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Central America’s greatest hidden treasure

Guatemala is Central America’s greatest hidden treasure. Lose yourself in the birthplace of the Mayan kingdom, breathtaking scenery, indigenous villages, vivacious volcanoes, and beyond.

The abundance and diversification of Guatemala offer you many ways to love your vacations or business trips since you may find diverse tourism segments along its astonishing territory.


A bit of everything
7 days


For first-timers
14 days

Sustainable travel

Nature lovers
9 days

Guatemala & Belize

9 days

Guatemala & Honduras

Cultural treasures
14 days

The Mayan Calendar

Unique experiences
10 days


Mayan ruins & jungles
7 days

Best Mayan Ruins

Hidden jewels
12 days

Central America


Guatemala is a land of natural wonders, dense tropical jungles, imposing volcanoes, vibrant wildlife, and world-class coffee. You will find no Mayan ruins as giant and no locals as friendly as in this Central American wonderland. It has approximately 1,500 Mayan ruin sites, with Maya culture still alive today. The cultural sites of Guatemala are a compelling vision of where it all began. 

Guatemala Tours FAQs

We have chosen an array of delightful accommodations ranging from basic homestays, to jungle cabanas, to cozy hotels with all of the modernized amenities. Regularly, we work with small, family-run hotels lodges that are locally owned and representative of each area instead of big chain resorts.

Guatemala is exceptionally well known for its living Mayan culture. The homestay is a particular chance to experience legitimate local life and ancient Maya hospitality. Meals include local dishes such as beans, tortillas, rice, beans, vegetables, and eggs. When the members of your host-family don’t speak English, your tour guide will be there to help you communicate.

Yes and no. We have worked to balance flexibility and accessibility in regards to meals. Consequently, the price often includes meals on excursions when you are traveling off the beaten track where restaurant options are limited.

In the main towns, where there are a big range of restaurants, we mostly do not include meals, to grant our guests the opportunity of selecting their own restaurant preferences. Your tour guide or hotel staff can suggest some excellent restaurants. Breakfast is included at the hotels. 

All of our local guides are extraordinary! We have local guides who besides Spanish and local languages speak English, French, German, Italian or Mandarin, amongst other languages. 

They live in the local areas where they guide and are among the very best guides in each region. Our tour guides treat our guests like friends, showing our travelers during our journeys both the most important highlights and the local culture.

We utilize a range of transportation along with private cars/vans, comfortable tourist buses, domestic flights, boats, ferries, etc. The vehicles are of recent model, in excellent conditions and with AC.

Definitely! We have some advice for making the most of your family holiday. We have some minimum age recommendations for each activity. We believe that you know your children best so we will be glad to answer all of your concerns and questions and try to provide you with the most factual impression of what to expect.

To make family vacations smoother, we suggest having a private group and guide. We have exclusive private trip rates for families.

Trip prices do not include international flights. We realize that it is consistently cheaper for guests to book these separately and this also gives you the flexibility to select the schedule and itinerary that works best for you.

You may buy international flights directly through, or we can surely assist you organize these flights with an airline that specializes in Central America flights.

Your first driver/guide will be waiting for you outside of arrivals in Guatemala City. You should find him/her standing directly outside of the customs check after the baggage claim and holding a sign with your name on it.

He/she should be easy to find – the airport in Guatemala City has only one exit. Although he/she can’t enter the doors of the airport to look for you, you should see him immediately upon exiting the airport.

You can book your Guatemala tour anytime. For most trips, 2-3 months notice works well, though the Holiday Season and Easter may fill up 5-6 months sooner. We mostly advise that you wait to book your international flights until after your trip is confirmed. The sooner that we organize your tour, the sooner that you are able to take advantage of flight deals as they become available.

We are usually able to welcome last minute guests, some even departing in less than one week!. Contact us and we will do our best. For last minute reservations, it would help to be flexible and organized. Your first choice journey could not be possible for your chosen dates, however we can suggest some other comparable excursions that would be equally fascinating.

Definitely! Our itinerary pages have extensions where you can get ideas from, or you may email us for more information. Additional days can also be organized in most journeys if you wish. Let us know how you would like to tailor-made your tour and we will work to accommodate you.

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