The volcano and mountain chain in Cerro Verde National Park

El Salvador Tours

El Salvador Trip

Go on a 5-day adventure to uncover the hidden treasures of El Salvador. From coffee plantations surrounded by stunning volcanoes to secluded black sand beaches perfect for surfing, this trip has something for everyone. Discover charming villages adorned with colorful murals and breathtaking national parks. El Salvador offers many attractions, including colonial towns, magnificent volcanoes, remarkable handicrafts, picturesque beaches, and exquisite cuisine that is among the finest in the region.

The white church Santa Lucia is seen above the tile roofs in Suchitoto

El Salvador Tours

The best of El Salvador

Embark on a 7-day adventure in El Salvador and discover the country’s unique culture, breathtaking nature, delicious cuisine, and stunning beaches. Experience everything this charming Central American nation offers, from its fascinating customs and traditions to its diverse flora and fauna, while interacting with its welcoming locals.

A View from Espiritu de la Montana of Gulf of Fonseca in El Salvador.

El Salvador Tours

Honeymoon for Adventurous Couples

El Salvador offers the perfect honeymoon destination for couples searching for romance and adventure. From the charming Ruta de Las Flores (Flowers Route) to the relaxing Hot Springs and the exciting experiences at Cerro Verde National Park and Santa Ana Volcano with its breathtaking crater, this 10-day honeymoon adventure will pique your interest.

A surfer enters the waves in El Tunco beach during sunset

El Salvador Tours

Surfing in El Salvador

El Salvador is a small country with many beaches; you’re always near the ocean. The water temperature is consistently warm, averaging around 27 degrees Celsius. If you enjoy surfing, you’ll find plenty of beaches with excellent wave breaks, making it an ideal place to practice and improve your skills. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate surfer, we offer highly customized surf programs. This 8-day trip is perfect for anyone who loves to surf.

A group of tourists walks with the Volcano Izalco in the background

El Salvador Tours

El Salvador Adventure

This itinerary is an exhilarating 14-day adventure to witness El Salvador’s mesmerizing natural beauty of waterfalls, hot springs, and other scenic wonders. The Flowers Route presents a plethora of handicrafts, gastronomical fairs, and quaint villages home to rich coffee plantations. Your journey commences in the stunning city of San Salvador, the capital of this beautiful country.

A Mayan pyramid in Tazumal

El Salvador Tours

Explore El Salvador

Set off on a ten-day itinerary to discover the magical marvels of El Salvador. You’ll uncover delightful colonial towns, awe-inspiring waterfalls, invigorating hot springs, and picturesque black sand beaches. As you journey along La Ruta de Las Flores, you’ll be entranced by charming villages celebrated for their coffee, handicrafts, and delicious culinary events.

Antigua Guatemala and its surrounding volcanoes

El Salvador Tours, Guatemala Tours, Nicaragua Tours

Central America trip

This 14-day or 19-day adventure goes through Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua and discovers the incredible wonders of these three sibling countries. Immerse yourself in Guatemalan culture as you explore impressive archaeological ruins and learn about Mayan. Indulge in the breathtaking beauty of El Salvador’s waterfalls, hot springs, and vibrant “Flowers Route.” Nicaragua boasts some of the world’s finest natural beauty, making it a hidden gem waiting for travelers.