Mexico’s stories of ancient civilizations and the Mayan empire are intricately woven into its rich culture. Explore crystal clear lagoons, ancient cities, white sand beaches, and much more.

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Spend your vacations in a country full of color and history, delicious gastronomy and beautiful traditions. During your trip, you will experience the cordial character of its people and collect memories of its archaeological zones, sunny beaches, magic little towns, big cities, places declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, and its cultural and natural destinations.

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Tours in Mexico

From the most beautiful expression of the arts and history in its capital city to the most impressive Mayan Cities such as ‘Chichen Itza’, you will be in awe. From the beauty of its coastal cities of ‘Playa del Carmen’ and ‘Tulum’ to its natural wonders such as the ‘Sumidero’ Canyon or its well known ‘Cenotes’, your Mexico tour can include all the sights you’re looking for to live an authentic adventure. Choose a Mexico Tour, and enjoy all the marvels this country has to offer to all its visitors.

La Riviera Maya

Caribbean and ruins
7 days

Mayan Cities

Captivating ruins
14 days

Enchanted Chiapas

Natural wonders & ruins
9 days

Fabulous Treasures

10 days

Magical towns

12 days

Thrilling Escape

Explore & adventure
7 days

Hidden Gems

Wonderful jewels
15 days

Day of the dead

7 days

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Mexico highlights the lively Latin culture with vibrant festivals and active traditions. The nation’s capital, Mexico City, is a tour hot spot for lovers of art, language, music, and history. The Yucatan Peninsula is home to one of the new seven wonders of the world: Chichen Itza. Coastal cities like Playa del Carmen and Tulum are known for their white sand beaches and tall palm trees. Mexico’s Cenotes are hidden gems, with crystal clear freshwater perfect for a well-deserved swim.

Mexico Tours FAQ’s

In Mexico, we have a collection of delightful accommodations such as jungle lodges, lovely bed and breakfasts, family apartments, colonial and boutique hotels with all of the contemporary facilities. Principaly, we offer small, family-run hotels that are owned by locals and cassical of each area instead of big chain resorts. 

Daily breakfast is included in most of our tours. We offer flexibility, balance and convenience regarding lunches and dinners. The prices include meals on our excursions when you are exploring off the beaten track where there are not many restaurants.

In the bigger cities, where there are many restaurants, we mostly do not include meals, to give our guests the chance to select their own food cravings. Our guides or hotel staff are able to suggest some wonderful local and international restaurants. 

Mexico has an exceptional food culture, during our journeys you will be able to experience either through visits to local restaurants or through cooking experiences. We offer custom-made cooking workshops and culinary experiences, focusing on Mexican long-established meals, including Mexican legends, history, and crafts

All of our guides are amazing. Our local guides are well qualified and exceptionally knowledgeable, additionally they share a sense of fun, making the atmosphere of the journey friendly and casual.

We organize private transportation for our tours including cars, vans, motor boats, canoes, kayaks, etc. All the vehicles are comfortable and in great condition. 

Yes and no, Mexico is a great country blessed with lush jungle, natural wonders, rainforest, wildlife, and the wonderful barrier reef. The tours we organize vary from adventurous to culture and relaxing, and can almost always be personalized to suit the wishes of your family.

Some journeys have longer driving times or more lodges in the mountains than others, so these may be more suitable for older children. Please contact us as to what type of excursions would be most convenient for you and your family.

The prices do not include international flights. We believe that it is frequently less expensive for our guests to book these independently and this also gives you flexibility to choose the routes and times that work best for you. You may purchase international flights directly through, or we will surely assist you arrange these flights with an airline company that works with Mexican flights.

A representative will be waiting for you outside of arrivals in Mexico. You should find him or her standing straight outside of the customs check after the baggage claim and holding a sign with your name on it. Mexico is a big country with many airports, please contact us if you have questions on where our representative will be waiting for you.

You can book your Mexico journey anytime. For most tours, 2-3 months in advance works well, though the Day of the Dead, the Holiday Season, Holy Week amongst other important festivities may fill up 5-6 months earlier. We generally recommend that you wait to buy your international flights until after your trip is confirmed. The earlier that we organize your itinerary, the earlier that you can take advantage of flight offers as they are available with airlines.

We are regularly able to welcome last minute reservations, some even departing in less than one week. Contact us and we work to match a journey that works best for you.

Definitely yes. Our trip pages have extensions where you can get ideas from for additional excursions, or you can contact us for further suggestions and advice. We can arrange additional days in most of our journeys. Let us know how you would like to extend your stay and we will definitely work to arrange your itinerary.

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