Island Hopping in Belize

3 days

We offer this matchless adventure to explore the most isolated parts of the Belize barrier reef to experiment with some of her best snorkeling areas. The tour takes the route from the tiny island of Caye Caulker and finishes in Dangriga.

The 3-day goes through the inner barrier reef to allow for calm sailing waters. This fantastic holiday is an island-hopping adventure for all those who want to experience this unoccupied Caribbean heaven.

South Water Caye

Island and natural monument


Island hopping

Rendezvous Caye

Private island

Unique experience

Camping in front of the Caribbean Ocean


Belize Barrier Reef UNESCO Site. Tobacco Caye, South Water Caye, Rendezvous Caye, Ragga Caye, and English Caye

Trip description

The excursion will take place over three days and two nights. Our guests will spend the night on the beautiful little islands of Rendezvous Caye and Ragga Caye whilst visiting the islands of English Caye, Tobacco Caye, and South Water Caye.

During the day we will gently sail through the crystal waters of the second biggest barrier reef in the world, and picture-postcard backdrops. We will be stopping to snorkel at least twice each day. Snorkeling time can be boosted by those who are passionate snorkelers by additionally snorkeling around Rendezvous Caye and ‘Ragga’ Caye the afternoon they arrive and the morning before they depart, there will be enough time for snorkeling.

An additional ingredient to the trip is fishing. We carry with us hand lines, trolling rods, spin rods, and a spear gun. For those guests whose feeling it is for fishing, this is an ideal opportunity to trawl off the boats, spin-cast on the little islands, and experience spearfishing. 

The tour is a ‘simple’ camping and sailing adventure. All camping equipment including mats and sheets is provided. Guests sleep in the units that they travel in, that is to say on average two guests to each tent or if you are traveling on your own, you will have your tent, to provide privacy. 

On the island of Rendezvous Caye, it is only possible to camp. Whilst on the little island of Ragga Caye, for the second night, there is a non-camping option. During the second night, you will have the opportunity to camp or stay in one of the four bunk beds dormitories, not forgetting there will be strategically located hammocks. Additionally, on the second night, guests will have the opportunity (if they want to) to up-scaling their current reservation to a night in one of the three over the water cabanas with two king-size beds, ensuite bathroom, and private verandah. 

Kindly, take into account that there are only three cabanas available, so we recommend you reserve early. Showering amenities are simple but fully functional; some of our boats have shower facilities on the boat and the smaller boats carry freshwater for passengers to bathe themselves. All boats have marine toilets. During the first night, guests are encouraged to use the shower facilities on the boat and there is a toilet on the island. On the second night, you will have shower and bathroom facilities on the island itself.

For many travelers, the quality of the food on the excursion is a pleasant surprise as we carry a cook onboard our trip. In season, there will be lobster and conch and throughout the year shrimp and certainly, there is plenty of fish. For those guests who do not eat fish, there will be chicken and for vegetarians and those who are gluten intolerant there will also be excellent menus. 

Because we have added the little island of Ragga Caye to the program we have recently changed the structure of the tour to finish in Dangriga and not Placencia. In the past, we had Placencia as our closing docking mark because our sailboats had no docking amenities in the nearer and more convenient town of Dangriga. On Day Three, to access Placencia our guests had to spend the last four hours of the tour sailing towards the dry land in open seas with no island or snorkel breaks, by far the least impressive leg of the journey. 

The island of Ragga Caye will allow us to cut off this part of the tour and give us more time around and on the little island as we leave at 3:00 p.m. via water taxi to Dangriga. Nowadays our guests will not only enjoy two snorkel stops in the morning but Manatee watching and a bird sanctuary. 

Lunch will be a BBQ on the island as guests can relax in a hammock, swim, go kayaking, snorkel, or even fish off the island before finally packing up and heading back home. We are delighted about this change in our program and after you have completed the excursion, we know you will be too.

The weather is a critical component to the success of the adventure, nonetheless, it is almost impossible to be 100% exact about the weather. For a tour to be confirmed we need to be forecast that the rainfall is minimal. Cloud cover is not a reason to cancel a trip as clouds rarely stay around for more than a morning or an afternoon for us on the sea. 

However, abundant rain for more than half a day is a reason to cancel or postpone the trip. To determine an exact weather forecast will be done on the eve of the excursion, often in the afternoon. To do this we take advice from the Belize office in person. They have just acquired a Doppler radar which gives far more accuracy than many of our Caribbean correlatives.

Because climate can differ widely for the coast and for inland (which forecasts are mainly put together for) we take the time to call the Chief Forecaster straight and get their advice. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone a tour if this information leads us to believe that the success of the trip will be compromised due to climate conditions. This being said, most of the year we have good weather, with most rainfall at night and little or none during the day. The rainy season is from May to October, and the dry season is from mid-November to April.

map, expenses & price

Island Hopping in Belize

Expenses included:
-Sailing boat or catamaran.
-Staff: Captain, guides, and a cook.
-All meals: food and drinks during the duration of the trip.
-Equipment: all camping & snorkeling equipment.
-All park entrance fees.
*This tour is exclusively available to guests who plan their trip with us.

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