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Traveling through Central America can certainly be a dream vacation. We think of everything so that you can travel and enjoy your vacation to the fullest without worrying about anything.


Scenarios and solutions

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The objective of this plan: Provide security to travelers through defined actions and procedures to be carried out in the event of failure or harm by service cuts or natural or human phenomena by providing a solution and keeping the continuity of the operations. The procedures are principally oriented to prevent actions aimed at avoiding and/or reducing risk situations.

Scenarios and solutions

Our Response: Contact the airline to know when they are going to send the suitcase and tell them which hotel to send it to.
Who to inform: Office, airline, hotel staff. 
Observations: Although our trips do not always include international flights

Our Response: If there are roadblocks the authorities, and therefore us, do not know about ahead of time. We coordinate the transfer of the passengers to another vehicle or return to the point of origin to avoid long waits on the road 
Who to inform: Office, drivers, guides. 
Observations: We stay informed to reschedule transfers or routes

Our Response: If any mechanical failure occurs, our drivers have support vehicles to assist or replace the primary, if necessary 
Who to inform: Office, drivers, mechanical support 
Observations: The vehicles we use are of recent models and are checked regularly to keep them in optimal condition. 

Our Response: We work with a wide network of hotels and accommodations in all countries and have open, fast, and direct communication with them to find solutions to any issue that may arise. If the problem is serious, such as a permanent lack of water and the hotel is not able to provide a solution, we would relocate the guests to another hotel with availability.  
Who to inform: Office, and hotel staff
Observations: For safety, we make the reservations and re-confirm with them well in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

Our Response: Call or provide information from the nearest pharmacy, doctor, or medical center (depending on need)  
Who to inform: Office, health center, drug store 
Observations: We know the pharmacies and health centers near the destinations in all countries so that our guests have quick access to them. 

Our Response: If someone is injured during tours, hikes, or treks, guides can call another guide to return with the injured person. In many hikes and treks, horses and mules may be available to assist in the return of the guest.
Who to inform: Office, Assistance guide/person
Observations: In any case of accident or injury, we would coordinate your transfer to the nearest health service center. 

Our Response: We provide the contact of your nearest embassy or consulate and transfer you there. If the embassy or consulate is within the urban limits, the transfer will have no extra cost. Otherwise, we will only charge the minimum cost.
Who to inform: Office, Embassy, or consulate 
Observations: We recommend bringing the phone numbers of your embassy in each of the countries you are going to travel 

Our Response: If the delay of a flight could cause the inability to make the scheduled transfer to the next destination on your travel itinerary, we will assist you in making a reservation at a nearby hotel, if necessary. We will also re-organize or cancel the activities that are affected due to the delay of a flight 
Who to inform: Office, driver, hotel
Observations: We are always checking your flight status to know if there is going to be any delay. We schedule the tours and transfers with a reasonable margin of time because we always avoid night transfers for security reasons.

Our Response: If due to any personal emergency, the traveler must return to their country, we will help them to organize a transfer to the airport from which the return flight leaves.
Who to inform: Office, driver, airport
Observations: We always listen and advise our travelers along the way, so you can freely ask for our guidance

Our Response: In the strange and uncommon event of these magnitudes, we would be forced to change and/or cancel the itinerary or some section of it for security. If the event occurred while travelers are already at the destination, we would coordinate transportation to the next destination. Or if necessary transportation to the nearest international airport so they can take their flight home.
Who to inform: Office, guides, drivers, airports
Observations: In these isolated, but possible incidents, organization, and assertiveness are imperative to provide the best solutions to our customers.

Natural Disasters

Central America has a high level of vulnerability to natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc.). And unfortunately, it is not in our hands to control or prevent those. To reduce any risk, as much as possible, the destinations that we offer you are in areas with less risk in each country, and we do not do tours at times or places in which the authorities inform us that they are prone to flooding. Also, the hotels and accommodations we use have safe and adequate facilities to offer you comfort and safety.

