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The Mayan Trail

The Mayan Trail expedition. Explore the most beautiful places in Mexico, Honduras, Belize & Guatemala in this 22-day Mayan tour package. See Chichen Itza one of the new “Seven Wonders of the World”. Visit Tikal, the most famous Mayan city of Guatemala. Copan, likewise the Paris of the Mayan World in Honduras. Discover one of the two most beautiful coral reefs of the world in Caye Caulker, Belize. Visit the cave of ATM in San Ignacio. Colonial cities like Mérida in Mexico which is known for its magnificent buildings and architectural diversity. Antigua Guatemala, the most beautiful colonial city of the Americas in Guatemala. Relax on the beaches of Cancun. Tour Lake Atitlan, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world surrounded by majestic volcanoes. Discover the impressive castle and flora with its waterfalls and hot springs in Dulce River, and Enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches with clear turquoise water in Tulum & Playa del Carmen. Certainly, you enjoy the secrets of the Mayan world.


  1. Cancun, Mexico
  2. The Mayan trail ruins of Chichen Itza, Palenque, Copan, Tikal and Tulum
  3. The City of Merida
  4. Colonial City of Campeche
  5. San Cristobal de Las Casas
  6. Canyon of El Sumidero
  7. Lake Atitlan
  8. Antigua Guatemala
  9. Volcano Pacaya
  10. Dulce River and Livingston
  11. ATM Caves in Belize
  12. Little island of Caye Caulker
  13. Beach of Tulum
  14. Playa del Carmen
Map of the Tour The Mayan Trail
The Mayan Trail


The Mayan Trail Tour starts in Cancún, Mexico. The beaches of Cancún are some of the biggest draws for tourists with their warm, white, powdery, sand and turquoise, crystal-clear waters. Cancún also offers a big variety of restaurants with local and international cuisines, so perfect for everyone’s taste. There are also many shopping centers, bars and clubs located in Cancún. As a result this city has a lively atmosphere.

Today you will have plenty of time to discover. The city has countless activities; therefore, you will surely never run out of things to do during your stay. Cancun offers a broad range of water activities including: paragliding, surfing, snorkeling and diving in the spectacular underwater world. For those who love culture, it has a variety of cultural activities such as museums, Mayan traditions, folkloric shows and much more.

The pyramid in Chichen Itza known as The Castle, is considered one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. It is one of the most important archaeological sites of Yucatan and the entire Mayan World. A massive ancient ceremonial center comprised primarily of the ‘Puuc’ construction style.

Today you will have some time to discover a little bit more of Chichén Itzá. In the afternoon, you will go to Mérida, the capital of the Yucatan State.

Merida is known for its magnificent buildings and architectural diversity. As a result, the locals recognize it as a ‘second Paris’. Buildings from the colonial period, light up the evening sun with romance and charm. At the market in Merida you can find anything your heart desires, from everyday objects to beautiful handmade jewelry, scarves, and souvenirs. Merida also offers a broad range of restaurants for everyone’s taste. Later, we will drive to Campeche.

Palenque is situated on a ledge overlooking the swampy plains that stretch northward all the way to the Gulf coast. Palenque has a mystical charm that enchants scientists and tourists. The soaring jungle-swathed temples of Palenque are a national treasure and one of the best examples of Mayan architecture in Mexico.

Explore Palenque with a professional guide. This Mayan site is located at the western frontier of the lowland Mayan region. The architecture of Palenque was truly inventive. During this tour you will view many impressive ruins, and you will not miss out on the most notable structures of Palenque: the “Palace” and the “Temple of Inscriptions”.

Today we will drive to the colonial city of San Cristobal de Las Casas.

The colonial city of San Cristóbal is set in a gorgeous highland valley surrounded by pine forest. Explore San Cristobal in the morning, and in the afternoon visit “El Sumidero Canyon”. The sheer stonewalls of Sumidero Canyon rise hundreds of meters. At one point they rise a full kilometer above the tranquil river below, creating an awe-inspiring channel. Therefore, it is one of ‘Chiapas’ most recognizable and impressive natural wonders.

After breakfast you will continue your journey to Lake Atitlán. The lake is famous for its natural beauty and colorful Mayan villages. The lake is surrounded by natural beauty. It floats in the sky, a mile above sea level, relying on three majestic volcanoes. You will have free time to relax at the lake or explore the surroundings.

Lake Atitlán is truly a jewel of the Guatemalan highlands. Surrounded by three majestic volcanoes, it is considered the most beautiful lake in Central America. With its stunning scenery and lively shore-side villages, the famous novelist Aldous Huxley considered Lake Atitlán to be “one of the most beautiful in the world.”

Many villages surrounded the lake. Consequently, the Mayan culture is thriving at the lake. Every town has its own traditional Mayan dress, demonstrating how rich and diverse Guatemalan culture is. Go on a boat tour to discover the indigenous villages and visit the indigenous market of Santiago Atitlán. A very important part of the Mayan trail tour is to get to know the living Mayan culture. 

Have a local breakfast with the best coffee in the world. After that, continue your journey to the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala. Antigua may be the most outstanding and best-preserved colonial city in Central America. This city has natural beauty and impressive historic monuments. Antigua is a city of charm and color where you can see and buy an overwhelming variety of attractive, handmade products that honor the traditions of generations of artisans. 

