Volcano Tajumulco


Tajumulco Volcano Guatemala

Tajumulco Volcano Guatemala. With a summit of 4,220 meters above sea level. It is the highest peak in Guatemala and also the highest in Central America. This volcano has been dormant for years. Local government declared the volcano a protected area since 1965.

Tajumulco Volcano Guatemala is composed of different types of lavas. It is unclear what is the origin of the material we find all over this volcano. It has two summits, one of which has a crater 50–70 meters wide, which is 160–230 feet wide. A lava flow from the northwestern summit descends into a steep valley. All of these characteristics make amazing views for the visitors to enjoy. 

From the top, it is possible to observe an amazing Volcano chain. Also, hikers have great views of the highest mountain chain in all of Central America. You are able to see Mexico as well. The view is spectacular. If you love hiking, this volcano should be in your to do list.

Volcano eruptive history

It is certainly unclear. We don’t know yet the date of its last eruption. Reports from the 18th and early 19th century do contain some dubious accounts of eruptions. The region around the volcano is relatively sparsely populated. The nearest town of note, San Marcos, which is located 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) to the south-east.

Travelers infrequently visit the volcano. Hikers are able to climb the volcano in about five hours from the nearest hamlet. High altitude requires acclimatization before hikers are able to reach the summit safely. Views are variable specially in sunset and sunrise. Because the area is frequently covered in mist and cloud. Take into account the conditions are at their least favorable between April and September.

General Information

  1. Ascent duration: 5 hours approximately.
  2. Descent duration: 4 hours approximately.
  3. Height of the volcano: 4220 meters, or 13845 feet.
  4. Difficulty of the hike: Difficult