Central America

Our Central America Tours have a little bit of everything: unique Mayan cities, natural wonders, jungles, active volcanoes, the barrier reef, dazzling beaches, and endless sights to discover.

Trips in Central America

Central America is a lush, tropical vacation paradise that is little known to most travelers.

It holds 14 active and hundreds more inactive volcanoes to climb. Home to the Mayan empire, many countries offer tours of spectacular Mayan ruins that are over 4,000 years old.

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Tours in Central America and Mexico

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Explore natural wonders to see what diverse wildlife, including toucans, jaguars, and monkeys, awaits you. This jungle-clad, coffee-growing, lava-flowing country surely doesn’t hold back with Mayan Cities and lively textiles on sale at market stalls in the highlands. Your Guatemalan trip will reveal all but one of its prominent secrets; how this Central American treasure is still broadly unexplored will go on to continue a mystery. You will find no Mayan ruins as giant as in this wonderland.

Best appreciate slowly

Impressive reefs for divers, ruins for history enthusiasts, multicolored wildlife for bird watchers, and lively markets for culture vultures. Delightful Belize’s natural gems and historic memorable sights will steal your heart. Kayaking in Belize can take you from reef to jungle or hundreds of atolls, and little islands. Whether you choose to relax in your jungle lodge or discover the caves of the Mayan underworld, you’ll find your excellent Belize tour.

Once is not sufficient

Mexico highlights the lively Latin culture with vibrant festivals and active traditions. The nation’s capital, Mexico City, is a tourist hot spot for lovers of art, language, music, and history. The Yucatan Peninsula is home to one of the new seven wonders of the world: Chichen Itza. Coastal cities like Playa del Carmen and Tulum are known for their white sand beaches and reefs. Mexico’s Cenotes are hidden gems, with crystal clear freshwater.

Everything is here

If you’re looking for immaculate beaches, an easygoing lifestyle and some fascinating Mayan ruins then look no further. Honduras is blazing with reefs, ruins, rivers, and jungles. Beach-lovers will certainly want to discover the Bay Islands, located just off the east coast. The three main islands Utila, Roatan, and Guanaja provide a laid-back atmosphere, white sand beaches, and plenty of nightlife. Explore all the natural beauty of Honduras.

El Salvador
Where joy finds you

For a small country, El Salvador has a great punch. Santa Ana is the country’s largest and most active volcano with a delightful turquoise lake sitting in the crater. No vacation is complete without a visit to Suchitoto, a quaint town with colonial architecture, and a morning surf on the big waves of El Tunco, the perfect beach to vacation. Not to mention, they are famous for exquisite foods like Pupusas, and Quesadillas. 

Home of fine treasures

Nicaragua overflows with natural charm. It can be difficult to choose between spotting monkeys, hiking volcanoes, or just relaxing at the immaculate beaches of San Juan del Sur. The city of Leon is packed with revolutionary murals, delicate architecture, and is a brief drive from Volcano Cerro Negro, the best place for volcano boarding. Granada is a timeless colonial town, marked by horse-drawn carriages and colorful houses.

Costa Rica
You have to see it

Its nature reservoirs are home to the most colorful wildlife in Central America. Some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Jungle expeditions and seaside chill in lush heaven. As you travel under tropical jungle canopies, along dazzling beaches, you’ll shortly be full of enduring experiences. Spot toucans in Monteverde’s misty cloud forest, or listen to the far-off whoop of white-faced capuchins in Corcovado, but truly, it’s the pace of life here that stands out.

Always delightful

Home to one of the world’s most extraordinary contemporary engineering wonders, Panama brings historic nostalgia. Yet there’s more to this nation than the wonderful Panama Canal, and tourists lucky enough to visit Panama will be gladly astonished by the vast beaches, dramatic surf waves, delicate colonial towns, and enchanted jungles. Panama natural reservoirs, such as Rain Forests Discovery Center, allow you to get in touch with its biological richness.


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Why should you travel to Central America?

The countries in these areas are characterized by their mild climates and dazzling biodiversity. Our Central America tours offer you a wide variety of activities and places to visit in this region, home of the ancient Mayan Culture. Enjoy all the wonders Central American countries have for you, including active volcanoes, lush forests and jungles, historical Mayan Cities, surprising natural reserves, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

world-class destinations

Central America has it all.

The second-largest coral reef in the world runs through Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. The only freshwater shark in the world lives in Nicaragua, and the largest rodent, the Capybara, lies in Panama. For bird-watching lovers, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and El Salvador are the best choices.

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