Central America

Between 7 countries, our Central America Tours have a little bit of everything: unique Mayan cities, natural wonders, jungles, active volcanoes, the barrier reef, white and black sand beaches, and endless sights to discover.

Trips in Central America

Central America is a lush, tropical vacation paradise that is little known to most travelers.

It holds 14 active and hundreds more inactive volcanoes to climb. Home to the Mayan empire, many countries offer tours of spectacular Mayan ruins that are over 4,000 years old.

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Tours in Central America

Beautiful beaches and dense rain-forests line the north and south coasts. Each country has a distinct and historic culture to share. Latin hospitality will make you feel at home the moment you step foot in Central America. See a couple of our sample itineraries here:

Mayan trail

3 countries
23 days

Guatemala & Belize

10 days

Mayan Treasures

3 countries
15 days

Mexico & Guatemala

Culture & nature
13 days

Central America

3 countries
14 days


The barrier reef
17 days

Sustainable trip

Responsible tourism
14 days


14 days

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Why should you travel to Central America?

The countries in these areas are characterized for their mild climates and dazzling biodiversity. Our Central America tours offer you a wide variety of activities and places to visit in this region, home of the ancient Mayan Culture. Enjoy all the wonders Central America countries have for you, including active volcanoes, lush forests and jungles, historical Mayan Cities, surprising natural reserves, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

world-class destinations

Central America has it all.

The second largest coral reef in the world runs through Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. The only freshwater shark in the world lives in Nicaragua, and the largest rodent, the Capybara, lies in Panama. For bird-watching lovers, Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Salvador are the best choices.

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