’s most beautiful lake


Mayan City

Volcano de Fuego

Active volcano in Guatemala

La Danta Pyramid

El Mirador


Experience the traditional artisanal fishing tour on a Cayuco boat in the stunning Lake Atitlan. This destination has captivated poets for centuries. Discover the magic of Antigua’s historic center with its charming tiled courtyards, and indulge in a truly unique experience with a chocolate workshop. Witness the breathtaking beauty of live volcanic eruptions and behold awe-inspiring 360-degree views on an exclusive Acatenango expedition, complete with a thrilling 4X4 off-road ride. As the sun sets over Tikal, the park undergoes a breathtaking transformation. Our signature tour gives you exclusive access to witness this awe-inspiring spectacle. Embark on a thrilling helicopter expedition to El Mirador, the lost Mayan City, and witness La Danta – the world’s largest pyramid by volume.


Upon arriving at Guatemala’s City International Airport (GUA), a chauffeur will wait for you to take you to the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala. If your flight arrives before dinner, your driver will take you to El Tenedor del Cerro Restaurant

Located in the mountainous regions encircling Antigua Guatemala, El Tenedor del Cerro remains largely unexplored by tourists. Its location, which affords a panoramic view of three volcanoes, makes it a singular destination for a unique dinner and leisurely hours. Adding to this allure, the restaurant houses an extensive art collection exhibited throughout the property and in its five galleries.
One night in Antigua Guatemala

Traverse a road that gradually ascends to Lake Atitlan while passing through the highlands. The region is characterized by towering volcanoes in varying shades of racing-green and tawny hues, accompanied by compact farming villages. Lake Atitlan is widely recognized as one of the most enthralling lakes in the world, with poets and travelers waxing lyrical about its scenic beauty. On sunny days, the lake’s cobalt waters reflect the forested volcanic cones surrounding it. The fertile shores of the lake are adorned with traditional villages and indigenous agricultural settlements, each marked by its unique character, identity, dialect, and distinctive costume worn by its proud inhabitants.

Experience the awe-inspiring Artisanal Fishing Tour on Lake Atitlan, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that only a fortunate few have had the privilege to encounter. This tour takes place on a traditional wooden Cayuco boat, beginning with a boat ride to San Juan la Laguna. Once there, a local fisherman will guide you through the art of fishing. You will learn how to fish in the lake’s waters using traditional wooden canoes, small hooks, and cast nets, just like the ancient Mayas did. This three-hour activity provides an authentic living experience of the Mayan culture and allows you to experience the ancestral fishing practice. 
Two nights in Lake Atitlan

You will go by boat across the lake to Santiago de Atitlan. As you voyage over the tranquil morning waters, the surrounding scenery will have various shoreline hamlets, pocket-sized cultivated fields, and the gently sloping bottle-green volcanoes encircling the lake. Once you arrive at Santiago, you can expect to be greeted by enthusiastic children and to have the opportunity to purchase brilliantly colored textiles, as the town is renowned for its exceptional textile offerings.

Upon leisurely exploring the surroundings and admiring the ornate costumes, you will embark on a boat ride to the village of San Antonio Palopo. Nestled within a natural amphitheater formed by the encircling mountains, the town is a sight to behold. Upon docking, a steady ascent will lead you to the town, characterized by narrow streets, adobe houses, and either thatch or corrugated tin roofing. The village inhabitants are renowned for their vivid traditional attire and exquisite headdresses.

We’ll go back to Antigua Guatemala for a walking city tour. Antigua Guatemala is a masterpiece. Its overhanging tiled roofs, charming cobbled streets, and stunning central plaza surrounded by lush greenery are a testament to its colonial heritage. The city’s rich history as the country’s capital is reflected in its numerous convents, monasteries, and grand churches. Exploring the city’s historic center on foot is an enchanting experience that will lead you to discover fragrant tiled courtyards behind every doorway. Despite the tragic past, the backdrop of smoking volcanoes, convents surrounded by parkland, and ruined churches serves as a reminder of the city’s resilience and the enduring beauty that has captivated visitors for centuries.

As part of the tour, you will be privileged to participate in a private chocolate workshop. The region of Antigua Guatemala is abundant with cocoa beans, which they’ve used to create chocolate for centuries, accompanied by the Mayan civilization’s rich history of indulging in this confectionary delight. 

The Mayans created chocolate production hundreds of years ago, providing Guatemala with the ideal location to learn the art of making chocolate from scratch. The workshop will commence with the cacao bean, and you will conclude with personalized handcrafted chocolates. Additionally, you will be able to prepare and relish Mayan-style chocolate beverages.
Two nights in Antigua Guatemala

You’ll participate in our exclusive Acatenango day hike, including a 4X4 off-road ride to the summit trailhead. This exceptional experience allows one to witness awe-inspiring 360-degree views and live volcanic eruptions without trekking the entire way. 

