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We understand that our guests should have an unique surf experience. All along this week, you will have the opportunity to immerse deep into the world of the surfers, like no other destination on the planet. Some of the finest reliable waves for beginners and intermediates of the world. There are over 330 days of offshore wind, constituting exceptionally enjoyable and neat waves.

Be trained to surf with experienced and qualified trainers, and explore new surf hidden beaches around San Juan del Sur. Through the years, San Juan has held on to its particular cultural appeal. You will enjoy awesome food, as well as affable inhabitants. 

San Juan del Sur

Corn Islands




San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

The Pacific Ocean


The teaching experience: the instructors help beginner and intermediate surfers to improve their available skills. Surfing is a challenging sport to ace. The procedure of learning to surf can often be discouraged and consumed a long time. The specialty of the instructors is to assist beginners and intermediates improve, in a secure setting. 

Because the better guests get at surfing, the more fun they will have. We want you to benefit from this surf learning vacation. It means the staff will go above the traditional beginner lessons and we will make sure to give clear mechanical instruction that will help you to go on to get better after your surf holiday. 

Your surfing will be moved to another level and you will gain each single day on and off the water in lessons with experienced surf instructors and over video and photo one on one scrutiny and theory.

7-day Surf Camp
Beginner surf learning.

If you have not ever proved surfing before, or if you have proved it a couple of times taking some lessons, or if you have to improve elemental techniques, this surf learning level is designed for you. 

Intermediate surf learning.

If you have been surfing for weeks, months or perhaps years, or if you can paddle through the water and catch ceaseless waves alone, then this course will get you to get to the next level. 

Is this surf vacation for me?

You have never tried and would like to learn the correct way, in a secure environment. Or if you have tried it various times and you would like to improve the elemental techniques. Also, if you are an intermediate surfer looking to get better and go to the next level. Even if you are searching for dependable, great waves in the tropics in a dazzling beach.

Finally, if You would like to learn how to teach yourself to get better on your future surf trips. This Surf vacation is explicitly made to improve your surfing skills promptly, so you are able to appreciate the adventure of riding on a wave as soon as imaginable. 

Life in San Juan del Sur.

It is the ideal place to get engaged in the surf behavior with its fun beach bars, delicious food, astonishing sunsets and a lot of things to do. 

San Juan del Sur.

One of the best destinations in the world to surf. If you would like to get the best of your experience by surfing fine waves, this is where you need to travel. The beaches are a fantasy park for beginner and intermediate surfers. It is certainly one of the few (if not the only) places in the whole world that virtually guarantees both fine waves and seaward winds for over 300 days of the year. Additionally to roomy and steady surf conditions, you are able to feel secure being aware that you are floating over a sandy ocean floor.

Surf Conditions

Each day, you will get benefits from the expertise of our local staff and surf in the excellent surf spot conforming to the daily weather conditions. The staff often find nice waves for beginners and intermediates, thanks to the abounding surf areas neighboring the town. 

The waves are commonly between two to four feet high from December to April, and three to six feet high apart from those months. Additionally, the wave extent and potential firmly depend on the surf areas.  Guides ensure to take guests to the best area for your level.

Customized Surf Program

Guests have an entire, structured and methodized surf training plan to assist you learn hot to surf and develop for years to come. Previous you go on this vacation, our staff will collect information about your level and your goals. From the date you arrive in San Juan, the instructors will be here to welcome you and work on your special objectives. Whether you are looking to learn to stand up for the very first time, to figure out how to develop speed or how to do a reversal, it is our joy to get you there promptly and nicely.

Video scrutiny.

Looking at yourself surfing is a great tool for a powerful evolution. Generally, what you believe you are doing on the surfboard, and what you are really doing, are two distant things. This is the reason why the staff film the surfing lessons with professional cameras. The best method to determine the technical missteps of the guests is to see them for yourself, and have an experienced trainer describe to you how to remedy them. All of the videos will be stored so guests can also see them whenever they want to.

Guests profile.

Particular to our surfing vacation, the profile is shared between the guests and the instructors. In the profile, guests can find personal technique hints, suggested videos and articles, guidance on what to center efforts in the future. 

Small groups.

The groups have generally six professional instructors focused on a small group of maximum twelve guests. Learn to surf with qualified surf instructors, some of which are between the best of their country of origin. The instructors are hand picked to make sure excellent lessons and security for guests. We ensure to schedule students of comparable levels together for their lessons in water. 

Routine sessions.

Learn how to read a forecast, or how to choose the correct surfboard according to your level. You will have the opportunity to accompany five workshops during this holiday. The instructors care for sharing their expertise and answer the questions and concerns guests may have. 

Expenses included

7 days & 6 nights

$2,400 per guest

Private transportation, door to door service

 6 nights accommodation: unique vacation home for groups of twelve guests, with scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. Switch off your cell phone, giving in to the ‘simple life’ enclosed by tropical forest and the beach.

Five workshops including theory and technique

Professional videos sent to the guests email

 Evaluations including technique study using the videos of guests surfing

Qualified instructors

Other expenses included: daily healthy breakfast, two group dinners, private transportation including the transfers to surf beaches, two therapeutic yoga classes.


Not included: international flights, personal, travel and cancellation insurance and other expenses than indicated.

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