As a specialized travel agency in the Central America area, Mayan Gateway knows the area closely. So, our tourism contingency plan focuses on identifying and avoiding possible risks before they occur. The personalized itineraries we design for you are based on our direct knowledge of the places and safe activities. They are made to avoid the risk-prone part of the route in all countries, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation time.

Advantages of traveling with us

1. Qualified and certified tour guides, trek leaders, drivers.
2. We work only with certified guides and highly qualified personnel for each step of your trip.
3. Provide clear and honest crisis communication.
4. We maintain direct and continuous communication with both our guests, drivers, and guides to be ahead of any eventuality. For that, we recommend our travelers install WhatsApp on their phones. As we can create a group with our office, drivers and guides. You will have WiFi in all of the hotels and most of the restaurants and coffee shops, so you don’t need a cell phone or SIM card in the country. 
5. Stay informed about possible negative travel advice.
6. With the actualized and continuous knowledge of people living in the area, we determine a risk management strategy and plan the route of your trip so that we avoid any possible risk.
7. Safety standards.
8. We maintain and demand of all our collaborators the highest safety standards for our travelers so that they can fully enjoy their time traveling.  
9. Personal, travel, and cancellation insurance. Not included.
10. For the safety of our travelers, we strongly recommend you buy personal and travel insurance that includes cancellation. As this is not included in the price. Visit World Nomads or Travelex to get a quote.

Emergency numbers per country

Guatemala. International code: +502
Tourist assistance | 1500
Volunteer Firefighters | 122
Municipal Firefighters | 123
National Civil Police | 110
Red Cross | 125 / 2381-6565
Public Ministry | 2411-9191
Customer Service and Assistance Department | 1544
General Directorate of Migration | 2411-2411

Belize. International code: +501
Tourist Office of Belize |011-501-223-1913
Emergencies | 911
Red Cross | 227-3319 / 227-3617
Ambulance | 90 / 223-3292
Fire Service | 911 / 90
Police | 911 / 227 22 22
Belize Coast Guard | 225 21 25
Marine Radio Channel | 16
Hyperbaric Chamber San Pedro | 226 28 51 / 604 75 99

Mexico. International code: +52 
Tourist information | 078
Emergencies | 911
Police | 066 / 089 / 060
Red Cross | 065 / 5557-5757 / 5395-1111
Fire Department | 068 / 5768-3700
Ambulances | 5601-7631 / 3869-0660
General Information | 040
Health and security | 080
Attorney General’s office | 01 800 7028770

Costa Rica. International code: +506 
Tourist information | 192
Emergencies | 911
Police | 117
Fire Department and Paramedics | 118
Ambulances | 128
Electric Company | 123
Red Cross | 128
Airport information | 441-0744

Nicaragua. International code: +505
Nicaraguan Tourism Institute | 2254-5191
Red Cross | 128
Firefighters | 115
National Police | 118
Civil Defense | 2277-3822
Dept. of seismology and volcanology | 2249-2761
Legal Medicine | 2268-6149
Migration and Foreigners | 2251-2271 / 2251-2272

Honduras. International code: +504
Honduran Tourism Institute | 2222-2124
National Police | 119
Red Cross | 195 / 227-7575
Firefighters | 198 / 2220-7670
Permanent Contingency & Civil Protection | 113
Consumer’s Office | 115
Public Ministry | 221-3099 / 221-3099

El Salvador. International code: +503
CORSATUR – Tourist information office | 2243-7835 ext. 165 & 166
Tourism Police | 911 / 2298-9982 / 2298-9984
Ministry of Health and Social Assistance | 2221-1001
Red Cross | 2222-5755 / 2222-5155 
Ministry of External Relationships | 2231-1000 Monday to Friday
Consumer Protection Agency | 910
Attorney General’s Office | 2523-7000 / 2523-7001