Laguna Brava Expedition


Live a unique experience in Guatemala discovering its natural hidden gems. The unique charm of Brava Lagoon and its crystal clear turquoise waters amidst green forested mountains will surely make you fall in love. This land dotted with the most amazing bodies of water in the country will dazzle you with its incredible landscapes.

The cenotes, amaze natural sinkholes, were the source of water for the ancient Maya of the area, therefore sacred places and also a gateway to the Mayan Underworld, in sume, this exception will give you a unique glimpse of the Guatemalan highlands.

With an area of ​​approximately five kilometers long, Brava Lagoon is the second largest in the country. Located in Huehuetenango, close to the Mexican border and surrounded by lovely waterfalls and pure watered cenotes, this lagoon is undoubtedly unique.

Do not miss the opportunity to ride through the plains of the highest mountain range in Central America. This Guatemala expedition is certainly the perfect option for a thrilling getaway to enjoy the most exuberant nature wonders.

Brava Lagoon


Lagoon and Cenote

Mountain chain


Brava Lagoon

Centones of ‘Ownhajab’

Waterfalls around the lagoon

El Cimarron Hole

Cenotes of Candelaria

The ‘Cuchumatanes’ mountain range


Day 1. Arrival.

This unique experience in Guatemala begins with a transfer from your hotel in Huehuetenango to a charming rural inn in the highlands where you will rest to prepare for the adventure.

Day 2. Brava Lagoon.

Today you will be transferred to the Brava Lagoon location, where you will stay in a cabin with electric light on the shore of the beautiful lagoon.  If you are adventurous and prefer to experience camping, you can also choose this option since there are many places on the shore of the lagoon designated for it. 

Day 3. Cenotes and waterfalls.

First in the morning you will take a rowing boat that will take you around the lagoon. There are no motor boats here, in order  to avoid contaminating this natural paradise that is a true hidden gem. After reaching the other end of the lagoon, we will visit the three incredible Cenotes of Ownhajab, beautiful natural freshwater wells.  

You will walk in the middle of a lush forest to find the first emerald green waters cenote, a view that you will never forget, then we will go to the second cenote, with a beautiful turquoise waters, this is the largest of the three, after we will visit the third cenote whose waters of a intense blue will surely invite you to take a refreshing swim. 

Afterwards the boat will take us to explore another end of the lagoon, here we will enjoy the beautiful waterfalls that descend from it, these natural wonders cover a large part of the mountains and at the top there are small caves and pools, in short, a unique experience in Guatemala.

The boat will take us back to spend another magical night around the Lagoon.

Day 4. Cimarron Hole.

After breakfast we will go to the hole El Cimarron, after a walk of approximately 45 minutes we will find this huge dry sinkhole, with perfectly vertical walls and a diameter of 170 meters and about 150 deep, a truly impressive spectacle.

At the bottom of this natural wonder grows a lush forest of trees up to 30 meters high, certainly a sight to behold.

Once you have enjoyed this impressive view, we will go to visit the beautiful Cenotes of Candelaria, two huge holes filled with very pure water fed by the underground currents of a river, they are true wildlife refuges.

The first is 13 meters deep at its deepest point and is the smaller of the two sinkholes, take a refreshing dip or snorkel around the edges for otherworldly scenery in these pristine waters.

The second is 40 meters at its deepest point and 127 meters wide, its waters change from a soft turquoise to a deep blue depending on the time of year.  After this refreshing visit, you will return to rest and enjoy the last night on the shores of the Brava Lagoon.

Day 5. Rural Inn.

You will have your breakfast and calmly say goodbye to this natural paradise and then be transferred back to the rural inn in the spectacular mountain range of The Cuchumatanes. 

Day 6. Great mountains.

This day after breakfast you will enjoy a pleasant guided horseback ride through the mountain range of The Cuchumatanes, enjoy the quiet plains and the pulsating life of its towns and its unique cultural wealth. 

This is one of the regions with the greatest biological diversity and natural beauty in the country, all of it will make this tour a unique experience while you travel Guatemala.

There are also equestrian courses available for those interested in horse riding classes, understand better horses or learn about their basic care, contact us to customize a program for you. 

Day 7. Departure.

The adventure through the hidden gems of Guatemala ends today with a transfer back to your hotel in the Huehuetenango.  If you want to add these beautiful destinations to your travel itinerary or customize your visit, get in touch with us, we will love to help you plan your next trip.

Expenses included

7 days & 6 nights

$950 per guest

Private transportation, door to door service

 6 nights accommodation: Rural Inn, cabins and camping

Local certified onsite guides

Entrance fees for the tours listed in the itinerary

Camping equipment

Daily breakfast


Not included: international flights, personal, travel and cancellation insurance and other expenses than indicated

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