With every passing minute of our drive, we come closer to our destination – a farm nestled at the base of Volcano Acatenango. The transition from a concrete to a dirt road only adds to the anticipation of what awaits us. From there, we will venture into the dirt farm roads and spend the ensuing hour navigating the labyrinthine network of farmland and forest as we ascend sloping hills.

We will have the opportunity to marvel at some breathtaking vistas during our journey. Moreover, opting for the alternate route constitutes an additional advantage, saving us an estimated three and a half hours of hiking time. This tour will allow us to make our way to the summit at a more relaxed pace. We will park our vehicle at 3,500 meters.

We will embark on a picturesque trail that snakes through temperate coniferous and tropical dry forests. As we gain elevation, we’ll have panoramic views of Guatemala’s volcanic chain, including the Western Highlands, the volcanoes of Lake Atitlan, and even Volcano Tajamulco, Central America’s highest peak. Our climb culminates on the rim of the summit crater, offering our first glimpses of the spectacularly active Volcano de Fuego.

Upon reaching the summit, we shall take a moment to pause and rejuvenate ourselves while savoring the panoramic views of the highlands that stretch to the border of Mexico. We’ll have a fresh picnic lunch, which we will enjoy while sitting four kilometers away from Volcano de Fuego, hoping to witness a high-altitude eruption. 

Following our lunch break, we shall commence our descent, estimated to take slightly over an hour. As we go down the steep road, we will engage in additional 4X4 adventures. Our journey shall culminate in Antigua, Guatemala, in the late afternoon.

Zacapa Rum Tasting Add-on:  Zacapa Rum, produced in the Zacapa region of Guatemala, is considered the best rum in the world. This strong drink is best enjoyed straight or with a single ice cube. Zacapa has earned numerous accolades in international rum competitions, and it was the first distillery to be inducted into the International Rum Festival’s Hall of Fame. This impressive honor signifies Zacapa’s exceptional quality and reputation in the rum industry.

Traditionally used for sherry production, the solera method creates Zacapa. Pressed sugar cane juice is aged in various barrels before being rested in a barrel previously used to age a delicious, dark dessert sherry. 

The barrels are stored at an altitude of 2,300 meters above sea level, where the aging process is slowed down due to the high altitude and low temperature. This results in an extended period for the flavors and aromas to blend and mature, leading to a singular taste. The unique conditions at this altitude provide an optimal environment for the barrels to release their full potential, resulting in a remarkable product.

We will visit La Casa del Ron (The Rum’s House). Upon arrival, you’ll have a pre-determined menu, which you can supplement with additional rum varieties. Each rum will be served alongside appropriate accompaniments, including orange peel, chocolate, and almonds, to augment the overall flavor experience. The knowledgeable staff at La Casa del Ron are adept at imparting information regarding the diverse range of rums available, and they are skilled storytellers, lending an additional level of enjoyment to the patrons’ experience.

We will drive to Guatemala City airport for a short flight to Flores Island in the morning. Upon reaching Flores Island, we shall embark on an expedition to explore the ancient Mayan City of Tikal. A knowledgeable guide shall accompany you on a tour of the expansive archaeological site at Tikal. The towering temples, with steep steps and vertiginous peaks, offer astounding views of the site from their summits. 

You’ll explore the palace complexes and ruins of one of the most prominent Mayan cities. This remarkable ancient civilization is of great significance and provides a unique opportunity to delve into the history and culture of the Mayan people. By immersing oneself in the grandeur of the palace complexes and ancient ruins, one can gain insight into this remarkable civilization’s architectural, artistic, and engineering ingenuity.

The pyramids and temples appear frozen in time, but the curious howler monkeys and agile spider monkeys swinging through the trees and the flashes of color from toucans and parrots taking flight bring you back to the present.

Our signature tour in Tikal grants you exclusive access to observe and remain within the park premises after sunset. The landscape surrounding Tikal undergoes a striking transformation as the sun gradually fades into the horizon. Between 6 and 8 pm, one can witness the onset of the nocturnal cycle as various animals begin their nightly routines. 

The angle of the setting sun casts light on the canopy in a way that one cannot fully appreciate during full daylight. This experience offers the only chance to behold certain temples adorned in gold, adding to the allure of the experience. During sunset, the howler monkeys’ vocalizations are reminiscent of those of velociraptors.

Read more: Experience Tikal tours.
Two nights on Flores Island

An exclusive helicopter expedition awaits you to the lost Mayan City of El Mirador. The journey to El Mirador requires a helicopter ride or trekking through the jungle for days, as no roads lead to the city. 

