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Anyone who takes any of our Tikal Tours Packages of 2 days & 1 night to visit classic Mayan ruins of Tikal will be impressed. Rising out of the dense jungle, the looming temples demonstrate the mighty civilization of the ancient Mayans. They demand respect from their visitors, even thousands of years after their construction. 

The Tikal National Park, in the department of El Peten, was created in May 1955 and regulated in September 1957. In 1979 it was declared World Cultural and Natural Heritage by UNESCO for its exceptional value by combining extraordinary natural and cultural richness. It occupies an area of 576 square kilometers, and its sides are 24 kilometers long. It is considered one of the most important natural and cultural reserves of the country of Guatemala and the world for the great variety of fauna and flora species as well as for the numerous remains of the temples and extinguished Mayan city located there.  

The Archaeological Site. The mapped area is 16 square kilometers, where more than 4,000 structures and buildings of various kinds are located. The earliest accessible evidence of occupation of the city dates back approximately to the year 800 B.C. A period of Maya history identified as Middle Pre Classic. The last found structures correspond to the late Classic lapse, approximately 900 years A.C. These 1,500 years of consecutive occupancy gave it a high cultural, artistic, architectural, urban, mathematic, astronomic, agricultural and commercial development, which has motivated the international admiration and scientific interest. 

On our excursions packages, you will experience the magic of the iconic department of Petén and explore the world famous Mayan civilization of Tikal, located in the lush jungles of Northern Guatemala. Spend your night on a relaxing sunset tour looking out at the waters of Lake Petén.

Temple Two in the main plaza of the Mayan City of Tikal. Central America Vacations

Tikal Guatemala

The amazing temple of the Great Jaguar at Tikal, Guatemala.

The Temple of the Great Jaguar

The main plaza in the Mayan City of Tikal, Guatemala.

The mayan ruins of Tikal

Jaguar captured in the Mayan Biosphere. Honeymoon Guatemala Belize Tours

Mayan biosphere


The National Park of Tikal

Flores Island

Lake Peten 


Day 1. Tikal.
The Tikal tour package begins with a flight from Guatemala City to the beautiful Flores Island. Next, your professional guide will be waiting for you to take you to the impressive Mayan City of Tikal. At Tikal National Park, your guide will walk you through the historic ruins. Afterwards, you return to Flores Island to stay the night and enjoy the relaxing views of Lake Petén. During the boat tour, you will not only experience the beauty of the surrounding areas, but you can also explore the archaeological sites that surround the lake.

Day 2. Flores Island.
After breakfast, you have some free time to explore Flores Island. You may choose to take an additional other Mayan ruins such as Yaxha and the Great Mayan City of El Mirador. If you are eager to see more historic ruins, opt for a day tour of the Mayan City of Yaxha. In the late afternoon, you will take your flight back from Flores Island to Guatemala City. This marks the end of any of our two day Tikal Tours, however if you would like to extend your adventure in Guatemala. Contact us for more information.   

Park information

Main Temples.
In the Tikal National Park there are six big temples, all of them built during the Classic period.

TEMPLE I. It is also called the Temple of the Great Jaguar. It closes the Grand Plaza by the East and is 45 meters high. It was built around 700 A.C. by the ruling Jasaw Chan. Also known as King of Cacao, whose tomb was found inside of the temple. A replica of it can be contemplated at the Sylvanus G. Morley Museum.

TEMPLE II. It is also called Temple of the Masks. It closes the Grand Plaza by the West and is 38 meters high. Like Temple I, it was built by the ruling King of Cacao 700 A.C.

TEMPLE III. It is also known as the Temple of the Great Priest about 60 meters high. The Stella 24 and Altar 7 are in front of it. This temple has an original Great Preacher wearing a jaguar pelt. It was built to the West of Temple ll. It was built around a temple, and it has an original carved wooden lintel with its central doorway. 

NORTH ACROPOLIS. It is located to the North of the Great Plaza. It has various structures of ceremonial character and masks.

TEMPLE IV. It is also known as the Temple of the two headed Snakes Square and is 65 meters high, being the tallest in A.C. It is situated to the West of the Grand Plaza, being the tallest structure in Tikal. It was built around 740 AC. The traveler can climb to the base of the crest and have a delightful view of the site. A scene of the famous movie Star Wars was filmed at the top of this temple. 

CENTRAL ACROPOLIS. It is located to the South of the Great Plaza. It has various residential and governmental constructions, buildings with various rooms and stories, as the Maler Palace and the Five-Story Palace, among others. It lines to the South with the so-called reservoir or watering of the palace.

SOUTH ACROPOLIS. This area has not yet been overlooked. It is situated between Temple V and the Square of the Seven Temples.

TEMPLE V. Located to the South of the Central Acropolis, this amazing temple is 57 meters high. Its North façade currently has excavations, it was built between 550-650 A.C. Its North face has been restored.

TEMPLE VI. Also known as the Temple of the Inscriptions. It is located at the southern end of the Mández Roadway. Its crest has the longest hieroglyphic text in the entire Mayan City of Tikal. Stella 21 and Altar 9 are in front of this temple.

