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Explore Panama’s traditional Latin American cities, dive into their indulgent cuisine, spend a weekend island-hopping, and take a tour down the famous Panama Canal.

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Panama Tours

Why you should travel to Panama?

Discover remnants of Spanish reign in the crumbling architecture of UNESCO-listed Casco Viejo, hidden in the bustling Panama City. Tour the famous Panama Canal to see it in action, then continue your travels in the mountain town of Boquete. Highlights of this vacation spot include 12 zip-lines through a cloud forest, coffee farm tours, and hiking trails. Whether you prefer the island life on Bocas del Toro in the north, or island-hopping the San Blas Islands of the south; Panama has it all.

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Panama Tours

There are many reasons to pick a Panama tour for your next vacation in Central America, as this is an eclectic and fun destination. Panama is everything you expect from Latin America and more. Panama natural reservations, such as Rain Forests Discovery Center, offer you the opportunity to get in touch with its biological richness. Enjoy the tropical islands, where you can enjoy the sun and the beach, such as ‘Contadora’ Island or ‘San Blas’ or the incredible urban landscapes in “Casco Viejo” or Old Quarter, where you feel like you’ve gone back in time. 

You can get to know the customs of an authentic ethnic group, ‘Embera Quera’. Surely, a visit to what is considered the eighth world wonder cannot be missed, as the Panama Canal is a marvel of engineering and you will be able to see it in action.

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