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Unforgettable tourist attractions in Guatemala

This country is an outstanding melting of Mayan and natural treasures. A remarkable historical heritage and a rich biodiversity come together to offer travelers an authentic and unique experience. The varied colors of Mayan markets and the refined needlework of their local clothing are the perfect setting for the breathtaking background of the volcanoes, lakes, and endless mountain ranges. All of them are unforgettable tourist attractions in Guatemala.

Guatemala, a never-forgotten-experience

Guatemala owns a singular cultural and natural wealth, which accommodates a wide touristic offer that appeals to the demanding tastes, interests, and choices of travelers from around the world. 

Being able to make interesting adventure and cultural trips every day of the year is a characteristic that really tells apart Guatemala from other countries. Its great assortment of topography and hydrographic regions originate a diversity of sceneries and distinct weather conditions, multiple homes and ecosystems that result in a broad variety of flora and fauna. 

The territory is surrounded by coasts of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, where travelers can practice sport fishing, surfing and other adventures. Moreover, it also owns numerous lakes and lagoons, most of them of volcanic origin, such as the magnificent Lake of Atitlan and the Lagoon of Ipala. Other lakes are of fluvial origin, like Lake Peten and Lake Izabal, which is the largest in the nation and flows into Honduras Gulf through the River Dulce. 

It is important to emphasize that the people and the cultural legacy of Guatemala have developed the country into one of the best cultural travel destinations of Latin America and the world. The Maya population of Guatemala practices the oral tradition of passing its customs and traditions from generation to generation. The country also keeps a colonial past that remains in Antigua Guatemala, which was declared a World Heritage Site for Humanity by UNESCO, and guards the vestiges of millenary, ancestral civilization: the Mayans. 

Moreover, Guatemala offers an excellent hotel infrastructure, a gastronomic variety, complete airports and airstrip system, a broad land communication, and other complementary necessary facilities for travelers from all over the world. 

In a few words, traveling to Guatemala is a non-recurring, unparalleled, and never-to-be-forgotten experience, which is reachable to everyone.

Not-to-be-missed destinations in Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala, the most beautiful city of Central America.
Three impressive volcanoes surround the beautiful colonial city. Antigua Guatemala is located in a valley where they produced the best coffee of the world. Its cobblestone streets are an invitation for visitors to take a stroll and discover the spectacular monuments that await them at the turn of practically every corner of this marvelous city. Its impressive historical value and incomparable beauty has led UNESCO to declare it a World Heritage Site for humanity. The surroundings of this beautiful city are considered some of the best places in the country for mountain biking and birdwatching of regional endemic birds.

Tikal, the city of the voices. 
Spectacular Mayan temples protected by an exuberant tropical jungle marvel travelers who come to this park. They can admire the exquisite architecture of the Classic Mayan Period in all this splendor. The call of howling monkeys, the song of many birds and the comings and goings of spider monkeys welcome visitors to this paradisiac site. Our professional guides will take you on a magic journey.

Lake Atitlan. 
Considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lake Atitlan is surrounded by three impressive volcanoes and picturesque Mayan villages. You will find in each village the amazing. 

Living Mayan culture.
This is the ideal place to experience the surprising fusion of the Mayan conception of the world and the Catholic faith. Hikers can climb the three volcanoes surrounding the lake throughout the year and revel in the most spectacular views. Nature lovers and birdwatchers must not miss the opportunity to climb the San Pedro volcano, whose high peak is home to fabulous birds. 

Chichicastenango market. 
Market days on Thursdays and Sundays in this town are the ideal setting to admire the amazing living Mayan culture. Considered the largest indigenous market in the whole region, this famous site abounds in colors and the great diversity of products for sale, which include vegetables, flowers, handicrafts, and even farmyard animals. The religious syncretism between the Catholic faith and the indigenous beliefs can be seen inside the church, which is located in the center of the town. 

The active Volcano of Pacaya.
Probably the most well-known and most-frequently climbed volcano in Guatemala, Pacaya never ceases to amaze those who visit it. Because it is always active, its shape is constantly changing, so the experience when you visit it will always be different! While climbing it, you will be able to see striking views of the other volcanoes close by, such as Agua, Fuego and Acatenango.  

Semuc Champey.
An astounding system of natural pools set amid a dense tropical jungle. A natural limestone bridge spans for 500 meters above the waters of a mighty jungle river. There are various scenic peaceful turquoise-water pools. Travelers can see this incredible Natural Jewel from a look-out point atop a hill, after a one hour moderate hike. The clear water below invites travelers to take a refreshing dip in these outstanding pools. 

The Mayan City of Quirigua. 
This archaeological park safeguards the majestic remains of what once was a powerful Mayan city. It has the highest and best-conserved stelae in the whole Mayan region, well known for their exquisite carvings. 

This fine urban center is located in the mountains region of the Western Highlands, and it is also known as ‘Xela’. The notable combination of urbanism and nature, as well as a strong presence of the Mayan legacy evidenced by colorful textiles and exquisite cuisine make Xela a must-see location when visiting Guatemala. It is a well-known place to learn Spanish, due to its high-quality learning centers. The city has numerous hotels, bars, and restaurants, and it is a perfect place to stay before or after climbing some of the highest peaks in Central America found nearby. 

Rio Dulce and Livingston.
This is the striking entrance to the Guatemalan Caribbean. ‘Rio Dulce’ is the connection between Lake Izabal and the Atlantic Ocean. Due to its important role as a biological corridor and the extensive biodiversity it protects, it has been declared a National Park. The banks of this river are a spectacular landscape of exuberant tropical forests, which are ideal for bird watching tours. All of this incredible natural beauty is a taste of what you will find when reaching Livingston, the colorful home of the Garifunas. 

Guatemala City.
Guatemala City is the main gate to the country. It is a cosmopolitan city, one of the largest in the Central American region. It ha a grand past, since it was founded over a great Mayan City, ‘Kaminal Juyu’, Today, it offers a wide range of activities for those who visit it, which include tours to local archeological sites and the Historical Center of the city, and museum with spectacular archeological pieces and contemporary art.