Tikal Experience


Experience the majestic temples of Tikal on this one-day excursion. A captivating journey to the towering jungle Mayan ruins, this excursion treats you to a private archaeology guide and plentiful wildlife viewing opportunities. Tikal is a must-see for the impeccable extension to begin or end your Guatemala vacation. Visit the remarkable milestones in the history of Tikal and the Mayans during a sunrise and sunset tour.

You’ll have a fascinating journey to uncover the secrets of Tikal. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore the jungle with tree-gum collectors and discover the hidden pyramids. With a private archaeology guide, you can learn about any historical period that interests you.


Temple of the Great Jaguar


Temple of the Masks




Temple V


A full day of Mayan exploration. It will certainly be a wonderful time to learn about from your guide, as Tikal was so important in the Classic Mayan Civilization as the collapse of the Mayan Empire shortly followed its abandonment.

Park Information

It is situated at the epicenter of the whole antique city and it is the most scenic part of the architectural complex of Tikal, the result of more than a thousand years of non-stop construction. To the North, the square is surrounded by a row of carved stelae and altars, which hold a big part of the dynastic sequence of Tikal.

Straight away to the North stands the complex of ceremonial buildings, named the North Acropolis, which also operated as a mausoleum of the governing families. To the South and against the ceremonial part, stands another complex of structures like palaces, named Central Acropolis, which was a residential and possibly also an administrative center. The Eastside is occupied by Temple I or Temple of the Great Jaguar and a Ball court of small measurement, and to the West stands the Temple II or Temple of the masks. 

A great Mayan City, from the first constructions, was raised on-site in the 4th Century BC through the classic period between 200 and 900 AD, when the site flourished, to its abandonment in the 10th Century AD, which is probably due to overpopulation and agrarian failure.

Located about 300 meters from the Shout-west to the Main Plaza, it has the oldest temple of Tikal, which is called the Great Pyramid. It has approximately 35 meters in height, and together with the rest of the complex is part of the Astronomical Observatory of this amazing Mayan city.

It is situated straight away to the East of the square of the Great Pyramid and has been constructed up of a set of ceremonial buildings of the Late Classic term. These include a three-ball game at the Northside of the square, seven temples at the East part, and a marvelous ceremonial building at the southern end.

The West part of this square is closed by the back of the temples of the square of the Grand Pyramid. A five-door palace corresponding to the Early Classic term can be seen here, which was packed and used as the basis for another building during the Late Classic period. 

Two long and important roadways converge to this plaza. The temple 5D-38 and the structure 5D can be appreciated here, which is recognized by its style of ‘SlopeBoard’, as well as the non-restored buildings of the market and a ball game. In this area, there is a rest house building with a toilet for travelers. 

This square has no renovated buildings, but plenty of plain stelae and altars. It has a rest house building, toilets, and a snack bar for travelers.

What to Expect

Your guide will collect you from your hotel or Mundo Maya International Airport and transport you into the thick jungle of Guatemala’s most famous cultural and natural preserve, Tikal National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you will begin this unforgettable Tikal tour. Accompanied by a knowledgeable and certified guide, you will start the exploration of the archaeological ruins, 341-square-mile park. This experience in Tikal is like traveling back in time.

Your expert guide will show you the layout of the temples, architecture, history, and some theories of why they disappeared. There are hundreds of buildings and other Mayan structures, some of which rise above the jungle canopy. Since you will be in the jungle, there will be plenty of opportunities to spot monkeys and tropical birds, abundant in the surrounding forest. 

Afterward, you will enjoy lunch at a restaurant in the middle of the jungle on site. Later, you will come back to the park to continue exploring more, and to contemplate the lights of the sunset illuminating the temples in gold. Finally, your private transportation will take you to the airport or transfer you to your hotel. 

Tikal Sunrise

If you can start early, you will hear monkeys, parrots, macaws, and toucans making a symphony of sounds simultaneously as the sunlight comes up. This experience alone is worth the trip to Guatemala.

Sunrise in Tikal

You will hike for about 45 minutes until you come across Temple IV, which is the highest temple in Tikal. You will climb to the top of the 230 feet pyramid, this is the best place to contemplate the sunrise. At this point, you can still only see about a few meters in front of us, but the symphony of sounds will make up for it. You’ll sit speechlessly and listen to the jungle wake up, toucans, spider monkeys, and howler monkeys all make sounds as the sun will fight an ongoing battle with the clouds. It will be the most magical moment of your trip, but wait, the best is yet to come.

Sunrise Experience

As if someone pushes a button, the fog starts to lift. Continuously it turns from heavy clouds to fragile wisps, then rises from the canopy and burns off quickly. Gradually your visibility will increase, and suddenly, you can see a magnificent temple poking up through the jungle! And then another, and another. You’ll have no idea that any of them are there. It will be like putting on glasses and abruptly seeing the world differently. All of Tikal will be revealed to you.

map, expenses & price

Tikal Experience

Expenses included:
-Private transportation.
-Professional guide.
-Park entrance fees.
*This tour is exclusively available to guests who plan their trip with us.

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