A young woman hikes in Volcano Acatenango with Volcano de Agua in the background

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Guatemala Adventure

Embark on an unforgettable 17-day journey to Guatemala and discover many exciting adventures. Immerse yourself in the charming colonial town of Antigua, camp near an active volcano, paddle through the picturesque Lake Atitlan, take a refreshing dip in Semuc Champey, and hike through the lush jungle for five days to uncover the captivating ancient Mayan City of El Mirador.

Lush vegetation in Rio Dulce

Guatemala Tours

Rio Dulce Guatemala

Embark on an incredible five-day journey to witness the spectacular waterfall and hot springs of Finca Paraiso. San Felipe Castle, known for its pirate battles, will transport you to the world of adventure movies. Glide through the beauty of Rio Dulce by boat or kayak and soak in the Caribbean ambiance of Livingston. Admire the awe-inspiring stelae in the Mayan Ruins of Quirigua and immerse yourself in the richness of the ancient culture.

The church and vendors in the Chichiastenango market

Guatemala Tours

Traditional Maya Markets

Go on a journey like no other and discover the hidden treasures of a country full of wonder. Guatemala promises an enriching experience of meeting its people, immersing yourself in its markets, and exploring its ancient Mayan culture. Over twelve days, you will journey through remote Guatemalan villages, gaining a profound understanding of their customs and traditions.

A Guatemalan family cooks tamales

Guatemala Tours

Culinary Break in Antigua

A seven-day vacation through the charming cobblestone streets of colonial Antigua Guatemala and immerse yourself in the vibrant market scene to uncover the freshest ingredients. Indulge in the fascinating cacao world and craft your delectable chocolate treats. Expand your knowledge of the coffee production process and take a memorable tour.

Lake Atitlan and its volcanoes in the background

Guatemala Tours

Guatemala Getaway

Explore the captivating charm of colonial Antigua and Quetzaltenango (Xela) while enjoying the natural wonders of volcanic lakes, pools, and hot springs. Unwind and refresh your senses on the stunning shores of Lake Atitlan and bask in the crystal-clear waters of Semuc Champey. Discover the fascinating Mayan culture in Peten, cruise along the Rio Dulce, and soak up the lively atmosphere and turquoise waters of Livingston. With its exceptional cultural and biological diversity, Guatemala is a country that will undoubtedly leave you with deep admiration.

The Laguna Brava has pristine blue waters and high mountains

Guatemala Tours

Laguna Brava Expedition

During six days, explore the stunning Cuchumatanes mountains, the highest non-volcanic range in Central America, and be amazed by the high-altitude plateaus, charming windy villages, and the pristine Brava Lagoon with its natural infinity edge. Visit Cenotes; water sinkholes were a significant water source for the ancient Maya civilization. They connect to the mystical Mayan Underworld, adding to their wonder and mystery.

A girl is watching the sunrise from the top of Rostro Maya mountain.

Guatemala Tours

Wellness Holiday Guatemala

Embark on a transformational 14-day wellness retreat in Guatemala and immerse yourself in awe-inspiring destinations that will revitalize your mind and body. This itinerary is for those seeking inner peace, natural beauty, and authentic experiences. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating and stress-free wellness escape.

A Mayan woman weaves traditional clothing using a backstrap loom

Guatemala Tours

Guatemala community-based Tourism

Experience the soul of Guatemala with our community-based tourism adventures. Get ready to be amazed by the stunning landscape, where the vibrant colors of local culture blend with the natural beauty of untouched terrains. This 10-day trip will be a travel experience that you’ll always remember. Get ready to experience the heart and soul of this fascinating country by engaging with its people, traditions, and cultural legacy in immersive ways.

View of Temple One behind Temple Two in Tikal

Guatemala Tours

Best Mayan Ruins

Explore the lush jungles of northern Guatemala on a 12-day trip and discover remarkable Mayan ruins left behind by a great civilization. This region was the epicenter of Mayan culture and contains numerous archaeological sites that showcase the evolution of their constructions. What’s even more fascinating is that the direct descendants of the Mayans still reside in Guatemala, making it an incredible destination to learn about the rich history of this ancient civilization.

Small waterfalls and a pool in Semuc Champey

Guatemala Tours

Sustainable Travel Guatemala

Discover the wonders of ecotourism in Guatemala on an unforgettable 9-day journey. Immerse yourself in the country’s stunning landscapes, rich culture, and diverse biology, all while contributing to sustainable travel and the preservation of the environment and cultural heritage. Guatemala boasts thirty-seven volcanoes and a diverse natural landscape, including mountain forests, rainforests, wetlands of global significance, and volcanic beaches stretching for kilometers. Its rich archaeological heritage, dating back over 3,500 years, showcases its people’s vibrant cultural expressions and traditions.