There are various roadways detectable in Tikal. Apparently they were used as processional avenues. 

  • MÉNDEZ: It begins at the East Square and goes to Temple N. It is almost one kilometer long.
  • MALER: It joins the North area with the East Square and is approximately 350 meters long. Close to the North Zone, on the roadway, there is a nice sculptured rock of the Late Classic period.
  • MAUDSLAY: It joins Temple I with the North zone. It is almost 750 meters long.

Twin pyramid complexes.
This name is given to groups of four big buildings, which are two truncated pyramids with stairways on each side, located to the East and West of the square; to the South there is a design with nine entrances and to the North the so-called Ground of the Stella. Within this ground there is a stella with its corresponding altar, commonly carved. In front of the pyramid located at the East there are nine plain stellae with their altars, five of which can be seen. In Tikal there are seven of these complexes, which were built at intervals of twenty years to commemorate the end of each lasting period of 20 years. 

  • TOZZER: It joins Temple IV with the West Square and is almost 250 meters long.
  • MORLEY: Located in the group Baringer, this roadway is perhaps 100 meters long. It doesn’t show on the map.

Places of interest.
Here are other places of interest inside this huge Mayan city:

  1. COMPLEX N: It is near Temple IV and was built in 711 A.C. It contains replicas of Stella 16 and Altar 5.
  2. COMPLEX O: It is located to the West of Complex R. It is the only one in the North ground that contains a plain stella and altar. It is considered to have been built in 731 A.C. 
  3. GROUP G: This group is on one side of the Méndez Roadway and is made up of various palace-type constructions with 29 chambers. The outer wall of the 5E-58 structure is adorned in the form of grooves. The entrance to this complex is through a vaulted tunnel. The entrance is the mouth of a mask.
  4. COMPLEX P: It is at the end of the Maudslay Roadway. It has copies of Stella 20 and Altar 8, and it also contains five plain stellae and altars.
  5. GROUP F: This group is made up of four palace-type structures of the Late Classic period, partially consolidated. Nearby is the structure 5E-22, one of the two steam baths known in Tikal.
  6. COMPLEX Q: located to the East of Complex R. Stella 22 and Altar 10 are located here. It contains nine plain stellae and altars. It is partially restored, allowing a better idea of what constitutes this type of construction.
  7. PALACE OF THE WINDOWS: It is also known as Palace of the Bats. It is constructed of a group of structures located to the West of Temple II. The building which gives its name to the group is partially restored and has a large number of interconnected chambers. 
  8. NORTH ZONE: on the west side of the platform that holds the structure 3D-43 is the other bathhouse discovered in Tikal, covered by later constructions. Inside the structure 3D-43 was located the structure known as The Man of Tikal, of the Early Classic period. 

If you are interested on having more time to explore more this amazing city. Contact us, and we will be more than happy to customize one of our Tikal Tours for you. 

Expenses included

2 days & 1 night

$350 per guest

Private transportation, door to door service

Domestic flights: Guatemala City – Flores Island, round trip

 1 nights hotel accommodation

Local professional onsite guides

Park entrance fee

One breakfast and one lunch


Not included: international flights, personal, travel and cancellation insurance and other expenses than indicated.


Mayan sites of Aguateca and Ceibal. 

This expedition will give you exposure to some of the jungle and river areas of the country. Be on the lookout for many species of birds and other animals as you make your way across the river. On the other side of a lagoon is the Mayan site of Aguateca. The temples of the site of Ceibal are moderately restored and surrounded by a protected tropical forest. Duration: 1 day. Price per guest from: $100

Tour to the Mayan site of Yaxha

The entire North of Guatemala is full of Mayan settlements and exceptional Mayan cities, and this site is one of them. Enjoyed the splendor of being almost all by yourself at these awesome and magnificent archaeological sites in the heart of the Guatemalan jungle canopy. Yaxha is the perfect extension for those who want to explore more of the Mayan culture and get easy entry to it. Duration: a full day. Price per guest from: $80

4X4 Off road and bird watching excursion to Uaxactun

Discover one of the most secluded Mayan ruins in Guatemala on this one day excursion. Explore the archeological jewels dispersed in a little town and eyewitness how the protection of the ruins is mixed with work to assist the local settlement. Find out why this site is known to be the crib of the Mayan Calendar and the writing structure with one of our experienced guides; visit the earliest Mayan Arch in the world; and appreciate the antique pieces of art. The drive from Tikal to Uaxactun is approximately a 24 miles, about 45 minutes ride on a small dirt road, and then suddenly you will be in a small village inside of the jungle, with Mayan ruins on separate directions of the village, absolutely an extraordinary experience. Duration: one day. Price per guest from: $150

The Mayan Biosphere nature reserve

The Maya Biosphere Reserve is the biggest preserved lush forest in North America. Spread beyond 4.3 million acres (1.7 million hectares) in the north of Guatemala, this nature reserve protects huge areas of jungles, forests and the exceptional Mayan ruins that lie within them. There are countless mysterious Mayan ruins, most of them are still covered by the jungle canopy. Join one of our jungle hikes and discover one of the most hidden parts of the world. Duration from: 1 day. Price per guest from: $80

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