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12 days

Embark on a captivating ten-day journey to explore the enchanting wonders of El Salvador. Discover charming colonial towns, breathtaking waterfalls, refreshing hot springs, and stunning black sand beaches. As you travel along La Ruta de Las Flores, take in the delightful villages renowned for their coffee, handicrafts, and delectable gastronomical fairs.

The wonders of this country are endless, from the stunning coastline that hosts turtle nesting grounds to the hidden crater lakes within ancient volcanoes. And remember the charming colonial villages where mouthwatering cuisine awaits. These are experiences you won’t want to let slip away.

Tazumal ruins

These ruins are a complex of Maya architecture

Apaneca labyrinth

An ecological maze that tests your ability to find the exit


A colonial town

Los Tercios



Explore the wonders of vibrant villages bursting with stunning blooms and captivating murals on the Ruta de Las Flores. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of national parks and marvel at the sight of coffee plantations that grow on the slopes of majestic volcanoes. Enjoy a relaxing time on world-class dark-sand beaches.


When you arrive at the El Salvador international airport, a friendly driver will be there to meet you and take you to your hotel in the beautiful city of San Salvador, nestled amidst breathtaking volcanic scenery.
Two nights in San Salvador. 

Discover the breathtaking El Boqueron National Park, nestled at the peak of the San Salvador volcano – the most accessible volcano in the area. The parking lot is just a short 20-minute stroll from the summit.

Experience the breathtaking beauty of El Boqueron National Park with its lush greenery, stunning volcano crater, and diverse array of plant and animal life. Immerse yourself in the natural splendor of this remarkable destination and discover the wonders of nature in all its glory.

The green area’sarea’s paths offer an awe-inspiring perspective of the majestic mountain and its breathtaking surroundings. The San Salvador volcano’svolcano’s crater offers three unique viewpoints, each with a stunning view. 

Discover the beauty of San Salvador by taking a city tour that will lead you to some of the most remarkable attractions in the country. Among them, the El Rosario church is a true masterpiece of Central America. Although its exterior may seem modest, the inside reveals a breathtaking display of arched roofs and vibrant natural light that illuminates the altar and reflects off the metal and rock.

The National Theater, located in the capital, still showcases significant productions. It underwent renovations in the mid-20th century, adopting the French classical style. The Metropolitan Cathedral holds great importance as the prominent landmark of the city. You will be delighted by the courtyard of the National Palace, located on the west side of Plaza Barrios. Look at the Gothic towers of the El Calvario Church, which are worth seeing amidst the bustling street vendors. 

Start your day off with a visit to Jiquilisco Bay, the largest marine ecosystem in El Salvador. This unique region is also home to the vital hawksbill turtle spawning season from May to September

The reserve is a remarkable haven for numerous endangered species of seabirds, reptiles, and various other wildlife. With its natural canals, surrounded by mangrove forests and islands, this stunning location provides a safe and secure sanctuary for these beautiful creatures to thrive.

Your lodge is near a beautiful water channel surrounded by mangroves, forests, and operational chocolate and banana plantations. You can relax with a refreshing iced coconut drink and appreciate the pleasant sounds of birds during dusk while witnessing the stunning sunset over the bay.

Embark on a boat tour through the intricate mangrove canals to witness the incredible work of the Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Initiative. This vital project involves carefully measuring, weighing, and tagging hawksbill marine turtles to understand their growth and well-being better. With the guidance of a knowledgeable biologist, learn more about how this initiative is working tirelessly to protect and preserve these precious creatures.

We’ll have the chance to explore some charming rural communities in El Salvador during our trip, providing us with a deeper insight into the region. The trip will take about two and a half hours.
Two nights in Jiquilisco Bay

In the morning, you will meet the hardworking workers at a nearby cacao plantation. They will teach you the fascinating process of harvesting and preparing chocolate. This experience will give you a unique perspective on the lifestyle of rural coastal communities.

Today at Jiquilisco Bay, you can engage in various optional activities, including biking through the natural reserve, kayaking through the mangroves, and sailing through the bay’s islands.

Our next destination is the enchanting colonial town of Suchitoto. Still, first, we have the chance to explore the breathtaking countryside of El Salvador. Our first stop will take us to the Laguna de Alegria (Happiness Lagoon), nestled within the crater of the inactive Volcano Tecapa.

The lagoon’s vibrant green hue results from the minerals and sulfur that grace its waters. The water possesses healing properties, making it a remarkable sight. 

We’ve just arrived in Suchitoto, a peaceful lakeside town, and decided to experience something new for dinner. Throughout our travels in El Salvador, we’ve been intrigued by the distinct clapping sound that resonates through the streets. This sound comes from the women who are expertly patting down large circles of rich corn dough, which they fill with a delicious combination of black beans, vegetables, cheese, and meats. These mouthwatering delicacies, called pupusas, are the pride and joy of El Salvador’s national cuisine. Tonight, we will have the privilege of learning how to make them ourselves and then savoring a genuinely satisfying meal together.
Two nights in Suchitoto

Start your day with tranquility by taking a serene boat ride on Lake Suchitlan and admiring the breathtaking sunrise. This tour is an excellent opportunity to witness the diverse bird species and observe the skilled local fishermen setting out to catch their daily bounty.

Suchitoto is a destination that always manages to charm visitors with its picturesque plazas and cobblestone streets. The town’s vibrant arts scene and rich cultural traditions add to its allure.

