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Travel back in time with Nicaraguaโ€™s colonial cities and rich architecture. Awaken your inner explorer at the sight of the towering volcanoes, winding rivers, deep jungles, and beautiful lakes.

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Why you should travel to Nicaragua?

Nicaragua has something for every traveler. The city of Leon is full of revolutionary murals, beautiful architecture, and is a short drive from Volcano Cerro Negro, the best place in Central America for volcano boarding. Granada is a timeless colonial city, marked by the horse-drawn carriages and colorful buildings. The surrounding Lake Nicaragua is perfect for a kayak tour or swim to end the day. โ€œThere are vast and varied adventures one can have in this country. With its abundance of volcanoes, sunny coastlines, rich historic cities, exotic wildlife, and enchanting cloud forests there is bound to be something for everyone.โ€ National Geographic In Nicaragua, a rich flora and fauna among other howler monkeys, iguanas, toucans and parrots, awaits the traveler in untouched jungles. Volcanoes in these areas are ideal for hiking, and the beautiful crystal clear lakes can be enjoyed as well. In the colonial city of Leon, a big number of historic Spanish colonial homes and churches can be found there. It takes you back in time. Moreover, โ€˜Ometepeโ€™ Island is home to two large volcanoes with waterfalls and natural springs. The island is the largest island in the world found within a freshwater lake. It is admired for its two majestic volcanoes, a rich archaeological background, relaxing beaches and its numerous natural reserves and forests that enjoy a high biodiversity. In San Juan del Sur at the Pacific coast is ideal for surfing and fishing along the beautiful beaches, with exciting nightlife.
Surfing in Nicaragua
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Surf in Nicaragua

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Nicaragua Tours... for everyone!
If you are thinking of traveling to this Central American country for your next vacation, we have the ideal Nicaragua tours for you. Known as the land of lakes and volcanoes, this country lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, which makes it possess an abundant biodiversity. In a Nicaragua tour, you can choose from a historical and pleasant walk through the colonial city of โ€˜Granadaโ€™, venture to meet the two largest volcanoes in โ€˜Ometepeโ€™ Island or go for a pleasant jungle hike to paradisiac waterfalls and natural springs. If you are an adrenaline-lover and looking for an exciting adventure, the most active volcano in Nicaragua, โ€˜Cerro Negroโ€™, offers the exciting opportunity to do Volcano Boarding.