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Travel to Panama and Costa Rica and Learn Spanish

4 weeks & 28 nights - Group tour

During this holiday embark on exciting travels while learning Spanish! Explore Panama's cultural richness and relax in absolute paradise at a beach in the middle of the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Adventure on and experience Costa Rica’s rich flora and fauna.



4 weeks & 28 nights
During this holiday you will travel through different spots in Panama and Costa Rica and receive 72 hours of Spanish classes. The journey starts in the stunning metropolis Panama City. One of the highlights of your trip through Panama is the visit to the San Blas Islands, a group of hundreds of islands in the middle of the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Furthermore, you will stay in Boquete, a small town in the green mountain highlands of Panama and Bocas del Toro, a slow paced Caribbean Island group. In Costa Rica you will stay in Turrialba, a modern mountain town and a regional agricultural center. As final highlight of your journey you will make a 2 day white water rafting tour on the River Reventazon and camp one night in the middle of the jungle.

Panama Travel Package Holiday Highlights

Panama City
A great mixture of a stunning modern metropolis with an impressive old city and lots of culture.

Locks of Miraflores
The tree locks that form part of the unique Panama Canal which connects North and South America. From Miraflores it is possible to see the impressive process of ship transits.

San Blas Islands
A group of hundreds of still quite undiscovered islands in the middle of the turquoise Caribbean Sea. A place that be called a paradise on earth with good reason.

Rafting tour in Turrialba
Turrialba is also known as the gateway to some of the world’s best white water rafting. You will explore the jungle of Costa Rica during a two day rafting tour.

Panama Travel Package General information

Spanish courses
This journey to travel and learn Spanish includes 72 hours of Spanish classes.  All Spanish classes are in small groups with a maximum 6 students.

This Travel & Learn Spanish journey includes 28 nights of accommodation. Accommodations vary depending upon location.

Up on arrival to Panama City all transportation between the five locations you are going to visit until Turrialba en Costa Rica are included.