Explore with an expert guide and discover the charming colonnaded streets—Marvel at the simple yet elegant whitewashed houses with wooden balconies and terracotta tiled roofs. Experience more than a millennium of historical significance, from the early pre-Hispanic era to today’s cultural revival, including times of conflict and civil strife.

Los Tercios waterfalls in Suchitoto are a sight to behold. Its unique appearance, with foot-wide slices of vertical rock jutting out along the 9m high face, is a testament to the beauty of nature. The stones’ distinctive shape is due to the rapid cooling of ancient magma, making it a true wonder to see. Although the waterfalls only flow from May to December, the unique rock formations are the main attraction, making it worth visiting year-round. 

Next on our itinerary is Joya de Ceren, an archaeological site listed by UNESCO that resembles Pompeii. Joya de Ceren, a humble Maya community, was enveloped by volcanic ash in AD 595 during the eruption of Laguna Caldera Volcano. The belongings left behind by the evacuees reveal remarkable insights into ancient agricultural practices, construction techniques, and food preservation skills. 

The preserved structures include the house of the village’s shaman and the Tamascal sweat lodge. The museum houses many models and artifacts from the town, with a particularly intriguing exhibit being a small dish with fingerprints visible in the remains of an interrupted meal.

We’ll explore Cerro Verde National Park in the breathtaking Apaneca-Llamatepec Biosphere Reserve. This magnificent park is near the newly formed Izalco volcano and the towering Santa Ana, El Salvador’s highest volcano, with one of the largest craters in the world. During a short walk, we’ll have the opportunity to witness the aftermath of Santa Ana’s recent eruption and take in the awe-inspiring views of the surrounding volcanoes.

After our tour, we will proceed to the stunning Coatepeque crater lake. We will dine at a restaurant offering an exceptional lake view. Our next stop in our journey is the charming colonial town of Concepcion de Ataco. Wander through the cobblestone streets and revel in the vibrant murals, savor the local crafts, indulge in the delicious food, and bask in the pleasant weather.
Three nights in Concepcion de Ataco. 

Embark on a journey through charming villages offering a rich artisan experience, delicious coffee, breathtaking waterfalls, and natural pools. Experience the stunning beauty of the Ruta de las Flores in El Salvador, where you’ll go on a winding journey through several small villages, each with its unique charm and stunning colonial-era buildings.

Concepcion de Ataco is a remarkable village that draws visitors from far and wide for its lively street art adorning numerous buildings throughout the town.

On our journey, we had the excellent opportunity to visit Juayua, a town known for its captivating weekend food festival. We were delighted by the diverse street food stalls serving various culinary delights such as barbecued meats, giant prawns, fried frog skewers, and even guinea pigs in some booths. We were also impressed by the delectable desserts available, including heaps of ice cream and sweet buns accompanied by locally produced coffee.

The archeological site of El Tazumal holds great significance as a ceremonial center of the Mayan civilization in El Salvador. 

Visitors can explore a museum showcasing artifacts demonstrating active trade with Panama and Mexico. Detailed explanations are available in Spanish. The Estela de Tazumal, a remarkable 2.65m-high basalt monolith inscribed with hieroglyphics, is among the many discoveries at the National Museum of Anthropology David J Guzman in San Salvador. 

Although visitors are not allowed to walk on the pyramids due to a chain-link enclosure, the site’s proximity to everyday Salvadoran life creates a powerful connection to the present. The site is located right at the heart of the charming town of Chalchuapa, where daily life continues to thrive along the very streets once traversed by the Maya.

Discover the wonder of Casa Blanca ruins, a serene getaway across the highway from the Chalchuapa town center and the Tazumal site. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Preclassic Maya ruins and surrounding woodland, and explore the remarkable museum with detailed English explanations. Enjoy the opportunity to visit the indigo workshop and create your vibrant fabrics.

Your day ends with tranquility at the Santa Teresa Hot Springs (Termales Santa Teresa). The large, beautifully tiled pools and serene ambiance will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Embark on a breathtaking drive along the picturesque coastline to La Libertad, renowned as one of the premier surfing destinations in the Americas. Take a moment to explore the artisanal fish market on La Libertad Pier, a must-visit spot for seafood enthusiasts. Here, you can witness the small fishing boats unload their catch and indulge in some delectable giant red snapper (Camarones) or have it prepared for you at one of the kiosks outside.

Spend two enchanting nights at a beachfront hotel with unparalleled ocean views and access to one of the region’s striking black-sand beaches. 

As your time in El Salvador ends, the day is yours to spend as you, please. The coastline spanning 190 miles is renowned for its natural beauty and challenging surf, offering an array of world-famous point breaks, colorful fishing ports, and beaches with black to brown and gold sands. We recommend El TuncoEl Zonte, and Sunzal beaches, where warm waters, delicious seafood, and friendly locals await. 

For those seeking to surf, the beaches here offer consistent waves and exceptional opportunities to take lessons. If you prefer a different adventure, consider including the Tamanique waterfalls outside La Libertad, where you can experience a refreshing swim in the pool beneath the cascading waterfall.

After enjoying the beautiful beach, it will be time to depart for San Salvador International Airport and head back home.

map, expenses & price

Explore El Salvador

Expenses included:
-All private transportation.
-Eleven nights of hotel accommodations.
-Tours and excursions as listed.
-Professional certified guides.
-All park entrance fees.
-Daily breakfast.

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