We will fly over Lake Peten during the expedition and witness Flores Island. A noticeable change in the landscape will be apparent as we move forward, with greenery covering the entire area. Countless colors of green will be visible as the tropical rainforest stretches out in all directions. The aerial view of the area is extraordinary, and it offers a unique perspective of the region. The helicopter flight over the vast green tropical forest is an incredible experience that will bring to the forefront the importance of preserving nature.

El Mirador is an ancient Mayan city with significant historical and cultural value. This renowned city has been prominently featured by esteemed media outlets such as National Geographic and CNN on many television programs. Notable personalities, including Morgan Freeman and Mel Gibson, have also been privileged to visit this historic site. One can experience the same journey and better understand the city’s rich past by embarking on the same trails as these iconic figures.

Overall, El Mirador remains an important landmark of the Mayan Civilization, and its preservation and continued study are essential for understanding the region’s cultural and historical significance.

This exceptional helicopter tour provides a remarkable opportunity to explore one of the most significant wonders of Guatemala. When one considers the world’s most renowned pyramids, the Egyptian pyramids or the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico may come to mind. However, Guatemala is home to the largest pyramid in the world in terms of volumeLa Danta is the most crucial temple in El Mirador, and it is the highest pyramid by the Mayans, standing 72 meters high.

This tour is an ideal way to experience the majesty of this architectural masterpiece, which astounds even the most seasoned travelers. The tour guarantees a safe and comfortable ride on a helicopter, which provides a bird’s eye view of the stunning pyramid, allowing you to appreciate its grandeur and magnificence from a unique perspective.

In conclusion, the helicopter tour of the La Danta pyramid is an unforgettable experience, providing a rare opportunity to explore one of the most remarkable structures of the ancient world. It is an excellent way to learn about the Mayan civilization and to appreciate its impressive architectural achievements. Read more: Helicopter tour to El Mirador.

If you have additional time, consider extending your itinerary by one day. Located in the heart of the Mayan world, you will have the opportunity to experience the lushness of the jungle at its finest. The hotel’s private nature reserve seamlessly integrates a breeding facility for indigenous wildlife species with eco-adventure activities, including bird-watching trails, kayaking, trekking, and 4×4 ATV rides, all available within an expansive area of over 300 acres. Consider adding at least one more day to your stay in this idyllic setting.

Upon conclusion of your visit, you will undertake a one-hour flight to return to the esteemed Guatemala City International Airport (GUA) for your subsequent outbound flight.

map, expenses & price

Signature Guatemala

Expenses included:
-Private transportation.
-Seven nights of hotel accommodations.
-Domestic flights.
-Professional local guides.
-All park entrance fees.
-Tours and excursions as listed.
-Daily breakfasts.


signature guatemala

Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel

Las Lagunas is just 1 ½ hours from Tikal and other popular sites. Tucked away in the jungle, this luxury hotel combines comfort and stunning views to give you the best experience possible. Aside from the beautiful rooms, the hotel offers a glimpse into the history surrounding Tikal, with its fascinating on-site museum packed with relics found in the area. The picturesque hotel is more than a pretty place to stay, though. They also run a 300-acre private reserve in an ever-growing conservation effort.

Lake Atitlan and its volcanoes

signature guatemala

Hotel Atitlan

Hotel Atitlan was originally a coffee plantation, but now welcomes guests to its beautiful grounds overlooking Lake Atitlan. Every part of this hotel is designed to be pleasing to the eyes, from the lush gardens to the crystalline pool with its views of the volcanoes. Each room features handwoven textiles and art created by local artists. Don’t miss a stroll through the botanical gardens, which regularly attract birds and butterflies. We’re offering this as one of two options for your stay at Lake Atitlan so you can choose your perfect fit.

View of Lake Atitlan and its volcanoes from the hotel La Casa del Mundo

signature guatemala

La Casa del Mundo

While a little lower-rated (3 stars) than the other hotels on this trip, we chose La Casa del Mundo for its incredible views of the lake and unique location. Accessible only by boat, this stone building perches above Lake Atitlan, with balconies and even a hot tub overhanging the water. The remote location and abundant nature mean you’ll find yourself relaxing with only the sounds of nature surrounding you. We’re offering this option in addition to Hotel Atitlan so you can choose where you prefer to stay.

The gardens and ruins of Hotel Casa Santo Domingo

signature guatemala

Casa Santo Domingo

If you’ve ever wondered what life was like back in the 16th century, Casa Santo Domingo can give you a glimpse into the past. Recovered from the ruins of the Santo Domingo convent, the hotel has been transformed into one of the most luxurious places to stay in Antigua. Today, the convent serves guests with a pool, spa, and restaurant on-site, but you can still admire remnants of the past. With historical pieces and local art throughout, this hotel is a must-see location in Antigua.

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