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Central America’s greatest hidden treasure, Guatemala. Lose yourself in the birthplace of the Mayan kingdom, breathtaking scenery, indigenous villages, vivacious volcanoes, and beyond.


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Why you should travel to Guatemala?

Guatemala has a diverse range of sights to see. Start your vacation with a volcano hike or a tour of the coffee plantations in Antigua Guatemala. Travel to Lake Atitlan for breathtaking views and a visit to numerous indigenous villages. Stop in Chichicastenango to see the largest market in Central America. Treat yourself to a cave tour or tubing adventure in Semuc Champey. Explore the massive and historic Mayan ruins of Tikal, a UNESCO World Heritage site hidden deep in the jungle. Guatemala is a country of Mayan Ruins, active volcanoes, jungles, rain forests, natural wonders and beaches on the Pacific and Caribbean Ocean. There are many reasons to love and travel Guatemala. Along the way, you will see the very much living Mayan culture throughout this country. Its people and its traditions, its colorful and representative regional costumes, its mayan languages and gastronomy and even the way of life of many communities are very resemblant to its Mayan ancestors.
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Why Guatemala?
1. The heart of the Mayan world.

Guatemala, the heart of the Mayan world. It is alive, enchanted, mystical, and ancestral. Its history comes from thousands of years ago when the Mayan Civilization surfaced and whose heritage is still indisputable in the traditions and culture of its inhabitants. 

2. Cultural and natural abundance.

Guatemala has an exceptional cultural and natural abundance and an advantaged geographic position. The stretch from place to place is often short so that travelers can stopover in diverse regions during the same tour. Among its past and present, it is a particular and unique country, full of adventure and diverse tours for the taste of every traveler. 

3. Awesome weather

Its pleasant weather conditions grant travelers to visit it during any time of the year. It also offers diverse access opportunities from any section of the world by its two international airports: La Aurora, located in Guatemala city and Mundo Maya, located in the department of Peten. 

4. A place to be kept in the heart of the traveler.

The multi colorful handcraft markets and provincial costumes, the hospitality, and the beauty of the scenes that frame the volcanoes (some of them active), lakes, rivers, jungles, and mountains make Guatemala a place to be kept in the heart of the traveler. Not to mention that the natural, cultural and historic legacy is unmistakable in every edge of the country. 

5. The Mayan civilization is here.

Guatemala possesses many of the most relevant archeological sites of the Mayan Civilization, which are encompassed by an impressive jungle canopy and fauna. These Nature Reserves are considered true lungs of humankind. The magic and thriller of the Mayan World endure in millenary cities such as Tikal, Yaxha, Aguateca, and Quirigua, among many others. 

6. Specialized segments in tourism.

Moreover, Guatemala has advantages for many specialized segments in tourism; such as its vital location and the facilities in its land and maritime terminals, which make it an important destination for ships from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. More than 700 of birds also make Guatemala an admirable and relevant destination for birdwatching. Likewise, the country has all the fundamental characteristics to propitiate business activities and to be an optimal country for national and international conventions.