Sustainable Nicaragua

12 days

During our sustainable Nicaragua trip, we’ll strike the perfect balance between soaking up the sun and discovering the area’s stunning, unspoiled beaches and locales. You’ll be able to visit tropical islands and take a refreshing dip in the water whenever the sun becomes too intense.

This 12-day excursion is your chance to rediscover yourself and escape from the outside world’s distractions.

Great Corn Island

Coral reefs, turquoise waters and white-sand beaches

Ometepe Island

The World’s largest island on a freshwater lake

Mombacho Volcano

Volcano and nature reserve

Apoyo Lagoon

The most crystalline waters of all Nicaragua’s lagoons


Our trip will find the right balance of fun in the sun and explore the beautiful pristine beaches and locations throughout the area. You’ll be able to explore tropical islands and cool off in the water whenever the sun gets a bit too hot. This is just the type of trip to reconnect with yourself and disconnect from whatever the outside world tends to bother you with.


We keep it relatively simple this first day, and we offer private pickup and transfer to your hotel from Managua airport in Nicaragua. However, if you fly in earlier in the day, then you’re in for a true treat. You’ll be able to explore the Puerto Salvador Allende, which is similar to a beachside boardwalk full of activities, tasting the local flavors, and even participating in some water sports activities if you’re up to it. 

Another great place to explore a traditional market would be the Robert Huembes Market. This is a huge market known for its fully stocked fresh produce of the day. Grab a simple lunch here or simply explore all the items available for sale. 

We will help accommodate this portion and help get back to and from your hotel and these locations. 

We’re headed back to the Managua Airport and getting ourselves on a domestic flight. We’re leaving early in the morning, so ensure plenty of rest the night before. Our flight will take us to the Corn Islands. Yes, you will be landing on what looks like a jungle landing strip, and you can see the whole island from the flight above. 

This is quite a remote and unexplored pair of islands in the Caribbean. It’s beyond pristine with little to no human developments to keep them as pure and natural as possible. It’s a way to help keep the overall trip sustainable. 

This day is about transit, so you can have the time for yourself to rest and relax as the next few days will keep you packed and needing that energy. 

The next two days are dependent on what type of option you select and what level of adventure you’re looking for. 

Option A
With this option, you’re looking for a trip that’s about relaxing and some light exploring and snorkeling in the water. We’ll help take you around Little Corn Island, and you’ll truly be in paradise, doing as much or as little as you want. Work on the tan, catch up on a book, sip fruit drinks, or just take a dip in the clear waters. 

Option B
This is for those who either desire to learn how to do scuba diving or suitable for those with the experience. You’ll be staying at Big Corn Island, and we’ll be taking you to explore Blowing Rock and Spanish Galleon Wreck.

Blowing Rock
Several miles out, you’ll see some rocks protruding from the water. Those are actually the tips of underwater spires and a natural marker to explore a completely untouched part of the sea. You’ll see everything from barracudas to stingrays in their natural habitats as you explore the wonder of life under the sea.

Spanish Galleon Wreck
Ready to see nature finally win? Then consider exploring this shipwreck that has become a natural reef and has become a stable habitat for all types of sea creatures. It’s 15 feet down and ready to have every corner explored for those seeking this type of adventure. 

As always, with many of our trips, we offer flexibility, and that means if you want to do only one day of scuba diving, we can arrange a trip from Big Corn Island to Little Corn Island as a day trip. 

Another early morning flight to preserve the day, as you take a domestic flight back to Managua Airport. But don’t worry about getting your morning coffee fix because we’ll be bringing you to Matagalpa for the coffee farm tour in Selva Negra. This agrotourism is completely sustainable and also helps with supporting local farmers while at the same time ensuring you’ll get one of the best cups of coffee you’ve ever had. 

You’ll go on a journey through history, understanding this reddish fruit and the bean that lays inside of it. At the same time, you’ll check out the local coffee nurseries and engage in picking coffee. You’ll see the whole end-to-end process of coffee from tree to cup.  

You’ll spend the evening in your hotel in Matagalpa.

You guessed it, another beautiful early start to the day, and you’ll be going on a day hike in Cerro Aponte. This natural reserve is full of lush valleys, interlocking streams and waterfalls, and plenty of picturesque opportunities. The walk will take you to the top of Buena Vista Hill. 

Afterward, we’ll take you to the Town of San Ramon, which has traditional architecture all around it. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a traditional lunch commonly eaten by the locals, and delicious at the same time. 

Once this day of adventure is done, it’s back to the hotel in Matagalpa.

Here we’ll be transporting you to Ometepe Island. First, we’ll drive out of Matagalpa to San Jorge, and then we’ll take you on a Ferry to the island itself. 

The island was formed by two volcanoes; one is still active and sits on Lake Nicaragua itself. It has the right exploratory blend as it has exquisite nature and landscapes barely touched by humans while having a rich historical background in some parts of the island. You’ll be able to see ancient archeological sites while enjoying high levels of hospitality and relaxation. 

The remainder of the day is open for you to explore as you desire or simply take the day to relax from the transit. 

Here we’ll be able to explore this amazing island and how fertile it is due to the volcanic soil. We kick off the day with you touring the coffee farm Finca Magdalena. Here you’ll see exactly how completely organic coffee is made, simply with what nature has provided. Then when you’re energized with your cup of coffee, we’ll take you on a hike to check out some of the famous petroglyphs in the area, which are entirely surrounded by nature. 

You’ll then head to have a great lunch with the beach as your view. With all of this activity, we bring you to the Ojo de Agua. These natural cold springs will be just the refreshment needed, as the weather is always warm in Nicaragua. We’ll end the day after the revitalizing springs. 

We’ll take the ferry back to San Jorge, where we’ll take you to the Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve. Don’t worry; this volcano has been extinct since the late 1500s, but what it left in its wake is a pure paradise of nature. 

We’ll whisk you away on a tour of the Mombacho Reserve. We first take you by truck to the top of the volcano, and from there, we’ll be able to explore this barely touched spot of nature. Be prepared to view the flora, fauna, and scenery you’ll definitely need to capture a memory of. In the end, we’ll take you to Granada via transfer. 

Here you’ll be taken on a tour of the Pueblos Blancos or “White Towns.” This is where there are beautiful houses and structures, all in white and stucco design. You’ll be taken through the history of the region and be able to sample the local foods and pick up some items made by the local expert craftsmen. You’ll marvel at how durable yet beautiful these items are, and your only limitation is how much space you’ll have in your luggage to take back home. 

Then it’s off to the Apoyo Lagoon. This massive lagoon was created by the volcano next to it. It’s close to two hundred meters deep as well. The tour will take you around the lagoon, and there’s a possibility of taking a swim in the lagoon. Due to it being a natural reserve, no motorized vehicles or equipment are allowed on the lagoon, meaning it’s completely clean of any pollutants. 

Then on your penultimate day, we’ll take you back to Granada to spend the evening before departing. 

From Granada, we provide transportation back to the international airport of Managua, where your flight will be ready to take you back to your home. This trip is about enjoying the local environment and understanding the rich nature. It’s one of the more sustainable tourist locations out there, so perfect for those with that mindfulness. 

As always, reach out to us when you want ahead of time if you want to extend any parts of the trip above.

map, expenses & price

Sustainable Nicaragua and the Caribbean

Expenses included:
-All private transportation.
-Eleven nights of hotel accommodations.
-Tours and excursions as listed.
-Professional certified guides.
-All park entrance fees.
-Daily breakfast.

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