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Trips in Central America and Mexico

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This is how we can provide truly inspiring journeys in all of Central America and Mexico even for a relatively small budget.

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The entire family can enjoy, as we have excursions for all ages. Our tours include jungles, volcanoes, Mayan ruins lakes and beaches.

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Tours in Central America

Beautiful beaches and dense rainforests line the north and south coasts. Each country has a distinct and historic culture to share. Latin hospitality will make you feel at home the moment you step foot in Central America. See a couple of our sample itineraries here:

It is all you need

Our Guatemala trips take you through ancient Maya Cities, the volcanoes of the Guatemalan highlands, and colonial towns. Visit indigenous families and take in the vibrant Mayan culture on interactive Guatemala expeditions. You’ll wander the fascinating mountain towns, acclaimed for their colorful markets, and looming volcanoes. Discover archaeological sites deep in the jungles.

Best appreciate slowly

Mayan Gateway’s Belize tours provide an exceptional array of experiences packed into this delicate country. From the Mayan ruins, caves, reefs, and beaches you’ll enjoy a collection of outdoor adventures such as snorkeling, sailing, hiking, caving, and more. Snorkeling in Belize is superb, and scuba divers choose Belize for its marine life and immaculate waters. Find your excellent Belize tour.

Once is not sufficient

Our Mexico trips allow you to experience the different cultures and contrasting landscapes of Mexico as few travelers have the chance to do so. Discover many Mayan Cities, hike, bike, and go on multi-experience tours in Mexico. Experience Mexico’s traditional indigenous culture and taste traditional dishes. Go snorkeling, and dive in paradisiacal islands, and the coral barrier reef.

Everything is here

Home to biodiverse rainforests, Mayan Ruins, and boundless parks filled with wildlife, Honduras has so much to offer. With world-class snorkeling, diving, and incredible weather, Honduras provides some of the best value in the area for travelers. There is something for every kind of tourist. The Bay Islands are home to astonishing reefs and many types of marine life, making them snorkelers, and divers’ heaven.

El Salvador
Where joy finds you

For such a tiny country, El Salvador displays a big punch. Santa Ana is the country’s largest volcano with a dazzling turquoise lake sitting in the crater. No trip is complete without a visit to Suchitoto, an old-fashioned village with colonial architecture, and a morning surf on the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Along with the Archeological Site Joya de Ceren, El Salvador highlights the natural delicacy of Central America.

Home of fine treasures

On a Nicaragua tour with us, you can discover active volcanoes, rainforests, cloud forests, handicrafts markets, dazzling beaches, and colonial towns in a single trip. Walk along the streets of colonial Leon and Granada. Kayak in calmness amidst hundreds of tiny islands next to active volcanoes on Lake Nicaragua. Zip-line through Mombacho’s cloud forests, then hike and bike Ometepe Island’s twin volcanoes. 

Costa Rica
You have to see it

Costa Rica provides an astonishing variety of adventures, and places with tropical rainforests, immaculate beaches, and a superabundance of wildlife. Our expeditions might include excursions like rainforest zipline tours, volcano hikes, boat trips, and more. Costa Rica has a great, illustrious history of ecotourism, and adventure travel, with some of the most advanced conservation programs in Latin America.

Always delightful

Panama’s natural reservoirs give you the chance to get in touch with its biological abundance. Enjoy the tropical islands, where you can enjoy the reefs, such as Contadora Island or San Blas, or the marvelous urban landscapes in Casco Viejo. Certainly, a visit to what is considered the eighth world wonder cannot be missed, as the Panama Canal is a miracle of engineering and you will be able to see it in action.


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