Surfing in El Salvador

8 days

El Salvador is a small country, so you are never far away from the beach. The water has the perfect temperature as its average is over 80 Fahrenheit degrees, or 27 Celsius degrees. There are quite a few beaches with wave breaks perfect for surfing. The waves are ideal to practice and to improve your surf. All programs are suitable for surfers of beginners and medium level. All classes will be adjusted to the personal level. Mayan Gateway offers surf curses with ISA Certified Surf Coaches. This certification is recognized by the International Olympic Committee.  

El Tunco beach

Surfing in El Salvador

Sunset in the El Tunco

Surfer in the Pacific Coast


The Pacific Ocean, La Libertad, El Tunco beach, and el Cuco beach.


Upon your arrival at the international airport of El Salvador, a driver will be waiting for you to take you to your hotel on the beach. 

Cuco beach is located two hours from the capital city San Salvador. You will be picked up after breakfast. The Beach Las Flores (The Flowers) offers some of the most amazing breaks. It is a small beach town where fishing and surfing are the main activities. You can choose between two different programs:

Program 1
You will have 2 days of classes with a bilingual surf instructor. The first day your classes will take a maximum of 1,5 hours, the second day 2 classes of maximum 1,5 hours each and the third day 1 class of maximum 1,5 hours. This program includes breakfast and surfing equipment.

Program 2
You will have 2 to 3 hours of surf classes per day with a bilingual surf instructor and surf boards are included. This program also includes a kayak tour through the beautiful mangroves forest. You will kayak through the channels and observe all kinds of birds, crabs and fishes. You will also get a relaxing massage, a boat trip along the coast, three delicious meals per day, unlimited water and fruit drinks, and three delicious meals per day. On the final day you will have a transfer from the hotel to the airport.

Today your driver will take you to El Tunco beach, in the west of the country. You will be picked up in the morning and transferred to the hotel. La Libertad is the most popular beach among surfers in Central America. The beach is well known for its relaxed atmosphere, parties and live music, however lots of visitors also choose to relax at the beach with a bonfire and a beer under the stars.  

You will start your first classes at Sunzal Point, a beginners break. Each day you will have classes for 1,5 to 3 hours with a bilingual surf instructor and surf boards included. With this program you will also visit the beautiful waterfalls of Taminique. This little town is located not far from the beach and close to the waterfall you will already see small waterfalls, rapids and pools with crystal clear water. At the main waterfall you will be able to swim for a refreshing dip.

You will also visit the Volcano of San Salvador. The Volcano of San Salvador is stratovolcano.  Any major eruption would cause a catastrophic destruction. Fortunately, the volcano remains quiet and activity is closely monitored. The volcano is a true icon of the city. This program also includes breakfast.  On the final day you will have a transfer from the hotel to the airport. 

Unfortunately, your surfing holiday in El Salvador ends today. Your driver will take you to the international airport for your flight back home. 

map, expenses & price

Surfing in El Salvador

Expenses included:
-All private transportation.
-Seven nights of hotel accommodations.
-Professional surfing instructors.
-Surfing equipment.
-All entrance fees.
-Daily breakfast.

Per person starting at $1,400

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