Trek Nebaj to Todos Santos


Trek Nebaj to Todos Santos. Enjoy the most beautiful mountains of Guatemala during this tour. This expedition offers travelers an exclusive experience in the Guatemalan countryside. You will visit towns and locations that most tourists have never even heard of. The excursion will grant you a different look at rural life in Guatemala.

Visit one of the most pure towns of rural Guatemala, where both the men and women still wear the traditional clothing of their ascendants, making a colorful and extraordinary aspect that you will not find anywhere else in Latin America.

This is a mountaineering adventure where you will enjoy a six-day walk through the highest mountain range in Central America with the highest cliffs reaching more than three thousand eight hundred meters of altitude.

They extend one thousand five hundred square kilometers, which also makes them the largest on the isthmus. During the tour, you can enjoy the biodiversity of the mountainous forest and the fresh air. There is nothing better than camping in the mountains and enjoying the sunset in nature.

To get to Todo Santos, you will pass through several picturesque villages. You will learn a little about the customs of the indigenous ‘Mam’ and the delight of their typical dishes. It is a personal satisfaction to have completed the journey of the highest mountain range in Central America. This tour in Guatemala is, without a doubt, an adventure.

Hidden treasures



Mayan culture


Town of ‘Nebaj’

‘Todos Santos’

Mountain Chain of ‘Cuchumatanes’


Day 1. Nebaj Town.

A private transport will take you from your hotel in Quetzaltenango to the municipality of ‘Nebaj’, a drive that will last approximately four hours. You will be traveling through very beautiful landscapes of the country during the trip.

Arriving in ‘Nebaj’, you will enjoy the typical food of the town. You will arrive at your hotel to relax and prepare for the adventure that will start tomorrow.

Day 2. The trek begins.

After a traditional breakfast in Nebaj, which is excellent for giving energy, the adventure begins. The guide will give you the necessary instructions for your safety so that you only worry about enjoying these wonderful tours in Guatemala. 

You will go through mountainous forests with beautiful tree species, the biodiversity of nature in its splendor. During the trek of this day, there will be breaks to relax and hydrate. At the end of the day, we will arrive at a local community so you can rest.

Day 3. Hike and camping.

This day will be a pure mountain trek. You will start the ascent to the country’s highlands, which are awaiting to show you the most beautiful rocky peaks and a splendid landscape with the purest air you have ever breathed. When you get here, you can enjoy and relax. The camp is set up, and you can enjoy the sunset in the mountains.

Day 4. Mayan Village.

On this day of trekking and hiking, you will pass through forests, ravines, streams and beautiful rock formations. At the end of the day, you will arrive at a small town to enjoy a bath of ‘temazcal, a Mayan sauna of hot stones and steam. This is just what is needed to recover. After a typical dinner of the region, you will rest before continuing the adventure.

Day 5. Wonderful mountains.

On the most intense day of the trek, you will have ascended to the highest point of the Cuchumatanes Mountain Range. Here you will have a spectacular view at more than three thousand eight hundred meters of altitude. Enjoy your achievement since you have climbed the highest mountain range in Central America. 

You can take the most spectacular photos for your memory album. Then, we will start the descent down the mountain to end the trek in the town of ‘Todos Santos’, where you can walk around and visit its picturesque typical shops and enjoy the most traditional food in the place.

“Way up in the highlands, the town of ‘Todos Santos’ is nestled at the bottom of a deep valley and bordered by beautiful forested slopes. It has excellent walking in the hills, and its horse racing festival at the start of November draws thousands of visitors” Lonely Planet.

Day 6. Return.

After a delicious typical breakfast, a private transport will take you from the municipality of Todos Santos back to your hotel in Xela to end the trip. You will be left with satisfaction and good times shared on the tours in Guatemala.

The trek to the highest mountain in all of Central America, the ‘Cuchumatanes’ Mountain Range, will remain forever in your good memories. 

Expenses included

5 days & 4 nights

$190 per guest

Private transportation, door to door service

Equipment: sleeping bags, sleeping pads and comfortable tents for camping at high-altitude

 Food: freshly prepared picnic lunch, dinner, and breakfast with juice, coffee, tea and snacks

Local certified onsite guides

Entrance fees for the tours listed in the itinerary

Daily breakfast


Not included: international flights, personal, travel and cancellation insurance and other expenses than indicated.

things to bring or wear
  • Hiking boots or trekking shoes. Do not bring sandals.
  • Large-capacity backpack (50L+) with rain cover
  • One warm layer and/or windbreaker
  • Rain jacket
  • Cold-weather clothing for near-freezing night-time temperatures at camp
  • Personal toiletries and/or medications
  • Camera, flashlight, hat, sunglasses & sunscreen
  • 4 liters of water (minimum)
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