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Between two oceans, this country holds endearing adventures and unforgettable experiences that you can discover beyond the capital city to see the most unique experiences in Panama. During this 9-day vacation package, you will visit the Casco Viejo in Panama City, the Valley of Anton, Portobello, White Beach and of course, you’ll have time to rest and relax at the idyllic islands of San Blas.

Have a closer look at the Panama culture, inhabitants and history, visit the Embera Quera community and learn about its colorful customs, traditions and dances. Travel Panama and discover the wonderful experiences it has for you with this family vacation package that you will certainly enjoy.

San Blas Islands

Soberania National Park




Panama City


The Valley of Anton

National Park of Soberania

The Golden Route

San Blas Island


Day 1. Arrival.

You will be meet at the airport upon your arrival and you be driven to your hotel in Panama City.

Day 2. Old town.

Today you will take a tour of the Old Town. This is the heart of the old city and its historic district. Today you will enjoy its picturesque streets and buildings, historical architecture, traditional art and excellent cuisine.  After you will be driven to Anton Valley, located inside the crater of an extinct volcano, “El Valle de Anton” is a quiet mountain town, quite close to Panama City. It is one of the few places in this country with temperate climates and even hot springs.

Day 3. Waterfall and hot springs.

Today you will enjoy the nature, history and wildlife of this beautiful valley that impresses with its exquisite location and fresh weather.  On the slopes of a mountain chain, we will explore the pre-columbian Petroglyphs The Painted Stone which have not been decoded to date, but the locals assure that it is an ancestral map for traders or a map of the caves that connect the surrounding mountains.  According to another version, it is believed that it tells the story of  the Valley of Anton.

Afterwards, the path that we will follow takes us to a clear stream of fresh water that comes down from the mountains above, with beautiful waterfalls where you can take a refreshing bath.  After the morning of adventures, you can relax in the astonishing Butterfly Heaven, a garden full of these amazing and beautiful creatures and to end the day, a warm and relaxing bath in the local Hot Springs.

Day 4. Portobelo.

Today you will be transferred to the train station in Belize and take a train to Colon, this is usually known as “The Golden Route”.  The train ride lasts about one hour, passing through the jungle, Soberanía National Park and along the Panama Canal. The railway system was built in 1850 to facilitate the construction of the Panama Canal.  

At your arrival you will be transferred to Portobelo city where you will learn about its particular history that even involves the attack of pirates.  Visit the fort of ‘Santiago’ and San Geronimo, the Merced Church remains and San Felipe Church.  Today you will also visit the carved statue of Jesus known as the “Black Christ ”, known as such due to the dark wood of which ist is made.

Day 5. Kayaking and snorkeling.

Today will be a day to enjoy the Panamanian Atlantic coast, white sands surrounded by dense wild vegetation, these idyllic places are accessible only by boat. Here you can just lounge around for as long as you want or venture into its crystal clear waters that offer unlimited opportunities for snorkeling and kayaking. Discover some of the most colorful reefs between Colón and the San Blas archipelago.

Day 6. Indigenous community.

This day you will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the English Embera Quera community. First you will navigate the Gatun River in a motorized canoe outside of the borada, the 30-minute tour allows you to enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna of the region. Upon arrival in the community, one of its members will explain its culture, food and language in detail. You can also enjoy traditional dances and crafts made by hand by the residents of the community.

Day 7. San Blas islands.

This day you will be able to take a glimpse of how the paradise must be like, you will visit some of the most popular of the 365 islands that make up the San Blas Archipelago.  As an interesting fact, of its 365 small islands and islets, only 80 of them are inhabited. During this tour you will not only be able to enjoy the idyllic islands, but also will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Guna culture and its history, listening to their language and learning how they continue to protect their customs, a tour for citizens of the world.

Day 8 – 9. Self-discovery.

Now with a basic knowledge of this beautiful Caribbean paradise and its local culture, you will have a free day to enjoy this exuberant archipelago and its natural and cultural wonders.

Day 10. Return home.

Unfortunately your travel ends today with a transfer to the international airport for your departure flight.  If you want to extend the adventure, just contact us and we will help you to plan.

Expenses included

10 days & 9 nights

$1,700 per guest

Private transportation, door to door service

9 nights hotel accommodation: hoteles carefully selected

Local certified onsite guides

 All park entrance fees

  Train tickets for the Golden Route tour

Daily breakfast


Not included: international flights, personal, travel and cancellation insurance and other expenses than indicated.


Lake and cave tour. In this tour you will discover one of Panama jewels: Lake Bayano Caves. First you will be transferred to the Guna community on Lake Bayano and a boat ride will take you to the entrance of the caves where the adventure begins. During the exploration you will go through crystalline lagoons; huge limestone rock formations, river crossings, large rocks, slippery ground etc., requiring some physical effort.

Some areas have deep waters within the caves, may be necessary to swim and other areas are so dark that we will need the use of lamps. If you are a bird lover, you will love this place, because you can see several species of birds such as: the ringed kingfisher, neotropic cormorant, osprey, toucans, blue heron, green heron, great egret, the great kiskadee, crested face and many others.

This impressive environment is also home to mammals such as the Neotropical river otter, the mantled howler monkey, the three-toed sloth, the northern tamandua, reptiles such as the Green Iguana, and a variety of amphibians and butterflies. Duration: one day. Price from: $90 per guest.

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