Certainly,the most beautiful colonial city of the Americas. Famous for its well-preserved Spanish architecture as well as a number of stunning ruins of colonial convents and churches. Moreover the fascinating culture, the city is also home to immense volcanoes like Agua, Fuego, Pacaya, and Acatenango. They form a majestic background to the city of Antigua. You will have plenty of time to explore the city. Do you like hiking?. A great option is the fascinating climb of Volcano Pacaya with visible lava flow.

We will leave Antigua and drive to Copán, Honduras. As part of this Mayan tour package, you will also visit the Mayan ruins of Copan, located in the western part of Honduras. Copan was the dominant Mayan city in the south of their territory. Its rich stone sculptures and intricate hieroglyphs make Copan a feature attraction along ‘The Maya Route’. The majority of archaeologists agree that Copan formed part of the three largest and most lavish cultural centers of the new world.

Firstly, you will have a tour of the Ruins of Copan. This magnificent Mayan site is located in the heart of the Copan Valley. It is perhaps the greatest source of information the world has of the ancient Mayan civilization. The acropolis is divided into two plazas, and the Ball Court on this site is the second largest to be found in Central America. The most famous monument of Copan is the Hieroglyphic Stairway. Secondly, and after the tour we will drive to Dulce River. The river has a stunning diversity of wildlife harmonized by the beauty of an unique geography and hydrography.

Take a boat tour to see the Castle of San Felipe. The castle is a Spanish fort located on a peninsula between the Lake Izabal and Dulce River. It is an impressive castle designed to defend the area against the pirates who came during the colonization. After this tour you will return to Dulce River, and get prepared for your departure to Flores.

Drive to Flores Island. This small island is the perfect place to rest and relax during your exploration of the numerous cities that form the Mayan empire. Today you will leave early in the morning to one of the greatest Mayan ruins of Guatemala: Tikal. The massive ruins of Tikal are concentrated at the center of Tikal National Park, a carefully preserved area of 222 square miles with some ruins still undiscovered.

While it is still dark, you will walk through the jungle to arrive at the highest temple at the site, Temple IV, in time to watch the spectacular sunrise over the Mayan ruins. As the sunrise reaches its peak, you will hear how the jungle canopy wakes up. Monkeys, birds and other species create a fantastic cacophony of sound. In other words, a truly magical experience. Then, you will see the top of the impressive temples rising above the jungle canopy. This is an experience not to be missed!

Today you leave Guatemala and the next destination of this wonderful Mayan tour package is the neighboring country Belize. Once in San Ignacio, Belize you will explore the caves of ATM. Certainly, the most impressive caves in the Maya lowlands.

The cave is located in the heart of the Belizean rainforest, and was a sacred place to the prehistoric Mayan of Belize. ATM cave is a vastly long cave that ends deep under the mountain rock. In addition, they found the most incredible remains of Maya sacrifices. You will explore this cave not just by walking, but also by swimming. After this amazing adventure you continue your journey to Belize City, from where you will take a boat to Caye Caulker.

Caye Caulker is an island located to the west of Belize Barrier reef. The island owns a magnificent own culture and atmosphere which is friendly, laid back and easy going. With their white sand streets, Caye Caulker is an ideal place to escape the world. Today you will have free time to enjoy the beaches. Due to its proximity to the Barrier Reef, snorkeling and dive trips are the two most popular activities of the island.

The Belizean part of your Mayan tour package finalized today and you will continue your Mexico adventure. Following breakfast you will take a boat from Caye Caulker to Chetumal. This town is the midpoint between Mexico and Central America, which blends the best of both destinations; it is located on the border with Belize. After that, we will drive to Tulum, which is the well-known city on the Riviera Maya, approximately 130 kilometers south of Cancun, located directly on the Mexican Caribbean coast. Upon your arrival in Tulum the rest of the day you will be free to rest.

Discover the Mayan site in Tulum. You will be shown the most famous temples such as The Castle, which is the highest building in Tulum. Also, see the Temple of the Down-Rising God. Do not miss out on observing the breath-taking Temple of the Paintings and the Temple of the Wind. What makes Tulúm so special is its location. It is the only Mayan site located in front of the Caribbean sea. 

Today you will continue your journey and drive to Playa del Carmen, but not without a stop in the largest aquarium of the world, Xelha Aquarium. In this aquarium you will have plenty of time to explore and have fun in this amazing attraction. If you love nature, this aquarium is a great place to practice snorkeling and water activities like swimming with dolphins. Also a combination between snorkeling, diving, and SeaTrek, which makes walking underwater possible, is one of the activities in this incredible aquarium. After this amazing experience you will continue your journey to Playa del Carmen, a romantic place with a Caribbean lifestyle.

Unfortunately, the Mayan trail tour ends today. Not ready to go home just yet? If you would like to extend your holiday, contact one of our knowledgeable agents to begin customizing your Mayan tour package today!

The Mayan Trail
23 days & 22 nights
$ 2,700 per guest
  • Private transportation, door to door service
  • 22 nights hotel accommodation: hoteles selected according to your wishes and priorities
  • Local certified onsite guides
  • All park entrance fees
  • Boat transfers listed in the itinerary
  • Daily breakfast
  • Taxes
  • Not included: international flights, personal, travel and cancellation insurance and other expenses than indicated.
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